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July 13, 2007
This movie is better than the second one but still not as good as the first movie. a group of young people avoid death at a fun fair but death picks them off one by one. The sun bed scene is really horrible.
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½ September 8, 2010
2 and a half stars
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½ September 26, 2011
They should have stopped before this movie, things are too predictable now.
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½ August 20, 2006
Unlike the original, and even the second film, there is nobody to care about here. Dumb bitches, a pervert, angry black guy, sinister goth, whiny sister, etc. It got to the point where these characters were so stereotypical, that I couldn't even enjoy their death scenes. Granted, I want to see awesome deaths, but that doesn't mean I should necessarily want the characters to die. I should have mixed emotions about it all. Anyways, the opening roller coaster isn't as inventive as previous tragedies. After all, you pretty much just fly off and die. After that, all the deaths you can see coming. In fact, now we have pictures that predict how people will die. Part of the fun should be analyzing the scene and thinking "How is this going to end?". With this film though, we know how each death will end up. Or they are so sudden we didn't have time to relish in all the possibilities. Some nice moments, and it is an easy watch, but the 1st one is great after 11 years and multiple viewings. This is tiring about a quarter of the way in.
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April 6, 2006
As good as the first two (which were pretty bad also) but it's rare in this sort of series. Acting is even worse but thanks to Winstead we can look past that. Extremely cliche and rather predictable but not as bad as it could have been.
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½ January 13, 2010
It is very hard to be original with a premise like this, but this film, even though they made a few mistakes with the take-off, the landing is actually quite perfect and satisfying. This is one of my favourites of the franchise, because it is extremely inventive and actually has you becoming a detective while you watch these people get picked off one-by-one. Final Destination 3 is a lot of fun!
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½ June 2, 2011
I recently saw the trailer for "Final Destination 5" and it looks like a total rehash of this installment. This is the only entry in the "Final Destination" series that I've actually sat through. I came across it on TV. Though it was not a very good film, I was entertained. Thats the main goal of the film: to entertain and not be smart. On some occasions, the film will try to act smart.

The film is about a group of cliched teens who attend their Grad Night at a theme park. They then go on the most thrilling ride in the park, "Devil's Flight". Once they board the ride, one of the students named Wendy has a horrific vision of her friends dying in a rollercoaster derailment. They get run over, fall off, and a dude even loses his torso. She gets them off before the REAL situation comes true. But, Death, or The Grim Reaper, won't stop there. You can't cheat with this dude. Hes after the kids and taking them away by rewarding them gruesome deaths.

I descriped the characters as "cliched" and they really are. The scripting, acting, and characters are all cliched. But this is one of those fun cliched horror films.

I love the deaths in this movie. Chick gets impaled with a pole, man gets crushed, chicks get killed with nailguns and get cooked in their tanning beds. The tanning bed death is quite disturbing. I found that one to be elaborately stupid, but fun! I mentioned how the film tries to be smart on some occasions. Every couple minutes, they hint the deaths visually with clues. I found this quite smart but the problem is that the film tries to be a mindless gorefest and also be a thinking film. Thats a big issue.

This also scared me a bit psychologically. I love rollercoasters and I would hate to be in a derailment. Due to this fact, I'm scared to go on "California Screamin'" at Disney's California Adventure again but plan to go on again soon.

