Are You Ready for Final Destination 4?


Final Destination 2 director David R. Ellis will soon be taking moviegoers to the most final-est destination of all. Back to Article



Andrew Raine

This movie will piss Death off almost as much as film audiences being subjected to continual crap like this.

Nov 20 - 07:00 AM


Joshua Downing

Final Destination 4 is going to be awsome, I can't wait to look foreword at the new deaths! They should involve a metal shopping mall sign that falls off wires swinging down and slicing someone down the middle, a person slips and falls down up against a wall at an iceskating rink and another skater falls at an angle jamming the skate blade into the person's head, and also have someone working at a fast food resturant (would be even cooler if it was the same one that frankie got a chopped head in FD3) and reach in and get stuck in a metal trash compactor then have the compactor malfunction because soda has dripped out of a torn hole in the bottom of a trash bag and onto a split wire causing the compactor to smash the victem in half. I also have pleanty other ideas if anyone would like to email me

Mar 12 - 07:28 AM


Gimy Moo

this isn't news, anybody who saw FD3 knew there would be another. they're not that bad. they're by NO means great...but i see the Halloween remake, then the Saw's...and these don't seem half bad compared to them. one was pretty good, two was decent...three was laughable. 4 should finally kill off death and end the series.

i'm waitin' for Scream 4(prequel?) to come out. i think its just a matter of time...fits the whole "tired horror series" agenda movie makers seem to have nowadays

Nov 20 - 07:32 AM


High Lonesome

So....what's so FINAL about the FINAL DESITNATION film when they keep coming out with crap sequels???

Nov 20 - 08:15 AM


Jeremiah Rancourt

The original director of the series is much better, including his screenwriters, and they worked on FD 1 and FD 3. FD 2 was not as good as these other two, b/c they brought on another director and screenwriter. Now they want to bring these hacks back. If the original director doesn't want to continue the series he made, don't go around his back and hire someone not as good, just to make another one.

Overall, the Final Destination series has been pretty good, I don't want to see them ruining that.

Nov 20 - 08:19 AM


Sebastian Straub-Wolfskill


Nov 20 - 08:21 AM

tonight we dine.. IN HECK

Douglas McCausland


Nov 20 - 08:27 AM

Mr. Kong

Sam jacobs

Maybe it should be about someone that sees a big death happening, avoids it, but the people that should have died die even worse deaths.

Nah, to original.

Nov 20 - 08:42 AM


Aaron Abbott


Nov 20 - 08:47 AM

The Iron Invader

Matthew D.

I actually like these movies. I love how they combine the seriousness of the main characters with the cartoony death sequences.

Anyway, Three should've been the concluding chapter, but it turned out to be a remake of the original. So I guess this fourth film should tie up the loose ends instead.

Nov 20 - 09:23 AM


Marcus Vazquez


Nov 20 - 09:24 AM


Marcus Vazquez


Nov 20 - 09:25 AM


Todd Foster

I actually enjoy the FD1, FD2 and FD3 were so so. I really don't know why they want to make another one.

Nov 20 - 09:32 AM


Bleck Blook

Ok.... But they're really going to have to do something different, there is no overall plot to the films as a whole. The same thing happens everytime

************* SPOILER *************************

Everyone always dies. No one is left alive, and no one figures out how to cheat death. I mean they're interesting movies, but the movie needs to move the plot forward..... it shouldn't just be "Ok here is the cast for this movie, and they're all going to die in weird ways :) "

Nov 20 - 09:33 AM


chris bazaldu

i hate to ruin your spoiler RedRing but 2 people did stay alive in FD2. so maybe there is some hope that this movie will be worth the full price admission.

Nov 20 - 10:06 AM

Don't Tase Me Bro

Don't Tase Me Bro

My vain pitch to try to end the whole franchise for good: Dude working for the State Department is able to through one action after another, set off a Nuclear Holocaust...which in turn destroys all mammalian life on Earth. The rest of the formulaic premise for the next 1 and a half hours is how they try to stop it, but they can't.

Final seconds of the film shows the main character riding on top of the last Nuke to destroy known life like Slim Pickens...last frame is a mushroom cloud. Some bubble gum punk rock like Good Charlotte or Green Day blasts over the speakers, credits roll...and then 3 years later we all post how pissed off we are to hear they're making--incredulously --Final Destination 5: The Prequel...and on and on and on...

Nov 20 - 09:48 AM


chris bazaldu

i hate to ruin your spoiler RedRing but 2 people did stay alive in FD2. so maybe there is some hope that this movie will be worth the full price admission.

Nov 20 - 10:06 AM


Arend Anton

I've only seen number 3 and it was HILARIOUS! The weight room scene blew my mind. It's such trash, but funny.

Nov 20 - 10:12 AM


Kevin D

Final Destination was good,Final Destination 2 was ok,and Final Destination 3 was crap,see the pattern.........No More!!!!

Nov 20 - 10:15 AM


john swartz

I liked one and two. If Tony Todd is in it I'll watch it. If he's not then forget about it.

Nov 20 - 11:02 AM


brian Firenzi

I absolutely love these awful movies. This is how you make throw-away comedy horror.

If I could write all the straight-to-DVD Final Destination sequels, I would be one happy camper. I'd set my first sequel in the Amish country, as a brief respite from all the "water machine=death" scenes that are frankly getting a little too predictable.

Jebediah envisions a horrific horse carriage accident and stops it from happening. But Death is pissed, and responds with butter-churning accidents, farm animal stampedes, and a square dance gone fatally wrong. Jebediah realizes the key to stopping the machinations of Death is to venture into the big city and get the help of the only man who has cheated Death and lived...Lance Armstrong.

Nov 20 - 11:05 AM



Time to push in my own eyeballs.

Nov 20 - 11:44 AM

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