The Fearless Hyena (Xiao quan guai zhao) (Revenge of the Dragon) Reviews

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muffin0681 muffin0681 September 23, 2013
I own this on DVD in a seven movie pack along with:
* Shaolin Wooden Men
* Battle Creek Brawl (1980)
* The Young Master (1980)
* Dragon Lord (1982)
* Project A (1983)
* Project A Part II (1987)
Sarfaraz Abbasi Sarfaraz Abbasi ½ June 21, 2013
The Fearless Hyena or Fearless Hyena directed and starring Jackie Chan and co-directed by Kenneth Tsang. In the US it is known as Reveng of the Dragon.

Shing (Jackie Chan) is sometimes a careless young man living with his grandpa in the oustkirt of the village. Shing's grandpa is an excellent kung fu who forces him to learn kung fu the right way, instead he engages in gambling as well as engages in frequent fight at fighting school run by a funny scheming master - Shing carelessly flaunts secret fight tactics his grandpa taught him - this attracts General Yen (Yam Sai-koon) who is out to kill all Shing's grandfather's anti-Ching clan. General Yen kills his grandpa lightening kung fu master appears who kills Shing's grandpa. The Unicorn (Chan Hui-lau) plays a crippled master who teaches Shing several different styles of 'emotional kung fu' to take his revenge; which includes mentally il, emotional, all involve crying, laughing, ridiculing while fighting the opponent. .

Having been fan of The Young Master, The Drunken Master, as well as The Legend of Drunken Master. I had been craving for this movie to watch and knew that it should offer similar tone, capacity, energy, excitement, entertainment as the previous Jackie movies. I liked the humor during fights in the beginning and at fight-school. Film's 'chopstick duel' reminded me of Kung Fu Panda where Shifu and Panda engage in chopstick-duel (probably an inspiration) -
John A July 15, 2013
Jackie Chan Adds A Comedic Twist On The Good Old Revenge Story. Typical For It's Time It Does Feature Some Gruelling Training Scenes Before Taking On The Villain.
Cash Cash ½ November 3, 2012
When Seasonal Film Corporation's sublease on Jackie Chan expired following a two picture deal, the up-and-coming martial arts star had little choice but return to Lo Wei Film Company where he was still under contract and often pigeonholed in incompetent kung fu comedies.

Having lit-up the box office with Seasonal's "Snake in the Eagle's Shadow" and "Drunken Master" (released in March and October of 1978) Chan, much to Lo's chagrin, returned a star and suddenly the hotheaded filmmaker was ready to allow the boy wonder input intransigently denied in their five preceding turkeys.

Lo, likely looking to exploit Chan's new found fame as much as Chan wanted to flex his newfound street cred, seemingly was much obliged in granting Jackie near total control on "The Fearless Hyena" as a means to an end.

Yet despite having just finished back-to-back blockbusters that helped redefine the chop socky it is evident early in "The Fearless Hyena" Jackie Chan is relatively inexperienced as a director as much as he is as a writer as there is very little direction and a tiresome reliance on sophomoric humor.

While more entertaining than most of Chan's past collaborations with Lo Wei Film Company "The Fearless Hyena" doesn't exactly prove a step forward in Chan's burgeoning career as a martial arts lead failing to transcend even the above average "Snake..." in terms of innovation, maturity, and style.
Dave J Dave J September 8, 2010
Wednesday, September 8, 2010

(1979) The Fearless Hyena

Seen this film dubbed even though the subtitle version is alot longer, the film though is still quite good even without the scenes that were cut out! Known to be as the first film Jackie was credited as a director, which is full of slapstick comedy and martial arts that is perfect for his energitic persona! This chop sockey film's silly plot only serves as a backdrop to showcase Jackie's ingenious comedy timing and fighting skills.

Harsh4U Harsh4U January 31, 2011
Good fights, and uh... that's about all. Still good though!
deano deano
Super Reviewer
½ April 10, 2007
Spectacular! Jackie Chan made his impressive on his acting and directorial debut in this Hong Kong epic comedy/martial arts film. This is funny and exciting with excellent ideas and stunt choreography by Chan. The fighting scenes are greatly choreographed and the story combines the fights in an easy to watch movie that entertains from the beginning to the very end.
One of my favorite scenes is the Dueling Chopsticks scene in which the Unicorn prevents Shing (Chan) from eating by using his chopsticks.
Chris D. Chris D. ½ January 16, 2010
This is probably the fittest that Jackie Chan has ever been. He worked hard on this film, and although rathe dated now, I still pleases.
Jason J ½ December 18, 2009
One of JC's earliest movies. There's a lot of fighting scenes in this one so if you like your martial arts this should be right up your street.
Sky J. Sky J. October 14, 2009
Jackie Chan is jacked... one of his best... a very good movie
Jason A December 23, 2008
Jackie Chan's first directorial effort; I would argue this is the best of his movies from the 1978-1982 "comedy chop socky" genre. It could be argued that Young Master is perhaps the more polished, better put together film, but none of his efforts (yes, not even Snake in Eagle's Shadow) can match the energy and naive charm of this 1979 classic. The action choreography is still in the wooden Lo Wei style he had for those years, but the fluidity is coming, and would culminate in Young Master and Dragon Lord years later. Worth watching.
Skitch Skitch September 17, 2008
One of Jackie Chan's best, absolutely awesome.
SaintFrancisofAssisi SaintFrancisofAssisi June 8, 2008
Not at all interested
Ramsey A May 21, 2008
Proves that when Jackie (or rather, "Jacky") directs his own films, they turn out great. The chopstick scene, Jackie's training scene, the fight at the beginning with the staffs- all fantastic! The dubbing includes british accents, which seem odd, but anything for a laugh is good, such as the scene where Jackie dresses in drag. Somehow, it's hysterical! I rate this among the best in his early career.
Cloud K March 12, 2008
1 of MY FaveZ from Jackie's classics collection
CMG42 CMG42 February 21, 2008
If jackie chan is in the movie it must be amazing!
Jamonique W ½ February 7, 2008
Jackie Chan plays the young goofy grandson of chen pang fei who wants his grandson to be more serious in life and not fight in public, this concept is not clearly understood until his grandfather is killed by a terrible man hunting member of the unicorn clan. As Chan learns the secret ways of the clan from the unicorn himself he will show his true nature in the final confrontation in avenging his grandfather's death.
CallahanCity CallahanCity November 5, 2007
The most readily available version of this early Jackie Chan flick has been distractingly dubbed with English accents and lad slang. ("You twit!" snarls a beefy young kung fu master.) This is a film of some historic interest, however, since Chan was ...
SIDmeister SIDmeister August 22, 2007
Jackie Chan's directorial debut is a lot more dark and violent than his later work
Venieza Venieza July 8, 2007
Grand movie
Love watching Jackie nice martial arts moves and very funny as well
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