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April 16, 2007
Continuing his late 90s/early 2000s run in the mainstream, Gus Van Sant delivered this story about the bond formed between two different, yet challenged writers.

One is a young man from the inner city with an untapped gift for writing that is overshadowed by his athleticism, while the other is an older, bitter recluse who found early success, only to basically immediately fall into obscurity. They have an uneasy non-romantic meet-cute that eventually leads them to becoming friends, with each being the spark the other needs to satisfy their need to create.

I honestly don't remember much about this movie, but I remember it being at least sit-throughable, despite its reputation for being cheesy. It's a nice heartwarming story that makes you feel good, so really, what's wrong with that? Okay, so I know that something like that isn't an immediate reason to give something a pass, but hey, I'm feeling like a softie, so back off.

It's not really one of Van Sant's best, at least in the grand scheme of things, but it's okay enough I suppose, and it's decently well made as far as these types of stories go, so sure, give it a watch.
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½ January 22, 2007
partially inspired by salinger, connery's performance was wonderful and the screenplay was stellar. this is the film that put me on to writing.
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½ January 26, 2010
A bit slow and dreary, still filled with life and literary shenanigans! You're the man now dog (Scottish accent).
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September 29, 2007
What the fuck is this shit, dawg?
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September 14, 2009
Jamal Wallace (Rob Brown), a black teen who is from the Bronx, is at a difficult path in his life. First of all, he's from one of the toughest places in the country, the Bronx. But, he is getting to the age where he wants to actually do something with his life. Jamal is a polished basketball player, but he has just as much skill and fondness in writing.
Call it coincedence, but Jamal happens to meet and even become friends with a troubled, but famous author by the name of William Forrester (Sean Connery). Mr. Forrester only wrote one book, and that book was written over 40 years ago, but it is still very widely acclaimed. Jamal has a strong interest in touching up his great writing skills and he thinks that Mr. Forrester just might be able to help him on his path.

Like some of the other reviewers mentioned, "Finding Forrester" is a bit cliched, heartwarming, and so on, but that's not to take away from it being a great movie. As always, Sean Connery does a spectacular job of acting, and Rob Brown did a good job of playing as the ambitious Jamal Wallace.

Even as cliched and formulaic as "Finding Forrester" might be, it is still a great movie. If you're like me and you don't really care about how smart a movie is or how original it is in its innovations with plots, scripts, and so on, give "Finding Forrester" a chance. It's well worth it. It's a great movie of inspiration, tough times, and finding the fire inside to be the best you can be. NOTE: That was my Amazon review from the year 2001. I always love self-discovery and coming of age movies!
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August 5, 2009
8th grade. dont remember. Sean Connery can act the pants off a virgin. Gus Van Sant still needs a biography, flixster.
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June 6, 2009
"In an ordinary place, he found the one person to make his life extraordinary."

An afro-american teen writing prodigy finds a mentor in a reclusive author.

Authentic, high-concept, the film refreshes with its wonderful storytelling through setting and rich characterization, sold perfectly by an outstanding core of actors. The character of Jamal played brilliantly by an unknown, Rob Brown; he manages to make me wonder whether he really isn't Jamal. Sean Connery is wonderful to watch as an eccentric Salinger-type author, F. Murray Abraham played this as perfect as anything seen, and every supporting actor performed such that we are never disturbed from the story. And the director certainly gets credit for balancing high-concept with the constraints. Whatever style he used to guide his cast, it surely let them shine and sold the movie.

Upon second watching, the evocative soundtrack provides deep storytelling wonder not found in even many of the prominent great films which relied on the soundtrack to reverberate emotionally--not provide more story elements.

