"Serenity" Doco Made Available for (Free!) Download

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As a big fat fan of Joss Whedon's "Firefly" / "Serenity," I was definitely looking forward to seeing the fan-made, fan-lovin' documentary film "Done the Impossible," which aims to cover the entire history of Whedon's TV-to-multiplex adventure. And get this: The filmmakers have invited us to check out the movie ... for free!

But why would the Joss-lovin' doco-makers invite you to see their movie for free? Here's why:

"In our opinion, the modern state of copyright is counter productive to creativity and free culture. It puts unnatural restraints on "fair use", hinders the creative process and has fundamentally destroyed an entire industry before it was even born. Just think of the amazing products, enhancements, embellishments and re-mixes to creative works that could be built with today's technology and talents. But because modern copyrights are so restrictive, nobody dares do anything that *might* infringe on somebody's oh so holy copyright. Thus, we have chosen to not go down that road with our documentary. Enjoy it, share it, re-mix it all you like, just be sure to follow the license below. But remember, producing this documentary was not cheap, so please support the creators of the documentary and it's soundtrack by purchasing the full DVD and soundtrack at DoneTheImpossible.com"


"This release is a preemptive strike. Somebody would have released our documentary via P2P (bittorrent, etc) anyway. By releasing it ourselves, we at least have control over the quality and exact content. Basically the documentary becomes a marketing tool for the full DVD with all of it's extensive special feature described above."

Anyway, I've seen the movie, and if you're among those who have a passionate enthusiasm for both "Firefly" and "Serenity," odds are you'll have a ball with "Done the Impossible."

You can purchase the DVD right here or check out the "legal torrent" approach right here.