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If You Are the One 2 (Fei Cheng Wu Rao Ii) Reviews

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January 7, 2011
A very entertaining film with plenty of heart tugging moments. I would have given this one a clear four star rating but I'm afraid that the relationship between the two mains fell a little short on the believability metre. I simply could not picture them in an ideal relationship.
June 11, 2011
This film is 100% matched the old saying "As long as sequel must be the lousy movies! "
½ January 14, 2011
Kept the tone of light comedy with a touch of sadness. I would describe the film as a understated and beautiful. It captures the craziness of love and loss with perfectly and with humor.
January 2, 2011
Very interesting! :)
December 28, 2010
????2 is humorous, insightful and good chick movie. It's light and entertaining. Can you image having a divorce ceremony or a funeral/farewell while you are still alive? Having a trial marriage staring from 20 years into the marriage? This one is different from first movie, but makes light of love and relationship.
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