• R, 2 hr. 19 min.
  • Drama, Comedy
  • Directed By:
    David Fincher
    In Theaters:
    Oct 15, 1999 Wide
    On DVD:
    Jun 6, 2000
  • 20th Century Fox

Critic Review - Courier-Journal (Louisville, KY)

It's a movie with all the warmth of a refrigerated meat locker at midnight. And who wants to hang around there?

June 23, 2004 Full Review Source: Courier-Journal (Louisville, KY) | Comments (45)



m z

A lot of us do. Biatch.

Jan 11 - 12:15 AM

~*Admiral Snowstorm*~

Dominique Amsterdam

Yeah I totally expected to watch Fight Club and walk out with my heart warmed and my faith in humanity restored. It let me down.

Dec 15 - 12:44 PM


Josh Moore

did it hurt your feelings?

Apr 23 - 04:55 PM


alexis solis

people like you are the reason this book/movie was made

May 30 - 11:16 PM


Pat Sullivan

Suck a dick you doosh

Jul 9 - 08:26 PM


Christian Lohan

This film isn't for women, only guys can truly relate to this film.

Jul 25 - 11:28 AM


tyler ingram

Judith is right, who really wants to look at society in a new manner? Who wants their filth exposed in front of them? Who wants to know whats inside themselves that they cant look at without having a prozac, viagra and E news network to let them feel at ease about it? Youre right, ignorance is bliss.

Aug 17 - 11:01 PM


Christian Lohan

To truly appreciate this film you need to have felt the same was as Norton's character does at the beginning of the film. This film is about being a male in his 20s-30s in modern society and how hollow and lifeless you can feel. Norton's character abandons control and order just in order to feel something.

Sep 30 - 02:47 AM

The Stunner

Tiago Paulo

so i guess you've felt the way norton did. you must be sad...

Aug 1 - 05:44 PM

Vya T.

Vya Tanner

yes because all women in this paradisal world are bubbly and inanely happy and can't possibly relate to feeling hollow and lifeless. That's the every day situation of all too many people you idiot, it's not just restricted to men.

Apr 30 - 11:07 PM


Christian McNamara

I really don't think warmth was what they were going for when they made this movie. Congrats, you suck at writing reviews. No, I take that back, you just suck at looking at a plot any deeper that you want to.

Oct 26 - 10:01 AM


Steven Cady

Fight Club is my favorite movie. What? Can't you take the harsh realities of the world? Or do you just need American Idol and Ryan Seacrest to sugar coat everything for you? This film examines the crisis people go through after college and before middle age. It examines how hollow and bleak your life seems at that point. Learn how to interpret film before you become a stupid ****ing reviewer.

Nov 7 - 01:06 PM

Peter M.

Peter Mares

yeah, and the fact that sub-textually the entire movie is homoerotic. but some people just don't know how to interpret films. I mean, most people really believe that the real message in the movie is that our lives are hollow, our existence in meaningless, and consumerism has taken over society, when in reality its making a statement about hyper-masculinity. I guess some people just don't know hoe to interpret movies.

Mar 11 - 08:21 PM

Eric J.

Eric Johnson


Dec 4 - 08:24 PM

Derek W.

Derek Waring

This is typical coming from a female perception, she mocks the violence and not what the true meaning of what the film is about. I was twenty-seven at the time the trailer was released, sitting in the darkness of the theater and alone, I got a warm vibe (no jokes.) I knew it was going to be a classic for "my generation" from then on. This movie operated on many levels and has a surprise twist at the end, but back in the day, any critic over the age of fifty and or female couldn't grasp what the true meaning of what the movie was about. As Tyler would say today, "Fight Club only belongs to men forty-five and younger, guys! No women allowed!!" I think I just made up the ninth or tenth rule of "Fight Club." Oh, ****. Tyler is going to have my *** served to me for making up another rule.


Dec 20 - 01:01 AM


brandi cryer

you, sir, are an idiot

May 3 - 01:03 PM

Deli B.

Deli Bugle

I can totally understand why guys would think that women wouldn't understand this movie as deeply as a man could, but I can't help but think that's sexist.
I adore Chuck Palahniuk, and this story is the reason. The book was better, as they usually are, but the film captured everything extremely well. This is definitely one if my favourite movies. I could empathize with the main character, and his satirical views on life.
And I'm a girl.

Nov 13 - 03:46 PM


jesse rowlands

This movie is Nontraditional and unique and hard to understand for some, this movie is truly amazing once you begin to understand durden

Jan 4 - 12:32 AM


Steven Cady

The film and book inspired me and my friend to start our own Fight Club. It has been going on for 5 months now and we've never felt more alive. Sure, we look like **** all the time, but we don't give a ****. Everyone in our Fight Club agrees it is wonderful. It's a place to release all the rage that you collect over the week and senselessly beat another man.

Feb 17 - 03:34 PM


Jay Saenz

This movie is for guys, chicks may dig it for Brad Pitt, yet the message of the movie is aim for the average everyday fellow that society value on how much credit he has and how much crappy toys he can get for himself and his *****(es).

Mar 21 - 08:13 PM


brandi cryer

you're stupid as sh*t. do you really think that all men feel happy all the time. do you think no woman ever feels miserable or worthless? damn idiot.

May 3 - 01:04 PM


Jay Saenz

Women in America got it easy, if you are pretty and have enough brains to take advantage of that, the world is yours (another great movie btw).

Now if you live in the Middle East or in any third world country, story is different. Probably we wouldn't be able to have this argument.

Sep 1 - 10:35 AM

X Y.


Choke on a dick biatch, this is for men.

Apr 15 - 01:56 AM

Erica W.

Erica Wohlstadter

u r an ***

May 2 - 09:12 PM

Erica W.

Erica Wohlstadter

u r an ***

May 2 - 09:13 PM

K D.

K Davis

How disheartening to see that neither the reviewer nor the commentators understand the actual concept or purpose of the movie. Both sets of shallow and self-righteous perspectives entirely contradict the movie's provocative and humbling intent. And if you doubt my opinion, just watch the commentary--it will explain the movie for anyone who didn't already get it on their own.

May 13 - 03:37 AM


Aaron Dicken

you're just a dumbass.

Jun 8 - 08:34 PM

Bob H.

Bob Higgs

I thought Fight Club was going to be warm and cuddly too. How disappointed I was...

Jun 14 - 03:22 PM

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