What still stays with me is the haunting closing with a beautiful song medley, arranged such that the overplayed songs are given new life and totally different candor, and a camera angle that my slow wit only picked up on the second time: the shot was from the apartment.
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April 25, 2007
I saw this for the second time today. I am a sucker for movies of self-discovery, and this movie fits that bill - for both Jamal and Forrester. Much of the movie is spent in Forrester's condo where the two of them become friends while writing stories. I enjoyed their performances, and also Anna Paquin's role as a student who takes Jamal under her wing. If you like inspirational movies, watch this one.
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January 1, 2008
Movie about two different people - a novelist recluse and a teenage basketball player.
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½ April 27, 2007
Being somewhat of a writer myself, and currently partaking in a writing course in college, I found this movie to be particularily compelling. Connery is very believable as the reclusive writer that he plays here and the story was very interesting throughout, even though it moved a bit slowly at times. Altogether a good cup of inspiration for anyone with the slightest interest in becoming a writer, in whatever field that may be. And even if you're not, you might just like it anyway. A solid 3 stars from me :-)

"You write your first draft with your heart. You rewrite with your head."
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½ February 26, 2007
As a writer I enjoyed this movie. The main actors worked well together and the story was interesting.
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½ February 5, 2007
Mentor movies strike me as rather dull, frankly. Good Will Hunting made it work - this did not. Though it's been five years since I've seen this movie, nothing in it has stuck with me - it may seem like a long stretch of time, but there are many films that have left far more of an impact that I'd seen just as long ago. To be brief, this offers very little originality.
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½ November 7, 2006
Well done.
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June 14, 2006
Good Will Hunting meets Dead Poet's Society. Not very exciting, but likeable and entertaining.
Cameron W. Johnson
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May 31, 2014
I'm sorry, but I just can't help but think of "Forrester Gump", which is wrong, because no matter how much he ran, Forrester appears to have been found. Yes, people, to continue my lame puns, after all of this "Good Will Hunting", it would appear as though we finally found Forrester. That's a little joke for Gus Van Sant fans out there, seeing as how they seem to be the only ones who remember this film, but I am kind of serious, because, like "Good Will Hunting", this film is about a humble, but troubled older man who helps a promising, but disturbed lad realize his potential as a genius. Well, I don't know if you could call this a sequel of sorts, because "Good Will Hunting" was white something fierce, whereas this film is so the opposite of that that it's about a black kid, and actually has the audacity to give Busta Rhymes a supporting role. On top of all of that, I mean, come on, the mentor in question is Sean Connery, who may as well be black, because he's such a notorious player with all of his smoothness, or rather, "shmoothnesh". Forget the titular character of William Forrester, because I think I'm more baffled at how they found Connery himself, or at least at how they were able to put Connery in a good, non-"James Bond" film. However, with that said, I don't know if it's quite "Good Will Hunting" good, for a number of reasons.

It's a relatively long while before such major characters as Sean Connery's titular William Forrester character comes into play, and focal inconsistencies don't end there, peaking at that point, sure, but convoluting narrative structure throughout the course of this layered drama, thanks largely to the film's spending a touch too much time focusing on each individual layer. An intimate drama which flirts with a relatively whopping runtime of 140 minutes, this film, no matter how compelling, outstays its welcome, and it really begins to try your patience once you begin to get used to Gus Van Sant's thoughtful directorial pacing, which then devolves to limpness that all but bores you while you await a height in storytelling. Of course, once these heights come into play, they are themselves a little problematic, placing certain cheesy and far-fetched themes in a dramatic context that results in a certain sentimentality which kind of betrays the drama that is generally realized in its bite. A no point is the film ever all that corny, but honestly, it can get a little overblown and ambitious with its dramatics, almost in a dramatically lazy fashion that reinforces a predictability which is established in the first place by conventions. I suppose a sense of inspiration within Van Sant's direction gives the film something of a refreshing feel, but once you cut through the veil, it's hard to deny that this story is hardly anything new, even for Van Sant, being not much more than an urban/white savior answer to "Good Will Hunting" that takes tropes both from the Van Sant classic and a number of other urban dramas, until it feels hopelessly derivative on the whole, no matter how hard Van Sant tries, to an extent that is. Like I said, there are lazy spots in Van Sant's storytelling, and they shine a light on shortcomings in the narrative itself, until the final product finds its reward value threatened. Of course, it is ultimately firmly secured by inspiration that outweighs the shortcomings, anchored by good tastes, even in music.

