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December 4, 2012
This movie needs more than one time watching to understand and still won't be understood to its fullest extent. Nonetheless, a very good movie. Sexy, sweaty, and topless Brad Pitt is a definite plus.
January 2, 2016
I shouldn't talk about this film, but I'd be lying if I said that its gruesome premise hasn't made me rethink my life as I know it. And that's when you know that a movie has changed your life. I guess I've yet to determine whether it's been for better or for worse.
February 6, 2016
Fight Club s'avère très complexe et bien élaboré tant au niveau scénaristique que de la réalisation. Un duo très efficace de Brad Pitt et Edouard Norton
February 5, 2016
Great great film. Fight Club is not this generic violent film, it's actually a very intelligently written film that you must watch. Oops I talked about Fight Club... all jokes aside, check this film out!
July 19, 2012
This Is My Favorite David Fincher Film.
January 26, 2016
This movie can touch a person's core with it's brutally honest display of the raw emotions that flows in the mind of the employed youth of the world today. Although the portrayal is was too extreme but it still shows the general truth of us today.
June 4, 2007
It may go down as that-nihilistic-movie-that-every-high-school-kid-worshiped, but it's still a finely directed and enjoyable movie. I just wish other people would stop ripping-off the film's twist (High Tension, I'm looking at you).
January 24, 2016
Classic thriller, and one of my favorite movies of all time!
January 23, 2016
fight club have their chronological in order , less flashback , insane plot twist(for those who haven't read the book) , unpredictable , the acting is too good even i forgot that edward norton played fight club , and place setting is accurate and various , david fincher did not hestitate to use computer generated scene but it worth and it's a necessity .
February 22, 2012
It is less a thriller and a more a movie that acknowledges certain miserable feelings about the world, feelings that are too grim for most movies to deal with. One of a kind.
½ December 21, 2013
"Fight Club" is the type of movie that you want to re watch the second it ends. The movie is a rare treat in the sense that not even for a second, can you predict what is coming next. It's certainly a bizarre movie that takes some adjusting to in the beginning but once you reach the mind bending conclusion, you really start to appreciate how well put together the film is. The performances are all great and the writing is smart. A great movie that makes you think a lot and is almost constantly entertaining in one way or another.
January 11, 2016
This movie is gooooooooooooooooooooooood.
February 10, 2010
Simply a masterpiece!
August 10, 2015
So damn exciting!!! This movie is an excellent result of a complicated plot and if you watch it twice, you won't be able to avoid those little details that little by little explain the story.
September 24, 2010
One of my favorites. A deeper movie than the title suggests.
½ December 27, 2015
Fight Club is more than a drama or a comedy. It has a mind all it's own and brings and sports blunt social messages. What a hooking sense of drive is has too!
½ December 20, 2015
Tyler Durden is the bad-ass of all time.
December 20, 2015
Any story about playing with the head works.. this movie shows how
December 18, 2015
Best Movie ever made
September 9, 2012
Fight Club has a strong cast and interesting ideas, like anti-consumerism and freedom from the boring everyday life, but the film is too wild and messily constructed. The audience is trying to follow a schizophrenic man on his crazy adventure going 1000 mph when he's not even sure who he is. I got lost in the deluge of craziness and wild rush. It obviously had a lot of thought put into it, but the result is a whirling, mad wreck of aggression and confusion.
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