Fetih 1453 (Conquest 1453) Reviews

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½ January 11, 2015
anachronistic nationalist masturbation
April 19, 2013
This movie is accurate in portraying how the Latins did not want to help the Greeks vs. the Ottomans. It was too much an Omnipresent type of Narrative. A not historically accurate love triangle of Urban's daughter and the Giovanni Giustiniani, who died AFTER leaving the city with his men on a ship and NOT at the hands of her "found' lover. The acting was not so great from her part. It was "too" predictable at times to figure out the emotions. The last scene of Mehmed in the Hagia Sophia was too political, making him seem like a poster child ...by literally holding a crying, then smiling child. The extras were not given enough direction on how to act, or either the dept. in charge of visual effects. The computer graphics are subpar.
Did however appreciate the affect they placed in the Ottoman ranks wondering about the Hungarians to arrive, and the 3 Geonese ships that passed the Ottoman Navy. The actor in place of Mehmed did excellent, great acting. I would not however higher Urban's daughter, besides her striking blue eyes, she needs some work. Also the fighting by the Greeks themselves of rather having the Turks control the city rather than the Pope. Overall its good to watch to learn histroy. However it needs to be polished. As stated it is predictable, and obviosuly if you are a Historian you would know what is to happen. However there are great movies out there that reflect off history and the Director has performed such a great job at creating the suspense that the viewers are watching (and you know the end should be good), but still, it's the action.
June 18, 2012
I wanted to like this movie. OK, I tell a lie. I wanted to ENJOY this movie. Not the same thing at all. The plot is about the Turkish conquest of Constantinople. It's a Turkish film. I kinda knew going in I wasn't going to like where it was going. But at the same time it is showing an awesome moment in history that really should have been filmed before now. I wanted to revel in the spectacle and enjoy the action.

The film's problem is that it is just too gung ho. You can tell that they've seen Hollywood epics before. They clearly liked what they saw, although they didn't completely understand it except for the parts about slow motion, because imitation is the highest form of flattery. But no Hollywood film would be so unabashedly war-hungry. They don't have any real motives either and whatever you think of Hollywood films they always keep an eye on providing motivation. Here it's missing. Why are they attacking the Greeks? Well, that's just what Turks do innit? But the Greeks are shown as a pretty ineffectual lot who posture a lot but pose no real threat. When the film does show motivation (in the minor characters) it's laid on pretty heavy. Like the one guy who doesn't want to build war machines so the evil Greeks try and kidnap his daughter only for him to be rescued by the hero Turk. Or the same girl, who turns out to have been enslaved by the Greeks (the Ottomans were the big importers of slaves at this point. The Janissaries were composed entirely of enslaved boys taken from their families as tribute. The Greeks weren't really capable of even leaving Greece) only to be rescued by her father. Subtle.

Basically this is not a black and white situation (what is?) and cannot easily be fitted into one. Instead of either accepting that and going for realism or else finding a moral justification (however insane) for people's actions they simply ignore the problem. Which means that most of the film is just one thing happening after another. And I just don't care. The character motivation is similarly scarce since they all act like extras from 300. Also, for a film about Muslims fighting a holy war against Christians (and the film certainly sets itself up this way by starting with Mohammad) it has exactly twice the number of suicide bombings I'd expect to see.
February 3, 2013
way below expectations.
September 15, 2012
wow. such a stupid movie. stupid acting stupid script and stupid CGI.
½ September 7, 2012
50% satisfied. "Making history may require only bravado, but making historical movies demands subtlety as well." - Mark Jenkins
August 14, 2012
En iyi TÃ 1/4rk filmlerinden.
July 7, 2012
This film really sucks. It is depressing enough that billions of people follow a moon god worshiping pedophile, now they try to make it look gallant. Muzlims will love it and loving God believers will cringe at the utter debauchery of slavery, forced sex slaves, sex with babies and children and the cruelty of sex with small animals all in the name of moohammed who did all of these things to include allowing sex with the dead. So go murder a Jew, blame it on islamic belief (true) and then rape his wife all in allah's name.
April 29, 2012
Jingostic and nationalistic to the extreme, it is regardless a visual spectacular telling a story of an important time of history, the fall of Constantinople. There are solid performances across the spectrum, but the visual spectacular of the siege of this medieval city if no doubt what steals the show. Worth seeing on the big screen.
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