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May 11, 2008
Can you handle the truth? One of the best court room dramas ever.
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April 12, 2014
As seen in "The Newsroom" and "The Social Network," Aaron Sorkin obviously writes some great dialogue and speeches, and Kaffee and Jessup's courtroom confrontation is indeed full of vitriol and grand idealistic views on patriotism, security, and truth.

However, what bumps me about this movie and the rest of Sorkin's work is that it's too pat. A callow, legacy, navy lawyer has to defend two Marines accused of hazing a private so extremely that they kill him. Along the way, we tackle issues of whether honor means following a code of ethics or critically thinking for oneself. Will the good guys win? What does it mean to be a good guy?

These are important, heady questions drummed up by Sorkin, but I think he spent more time writing slick lawyer-speak instead of developing a key part of the story: who is Santiago and why should we care about him, the circumstances in which he was killed, and the fate of his killers? Why did he even join the Marines to begin with? Where was he trying to get transferred to? Why did he break the chain of command? Why would he offer secrets for personal favors? Why was he, in short, such a bad Marine? Even if he had health conditions, he should've at least been able to keep his barracks orderly and be punctual. His death seemed so clearly an accident that I wondered why all this hullabaloo. I kept thinking there had to be more to Santiago, not just his death.
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June 13, 2006
One of the greatest courtroom dramas out there unites a fantastic cast, an engaging case and excellent writing. Young Tom Cruise was still on the rise as a leading man here, but Nicholson is at his best, throwing out great lines by the dozen and making movie history with his final burst of anger. The way there is so smartly written and directed, it's a pleasure to behold, even if the militaristic procedures and saluting puts you off. But the battles of words and wits are exciting as Western shoot-outs. Great stuff.
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½ May 23, 2012
I'm not one for courtroom dramas, but I actually quite liked this. I felt a part of the team and although I didn't always understand exactly what was going on, there was a huge sense of triumph. The tension was built brilliantly so that I didn't even notice it until the end of the climax. Brilliant performances from everyone here, the only things I can say is that it was difficult to follow what was happening at times because of the numerous characters and legal dialogue I'm not attuned to. It went on a bit too long for my liking but it definitely paid off. Not a film for everyone, but something I surprisingly liked.
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July 12, 2011
Can't believe I haven't review this film up till now. Who hasn't seen it. Watch just about any movie channel around a patriotic holiday and this will be on it. During my military career I worked for many a men who acted just like the part played by Jack Nicholson. For his part along this movie gets 5 Stars. You want the truth, you can't handle the truth.
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March 1, 2011
A classic, the best courtroom drama sice To Kill A Mockingbird
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December 3, 2009
The definition of a dynamite cast; Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson boil up an intensity together that is almost too much to handle. Both actors give out tour-de-force performances and are two of the main reasons that this is such a memorable and flawless piece of movie magic. While it's a completely performance driven movie, I still feel like there was an effort to make these performances look as natural and free flowing as possible. That is only the result of meticulous editing and great directing. Rob Reiner has directed just about every single type of movie and does a beautiful job here. Courtroom dramas are hard because they're either really amazing or truly terrible, but A Few Good Men stands as one of the best. Full of classic lines, classic characters and a plot that keeps you guessing until the finale, it's hard not to find yourself enjoying it.
Jason Lalljee
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August 16, 2010
'A Few Good Men' is a 1992 courtroom drama directed by Rob Reiner starring Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson and Demi Moore.
Summary: When an ostracized marine winds up dead after being hazed by two of his unit mates in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Navy lawyer Lt. J. G. Daniel Kaffee (Tom Cruise) is assigned to defend the reputed murderers at their court martial, in a supposedly open-and-shut case. After a string of unsuspected circumstances, though, Kaffee starts to believe that things may not be as they appear. Thirsty for the truth, he and Joanne Galloway (Demi Moore) begin to delve deeper into the case and expose a shocking reality. Consensus:A Few Good Men brings up complex and fascinating issues surrounding the military and the expectations of soldiers in uniform: the nature of orthodoxy, persecution of the weak, the price of unquestioning obedience to superiors. This movie was so fantastic, because, well, it was like Jack Nicholson said, "You want the truth, you can't handle the truth!" It divided the audience in half, by raising moral correctness vs. political correctness issues. no real good guy or bad guy. Overall:This movie delivers a whopping dose of political intrigue, good acting, and a deliciously intricate plot. If you're looking for a courtroom drama, a military film, or just a good movie in general, this would be a film you wouldn't regret watching.
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February 5, 2011
While the film seems to waste some of its time on small, insignificant subplots, the core plot of the film is as good as anything out of a John Grisham novel. The film finishes well with an exciting climax and a thoughtful denouement, leaving the viewer with a good impression of the film. Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson are excellent in their roles.
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December 26, 2010
"I want the truth!" - Tom Cruise.
"You can't handle the truth!" - Jack Nicholson
This scene is probably more famous than the movie from where it comes from. Of course, Rob Reiner's A Few Good Men was quite a popular movie back in 1992. But what a movie it is!
Two Army lieutenants stationed out at Guatanamo Bay are charged with the murder of one of their own. Tom Cruise and Demi Moore play two hot shot Navy officers charged with defending the case. What looks on the surface as an open and shut plea bargain becomes a complex and disturbing look at what it takes to be a soldier under the most extreme and life threatening of conditions.
I can't say any more about this movie. Everything works. The film is a masterpiece and one of the best legal dramas. Tom Cruise is fantastic as the arrogant defense lawyer and Jack Nicholson plays his perfect opponent as the lieutenants' Colonel. The scene that they share together is completely epic and one of the most tense courtroom scenes ever filmed.
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March 3, 2008
"Unit. Corps. God. Country."