Now that I really think about, the film was dumb and lies in between being terrible and decent. My only option is to givie it a 50%. So if you like mindless gorefests with dumb characters, watch this one and the other films in the series if you can. But this is a very forgettable film, folks. Horror movies are a lost art.
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½ February 6, 2011
Oh god this was so bad. D
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December 28, 2010
Morgan and Wong are back for this third film, only with no originality. Everything here is a rehash of the first installment, predictable and gory, with a roller coaster accident instead of an airplane. The tone aims for seriousness, but with poor dialogues, and the ending is dull and stupid.
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½ October 11, 2010
The idea for this film was far better than the second one,this time instead of a plane and a highway for the scene of the fatal accidents, the accident happens at an amusement park on a Roller Coaster. After the first two films, you get the idea of this series, people die in a specific order, and so on. The film is of course predictable, and the actors themselves are not good, but the idea of the rollercoaster was a damn good one. As far this series is concerned, the first is the best one, the second one is the second best, and this one has lost it's puff, and the film ends up being boring. Not a very developed story or anything. The filmmakers could have done something so great with the concept of the accident, that like I said, was pretty cool. But unfortunately the overall film feels a tad too boring and like I've said, the filmmakers seem to be scratching the bottom of the barrel with ideas for this film. Final Destination 3 like the second entry to the series, almost plays out like a comedy horror film. The film is so predictable, and the dialogue is so bad in this entry, plus the actions of the characters who actually don't use any common sense to get out of danger is very laughable. Final Destination 3 like the first two in the series, doesn't try to do anything that great in the Horror genre. I thought that the first one was the best in the series and the two sequels that followed were borderline good. In this third entry they try to do something original, but we know whats will happen, and thats the biggest problem this film. All the good ideas have been explored and the only reason they keep making these films is because they want to make money. Well at least the first entry worked well enough to provide a few interesting jolts and
scares. But for what it is, The Final Destination series is are a bunch of rediculous teen horror films that are guilty pleasures.
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June 21, 2007
"So let me get this straight; I'm gonna OD on nail polish, and Ian is gonna be embarrassed to death?"

Well, it's FINAL DESTINATION 3. It shouldn't be too hard to guess what your probably enjoyment level from watching this movie will be. It's just like Final Destination 2 (and therefore, the original Final Destination), but with different death scenarios and a hotter main character.

Once again, a group of people who were spared a gruesome end in a disaster because of a person's sinister premonition (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) face Death's determined and elaborate attempts to take their lives and satisfy his original plans for their fates.

The death scenes are once again suitably inventive and gruesome (you'll never look at tanning salons the same way), and Mary Elizabeth Winstead is really cute. Those are basically the only relevant issues. If you were a fan of the previous movies, it stands to reason that you'll also enjoy this one. If you hated the first two, the third installment won't change your mind. I'd say that this is my favorite of the bunch. The production values are better than the previous movies, and there's the all-important Winstead Factor to consider.
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June 24, 2010
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February 26, 2008
The first and only tolerable entry in this "horror" franchise. It has the least cheesy script, decent acting, and isn't repetitive like its predecessors. It's still a little disappointing that it doesn't stray from the formula, including having the same ending and everything, but I actually mildly enjoyed this one, unlike the others, so I give it a mild recommendation based on that. Plus Mary Elizabeth Winstead is easy on the eyes.
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May 16, 2010
Felt sorry for the girl who lost her boyfriend in the roller coaster accident. I think the "Final destination" sequence is getting well. Unlike "Omen".
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December 11, 2009
This was not exciting as the Prequels.
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½ September 2, 2009
I give this FD film a good score on the opening sequence, much like FD 2, its very very good and really makes you grip your armchair lol
The whole notion of being on a roller coaster like that and having something go wrong would make anyone shiver with fright haha its a nasty idea and one Im sure everyone has had when maybe going on one, what if!!!!

The rest of the film again continues the death coaster (my personal term haha) of accidents which do get more interesting and unique, the sunbed idea is pretty nasty, and at times more bloody but its nothing new or different to the previous films, as said its the opening sequence that makes the film for me.
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August 11, 2006
I'm not gonna lie to ya, i wasn't looking forward to final destination 3.Just seeing a roller coaster full of screaming people on the poster made me roll my eyes and assume that this franchise has run out of steam .

So you can imagine my surprise to find that final destination 3 is a entertaining , funny and shocking thriller that proves that horror sequels can be pretty darn good if handled properly .

Directed by james wong with style and a pace that hits the ground running ,the film is very much like a roller coaster in its self - fast,packed full of laughs and most importantly full of frights .

The film is essentially a remake of the first film only with a different cast, gorier deaths and a higher level of self awareness.But this is a rare case in which copying the original isn't a bad thing- it keeps that sense of inventiveness and wit that made the first one great. It may be a clone , but its a very good one !

Final destination 3 is gory ,homourous and clever fun that will make me think twice about my horror sequel prejudice....
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½ August 15, 2009
Think I liked this even better than the original! Can't wait to see the upcoming sequel, and to finally see #2. Awesome story that keeps you gripped, and cool killings like the guy lifting weights.
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June 11, 2009
the only good part was the boobs.... and they make other movies for that.
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½ August 23, 2006
Not worth your energy is all I have to say about this film...
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