Danielle Steel's Fine Things Reviews

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½ May 4, 2007
:rotten: The book was touching and the film isn't. I never believed the pain of the starring actress who died of cancer and then, the fight for the custody of the girl between the widow and the wicked biological father of the creature. The book and as consecuence the film has many unnecessary scenes that made me get bored and tired. As usual, the film seems to have a very low budget and as usual the adaptations of Danielle Steel's novels are bad.
May 3, 2007
This is the adaptation of one of my favorite Danielle Steel's books: "Fine Things".

I liked the book a lot because it was touching, actually I cried when I read it. The film wasn't very touching, I just liked the way the actor who played "Bernie" seemed like a very sensitive and loving man, as the book described him.
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