Legal dramas aren't usually too high up on my "must see" list, but A Few Good Men intrigued me with it's great cast and completely won me over with some fantastic performances.

The story is a pretty standard tale of military misconduct and those in power protecting themselves at the expense of others, but it's the great interactions between the characters and the riveting courtroom exchanges that made this such an enjoyable flick. Tom Cruise stars in the kind of rakish, devil-may-care type of role that he excels at, but does a great job of getting across the fact that under his boyish charm, Kaffee is a damn good lawyer. His camaraderie with Demi Moore and Kevin Pollack, his respectful rivalry with Kevin Bacon, his explosive confrontations with Nicholas and Sutherland, and his complicated relationship with two defendants, all ring true. And that's all testament to how good Cruise was in this role.

I'd recommend this to fans of legal drama, as well as those who don't really get excited at the prospect of courtroom showdowns. A Few Good men is the kind of movie that you don't have to be a genre fan to enjoy.
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½ January 7, 2008
This is the kind of movie that know will be good....And you just expect it to be good. And it wasn't anything else. Very good chemistry between Tom Cruise and Demi Moore. And then there's Jack Nicholson on top of that. Very Good
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June 5, 2006
"You can't handle the truth!", the quote that defines this film.
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September 14, 2009
Has the classic line from Jack Nicholson, but that's about all I found to be classic to this let-downer.
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July 31, 2009
you can't handle the truth! Nicholson is onoce again brilliant playing nathan jessop while tom cruise actually does something interesting.
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June 14, 2009
Usually, I avoid watching a movie if it has a remake or a movie inspired from it which I've already seen (just as I avoid watching the remake or an inspired movie if I've seen the original). As I'd already watched a movie slightly inspired from this one, I wasn't interested in watching this one. However, once, while surfing, I stumbled upon the clip of "You can't handle the truth" and having watched that scene, I couldn't resist watching the whole movie. And for once, I wasn't disappointed at all. A great movie excellently executed.
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January 12, 2007
although the film is a bit melodramatic for my tastes, it is a great example of the courtroom drama genre. jack is intense as always even though he seemed to mail in some of his scenes, and its one of those films that isnt overly memorable but deserves to be seen and respected.
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February 27, 2009
"You can?t handle the truth!"