Deciding to give Danny Elfman a break for a while, ostensibly because he didn't want to run the risk of drawing yet more comparisons between this film and "Good Will Hunting", Gus Van Sant plays with an unoriginal soundtrack that recycles modernist minimal compositions and even a couple free jazz pieces which do anything from liven up entertainment value to compliment dramatic tenderness in a manner that is genuinely unique, and therefore helps in compensating for the lack of uniqueness to the narrative. The film is rather held back by its story's sheer familiarity, which you have time to ponder upon due to the draggy telling of such a story concept, and yet, no matter how familiar, this subject matter is worthy as a tasteful and surprisingly not-too cloying portrait on working to better yourself, both on the path to a new life and in the twilight of life, whose effectiveness can be made or broken by its interpretation. Mike Rich's script is overblown, both with its histrionics and, of course, with its structure, which is often uneven and overblown, yet still pretty tightly extensive in a lot of ways, particularly when it comes to characterization that is well-rounded in crafting derivative, but intriguing characters, brought to life by strong performances. These performances are underwritten in a drama this minimalist, but just about everyone plays his or her part as best he or she can, with leads Rob Brown and Sean Connery carrying the film, not just with charisma and nuance, but with a thoroughly endearing chemistry that helps in defining this intimate character study. Brown and Connery take this drama with subtlety and grace, and that's more than you can say about many of the storytelling attributes of this drama, but not too much more than what you can say than most storytelling touches, from Van Sant, that is. Working with a conceptually sensitive drama, Van Sant holds the power to either drive the film as consistently compelling, or cut it short of realized, and while Van Sant stands to have a more comfortable grip on this sometimes sentimental affair, his steady and thoughtful approach, more than it is slow, is charming, with a tastefulness that allows you to get a feel for the weight of this intimate endeavor, particularly when backed by highlights in dramatic kick that move. I suppose the film stands to be more consistent in his realization, but the fact of the matter is that this is a worthy story, and Van Sant knows it, doing what he can to craft a generally rewarding character study.

In closing, uneven focus and pacing all but aimlessly drag the film along a path so sentimental and formulaic that it threatens the final product, but on the backs of a solid unoriginal score, well-characterized script, strong acting and chemistry, - particularly between Rob Brown and Sean Connery - and tasteful direction, all behind worthy subject matter, "Finding Forrester" compels and rewards as an urban melodrama on embracing the opportunities handed to you in life.

3/5 - Good
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½ March 14, 2010
Gus Van Sant's compelling drama that centers on the friendship of a Bronx high school student named Jamal Wallace, marvelously played by Rob Brown, in an impressive screen debut, who meets a strange neighborhood resident, a famous reclusive novelist William Forrester, played magnificently by Sir Sean Connery, in a career-crowning performance, who has been hiding from the world since his first burst of fame. Forrester becomes young Wallace's mentor and the path that their unorthodox relationship creates for greater self-discovery, Forrester rediscovers his will to live when Wallace happens to step into his life, while Wallace is able to learn that he's more than just a basketball player with Forrester's help. Basketball is secondary to Finding Forrester's overall goal, which instead chooses to focus on the value of friends in unlikely places. Astute direction by Van Sant, with a superb supporting performance by F. Murray Abraham as a jealous professor. A wonderful adult drama.
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½ August 18, 2006
A conventional but charming inspirational drama competently directed by Gus Van Sant. I watched it for Michael Pitt's role, which is miniscule. Sean Connery is fantastic.
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½ November 26, 2007
A familiar story well told.
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½ September 29, 2007
Good film.
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