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October 12, 2010
Classic exploitation, a little more hardcore than western efforts (Big bird cage etc) but for all it's depravity, it's stunningly beautiful! Meiko Kaji is a cult hero and Shunya Ito is a true artist, albeit a misunderstood (and slightly unhinged) one.
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July 21, 2010
A visceral, energetic film that straddles a dangerous line between art and exploitation. It's schlocky and poorly made, but you can't help but get behind Nami and her warped quest for revenge anyway. She's absolutely ridiculous - her prodigious use of knives, silence and deceptive lesbian sex make for a desperate yet strangely appealing protagonist. Meiko Kaji has exactly one look, sure, but do you really need anything more? Homegirl is fierce. Anyway, I'm definitely inexperienced in the women's prison subgenre of film, but I know that it's essentially softcore bullshit. What's magical about Female Prisoner 701 is that it fuses the softcore bullshit with some surprisingly effective seriousness. If you're into revenge films, boobs and knife violence, and have a high tolerance for poor filmmaking versus ideas and energy, then there's no reason for you not to see this movie.
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February 23, 2009
a minor classic of trashy exploitation and offshoot of the 'pink' soft-core porn genre. the film melds revenge thriller with women in prison, using artsy effects while wallowing in rape, torture and lesbian sex. the first in a series starring meiko kaji as scorpion, a year before she played lady snowblood in a much classier film. both were major influences on tarantino's kill bill. alternately funny and shocking
½ January 20, 2007
up in the air about how I felt about this one, felt that the revenge part was exceedingly rushed. pretty much reminded me a lot of I spit on your grave/day of the woman
½ September 4, 2009
A Japanese exploitation film about a wrongly-imprisoned woman who is consumed by her desire to escape to have her revenge on those her put her there. The people that put her in prison, including the Yakuza, want to ensure she has a bad time there. After one of her escape attempts the entire populace is punished, so it easy to turn everyone against her. A lot of digging of holes and yellow boobies. A lesbian scene, a rape scene, fighting and some goriness, typical for films from this time and place. The story as a revenge flick is not that compelling (and I think a certain director took many of his ideas for a certain two-part film from this).
½ July 1, 2009
Objectively, perhaps it's corny, unstable, and witless. Subjectively, this film kicks ass. Although the quality is poor, the ideas are in full force, and they're what drive the film, mainly. Such heroines as Meiko Kaji's character are rare, and machismo always seems to influence sexploitation, so I'm glad the cliche is turned on its back in FP 701. Dealing with a revenge plot underlying a jail themed one, it's rather shaky but suffice it to say, I'm compelled enough to search for the other seven or eight alleged sequels.
½ July 8, 2010
Japanese surreal women-in-prison exploitation film from the 70s. Need I say more? (First in a series)
½ November 21, 2008
Jesus Christ this sucked so fucking hard. I'm gonna say a good 90-95% purely gratuatious. Why in god's name did I watch Japnese female prisoner torture/gang rape for an hour and a half?
May 8, 2013
This was my first Meiko Kaji film. My only other encounters with any of her work were her songs that were featured in the Kill Bill films before I learned more about both her music career and her career as an actress which made me curious to see more of her work. Needless to say, I was impressed when I ventured into her career paths. Female Prisoner #701: Scorpion is a trashy, but stylish revenge film/female prison drama. Some might even call it immoral because of its content involving brutal violence and some rather gratuitous sexual content for good measure. However, I love revenge films, and I found this film to be a superb example of how well a revenge film can be made and acted. It's well written, features excellent acting, dark humor, sex scenes and nudity, nasty violence, beautiful visuals, kick-ass 70's music, and solid direction. It's pure 70's exploitation goodness and I loved every minute of it. If you enjoy a 70's flick from the seedy underbelly of the era, this is one to definitely check out.
September 22, 2011
For those who love grittiness, bad-ass women, classic films and japanese cinema, this film if for you. Meiko Kaji provides and amazing soundtrack and lead performance to which can only be appreciated by asian cinema lovers.
June 10, 2011
A fetching Japanese woman, Nami falls in love and dedicates her existence and virginity to the policeman of her dreams, Sugimi. Sounds nice so far, what could go wrong? Unfortunately, she is a bad judge of character, and after agreeing to go undercover and infiltrate the Yakuza for a marijuana bust, turns out the suave and confident Sugimi was just using Nami to further his police career as he tips her a handful of Yen for getting gang raped. Unlike forgetting an anniversary or not noticing a new hair style, Sugimi's thoughtless treatment is unforgivable. After a failed stabbing attempt, Nami finds herself in a Japanese prison, seething and bent on revenge. From there the story takes one violent turn after another. While this movie was made in the 70's, the storyline, acting and dialogue are still relevant. Only drawbacks may be the out-dated special effects and three-stoogish sounds. A woman's scorn may be timeless. There are some great scenes that are as funny as they are memorable. Definitely worth a watch for those interested in Japanese thrillers, Japanese babies nursing, or lovers of redemption through vengeance films.
½ May 14, 2009
This movie, unlike its American exploitation film counterparts, seems almost artistic at times. The colors and the emotions are both beautiful and brutal. However, like its American counterparts, this film is full of sadistic violence and nudity (that's not a bad thing though!!). Part of me really hated this movie, it was so mean spirited, yet another part of me loved it with all of my being. Meiko Kaji makes this movie. She maybe utters 5 lines, yet her dark beauty captured me. This on top of the fact that she is possibly the most badass female star ever, makes this a great movie.
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