Neo military lawyer Kaffee defends Marines accused of murder; they contend they were acting under orders.

This is, quite simply, a great film. Strong characters, great performances all around, a wonderful script. Jack Nicholson and Tom Cruise's exchange in the courtroom is already a film classic. What strikes me most, though, is the casting. Rob Reiner was either brilliant and inspired in his selection of actors for this film, or he was completely nuts and got damn lucky. Tom Cruise and Nicholson...no big deal. Pretty obvious choices. But Demi Moore as Jo? Never before or since did she play such a heavy role, or one where her sexuality really plays no part. Kevin Pollack? Other than "The Usual Suspects" I never saw him in anything but comedies. But to take the risk of casting Wolfgang Bodison in the key role of Harold Dawson in his first film, Reiner shows incredible inspiration. The thing is- they all work.
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August 30, 2006
Director:Rob Reiner
Released: 1992
Stars : Tom Cruise, Demi Moore, Jack Nicholson, Kevin Bacon
Genre: Drama
Country: USA

In the heart of the nation's capital, in a courthouse of the U.S. government, one man will stop at nothing to keep his honour, and one will stop at nothing to find the truth.

A Few Good Men is one of those films that has been on my ?to watch? list for a long time. Mainly due to the fact that it?s one of the best films of the 1990,s one of the best court-rooms drams around and contains one of the most famous lines in cinema history. Plus I wanted to see Demi Moore in a role that I might actually like! A Few Good Men is a great film and one of my favourite films of the 1990?s.

A Few Good Men showcases many famous actors that were just coming into the limelight in the early 1990?s. Kiefer Sutherland, as Lt. Kendrick seems to depict many characteristics of what we know now as Jack Bauer and plays he role with an extremely patriotic tone. This is evident on many occasions when his character constantly refers to God, being someone he works for and stating about being a marine (much to the dismay of Tom Cruise?s character.) Kevin Bacon as Capt. Ross delivers a strong performance-as what would later be the prosecution. Noah Wyle as Cpl Barnes is a brief appearance and Cuba Gooding Jr, who would later appear in Jerry Maguire with Tom Cruise. All showcase a who?s who of Hollywood and produces an excellent film. Tom Cruise is excellent in one of the leading roles and just produces a great performance in the courtroom sequence. Cruise?s role in this film is probably one of my favourite films of his. Jack Nicholson produces another Oscar nominated performance and rightly so as he lights up the screen when he examined by Cruise?s character in the courtroom. You can?t help but get drawn into every scene he?s in because of the way he commands every scene. Just confirms to me just how much I admire his work. Also worth mentioning Demi Moore, who delivers one of the best performances that I?ve seen her in. Just a shame we don?t see much of that today.

A Few Good Men is directed pretty well by Rob Reiner. The last hour and a bit of the film is just excellent to watch and the time flies by when you catch that hour. Every bit of that hour is brilliantly put together and the dialogue just fits perfectly that you immediately are drawn into that scene. The part of the scene in which Nicholson?s character is cross-examined is just electric and filled with tension. The first part of the film is still as engaging and immediately keeps you watching. Mainly due to the chemistry between Demi Moore and Tom Cruise who really do make for a great one-screen partnership. However the film?s opening 40 or so minutes is not as engaging as the last hour. I would have liked to have seen the scene in which Nicholson tells Kendrick and Markinson to keep Santiago on the base, to have come in the first part of the film, as the film doesn?t flow as much as I?d like and it becomes confusing for the viewer. The narrative structure could have been better thought out. However the last hour and 10 mins certainly make up for that flaw.

Overall A Few Good Men is an excellent film with some great performances. One of the best films of the 1990?s and contains one of the greatest lines in cinema history. Defiantly worth checking out for Nicholson?s brilliant performance and the last hour.

Highly Recommended

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