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½ June 30, 2015
To be honest, this was insanely boring. It was recommended to me by a friend when I asked for recommendations for gay movies. There was some intensity, some drama, but all in all it was an excuse for complex ballet sequences. It was boring and there was basically no plot. The summary implies a coming of age story, one where the protagonist has to deal with being pulled in two different directions. There was none of that.

I guess there was a hot sex scene at the very end that came out of absolutely nowhere, because the two characters didn't even speak to each other until the last half hour of the film. That's all it has going for it. I'm only rating it this high because I really love gay cinema and like supporting it, but this was fully disappointing.
April 5, 2015
First of all if you don't like modern dance, this film isn't for you. Since basically it's various dance scenes with a movie filling in between the dance scenes. The best parts of the film are the beautiful dance scenes with Ryan Steele and Reed Laplau.
June 27, 2014
Very little plot about an awkward 18 year old contemporary dancer coming of age in New York City. There was a constant threat of drama that kept me on edge, but it rarely materialized. The acting was good, the dancing was beautiful, and the music less so.
½ October 15, 2014
This is a seriously beautiful, wonderfully romantic, subtly erotic and overall compelling love story. Only if the thought of two guys falling in love turns you off should you you not enjoy this. Otherwise, it is an engaging story of developing love told largely through dance. Not since "E Tu Mama Tambien" have an seen such a real understanding of relationships portrayed on screen. Really, really, loved this movie.
½ October 4, 2013
Though the film's untested cast struggles with the drama, and the sketched-out story is often banal (there are several amateurish calls-to-mom scenes), the presentation of a specific city subculture is etched from the heart.
½ September 25, 2014
Movies about nothing generally turn me off. And this movie about nothing succeeded. The dancing is beautiful but an hour and a half of nothing but contemporary dance rehearsal is just that. There is only the tiniest of threads that runs through all the dance sequences to make this a movie and it's not compelling. Showcasing the dancers and their gorgeous bodies seems to be the main idea behind this film. I just want my hour and a half back.
March 8, 2014
This movie is the ultimate visual emobidment of grace and beauty. After seeing it a second time, I again feel this is a small poignant story that shows how the aesthetic beauty can outweight what is ugly in life. The emotion is this film is uplifting. I ask no more.
December 26, 2013
The film's storytelling is uneven, but its chaptered narrative still finds its moments to be interesting and emotive, when Alan Brown let the characters and story flow in a more subtle way. However, Five Dances' biggest highlight goes to the dancing, beautifully performed and recorded.
½ December 9, 2013
"Five Dances" is a fascinating dancing, with no plot, indeed. Something just to enjoy watching the body language in. It's clear that is an experimental movie, maybe not a good one, but watch-worthy.

"Chip" (Ryan Steele) a young dancer wants to find his your own way out of the care of his dunning mother, finds a dance-team of 4 dancers to join them their trials and find out his hidden talent. he tries to resist the disclosed passion of his mate "Theo" (Reed Luplau), but he failed and drifted in a soft quiet gay relationship looked so helpful to increase the interrelation of the tow dancers in their expressive tablues.

When I knew that is LGBT, I remembered immediately (Nine Songs) which was not gay but so sexual explicit! No, this one is divided similarly that we saw a dance then some dialogues. Since the lovely opening, I really admired the dancing in this movie, the cast is very talented, and by this dynamic exploration of surrounded space, they could make it joyful, in site of the fact that they're not that good in acting. Nice work in cinematography and music trying to be similar to classicals, but this experimental script is shallow and could be so much better. I guess it could,ve been great if there was no real dialogue, but just dancing.

It's not another "Black Swan", it's something so simpler to dance, love, and feel good.
November 8, 2013
Beautiful, sensational and moving.
½ February 20, 2013
I saw this film at the Dance on Camera festival in New York. It was quite good. Though the acting was a little stilted, the dance scenes were quite amazing and edited really beautifully. The music is great and infectious, I left the cinema humming one of them for the rest of the week! I thought that Ryan Steele put in a good performance and he has an amazing dancers body.
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