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less like a satisfying followup to a great gaming experience, and more a technical demo on how pretty those blocky FF characters could look on expensive new hardware.

October 10, 2005 Full Review | Comments (4)


Yuji T.

Yuji Tomita

I just watched it, and as a satisfying follow up to a videogame it worked flawlessly. The plot and characters are oh so obviously Japanese (that's a cultural statement) so it's hard to rate it from a different background.

English renditions of something created/directed for a different audience are awful in the first place, so I hope you don't go bashing the original for what it was. It was never released to be a stand alone Hollywood movie. It shouldn't be critiqued like one.

When cultures differ so much, taking set footage and just changing the dubs isn't good enough.


Nov 8 - 03:45 AM

Chris C.

Chris Chong

Yes, totally agree with your review, Mike Sage. I guess you should understand doing this FF7: Advent Children movie is the purpose of fulfill the FF fans only but not for moviegoers like us especially movie critic. I guess this is the safer way for Square-Enix to produce this kind of movie then FF: The Spirits Within, maybe they don't want to risk their business again. Honestly, i am quite hoping FF can make it more like sliverscreen than DVD release only. of course i know these FF7: Advent Children is not suitable for the sliverscreen market, it's just not enough action and storyline to develop a movie like Hollywood, they are still far away. I hope Square-Enix can improve it.

Jul 31 - 09:14 PM

Lillian Bell

Lillian Bell

Could not agree more, but I still kind of enjoyed the film for its eye candy. :)

Dec 19 - 06:38 PM

Brian Tams

Brian Tams

Hahaha. Believe it or not, you're pretty close to what the film was; just a way for SE to show off its new cinematic platform that would be used in future installments of the video games. They just also decided to quiet the FF7 fanbase at the same time. Two birds, one stone, you know.

May 31 - 09:57 PM

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