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½ June 20, 2011
Good story, bad film.
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½ September 29, 2008
An incredible movie on how an executive finds himself going in one direction while his lost religious "soul" takes him into another direction. Hilarious at times....enjoyable in others. See this for the soul of it! LOL!
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½ June 30, 2010
Could've been funnier. Yet, when it comes to Gooding Jr. picking good films, this is simply a wiser choice compared to some of the films he has choosen..not saying any certian films...(SHADOWBOXER) didnt say anything...
June 20, 2013
Predictable, obvious and eye-rolling in a silly land without any real romance between the two main characters.
August 3, 2009
A good movie, but nothing that hasn't been done before. I also found Gooding to be an unusual choice for this, but he made it work.
½ April 1, 2009
This movie was hilariously funny, it tells of a guy who is trying make it rich but in the end he ends ups falling for the girl and starting a new life
July 20, 2008
Long movie and not all it is cracked up to be. Had some cute parts and funny moments but nothing to write home about.
December 30, 2007
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½ December 29, 2007
My favorite line is when Darrin's cell phone rings in church and the pastor tells him: "Son, if that ain't Jesus calling, shut it off."
September 10, 2007
Funny! This is a nice family movie! I was laughing throughout the whole movie! I think this is Beyonce best work! Cuba was supreme! I can not believe Lou Myers have not aged he looked the same from a different world!
May 10, 2007
Do it to me we all know what it means...Paulina, I'm surprised you even remember what it is
May 3, 2007
Very funny, very touching, and very inspiring. A movie that uses original gospel music to touch the hearts of all who see it.
½ March 7, 2007
It was good, except for Beyonce's sexy "Give Me Fever" dance. I would've bought the movie if she wasn't so bootylicious.
½ February 25, 2007
One of my favorite - I bought the tape and watch it over and over . One of my favorite gospel songs are in there
March 26, 2006
It was a lot different then what I thought it was going to be, but I still think it wasn't the best movie I've seen.
September 20, 2013
I just happened to catch this movie on some network channel I was flipping through because I couldn't find anything to watch. Not a bad movie, but not good enough to rent on Netflix. It is a teen drama/comedy that is cliche and recycles numerous old ideas
½ June 3, 2013
The movie is good it has a strong gospel premise and the characters are hilarious. The music was amazing and yes the plot was weak but the music makes up for it.
½ May 16, 2013
Ugh, this movie makes so many mistakes. It's unsubtle, predictable, and unoriginal.
½ July 12, 2012
The Fighting Temptations is another decent film. It is about a New York advertising executive travels to a small Southern town to collect an inheritance but finds he must create a gospel choir and lead it to success before he can collect. Cuba Gooding Jr. and Beyonce give good performances. The screenplay is okay and has a few funny moments. The music is excellent. Jonathan Lynn did a pretty good job directing this movie. I liked this motion picture because of the music.
½ June 28, 2012
Great film - top musical performances and laugh out loud lines make this a must see.
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