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½ August 22, 2007
Superb HK action film with martial arts superstar Donnie Yen and it boasts some incredible action sequences with explosive hard hitting fight combinations. Mixing many styles, Yen has created some extraordinary fight scenes for this movie.
The camera-work is spot on and captures the intensity and struggle of the combat with the close up shots, whilst letting us see the incredible display of martial arts fighting with the longer shots.
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November 21, 2007
a slight step up from kill zone for me as yip and yen come back together for another decent martial arts cop drama. the story was serviceable at best, but the film was massively entertaining and the fight sequences were solid.
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½ September 10, 2007
Like SPL, it could have been a lot better, seems they are just stretching a very simple story way more than they should. If you really can't write a story like Infernal Affairs then just don't try it, just go for the action.

That said, the final fight between Donnie and Collin should be the new standard that every figthing movie should follow from now on.
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½ July 24, 2007
Donnie Yen has still got the moves. There is no doubt about that. You've probably heard some good things about the fights in this film and they are, more than likely, true.The story is average, but for a movie like this it is more than satisfactory. Where the story really lacks is depth, unlike Sha Po Lang as another Donnie Yen film example. The main characters Donnie Yen and Louis Koo, and villains for that matter, could use some more buildup and background. The story also moves at a quick pace, which keeps the film from becoming boring. Yet, this film runs at only about 80 minutes and has some room for extension. In actuality the story runs for only the first hour before switching to action mode for the final 20 minutes.As I just mentioned the action comes in at the end with a few small teases throughout. The wait is absolutely worth it though. With great martial artists in Donnie Yen and Collin Chou you know something big is in store for the finale. It is big. Gun play and martial arts brawls. What makes the fights even better is the fact that the film makes you want Donnie Yen to actually kick the crap out of the villains. So when he finally does, it is even more satisfying.Probably one of the weaker parts of this film is the acting. It is mediocre at best with Louis Koo, not surprisingly, giving the best performance. With that said, the acting is probably the last thing to care about when deciding to watch this.If you are looking for a great action flick to fill your night, then definitely check this one out. You will not be disappointed with Donnie in this one.
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March 28, 2012
It's been a while since I've seen Donnie Yen in the starring role of movie so I decided to watch one of his more recent efforts. While Donnie Yen once again delivers some great action scenes, the movie story prevents is from being great.

Flash Point is about an agent battling against three brothers of a powerful Vietnamese gang. Alright the story for the movie is poorly done. It lacks depth, character development, and pacing as most of the action is in the last thirty minutes and everything in between is a largely forgettable story. Of course story wasn't the main focus of the movie, it main focus was in the action.

As for the violence allot of effort when into them and they're pretty awesome. This movie has one of the best climax for a Martial Art movie, unfortunately you have to endure the lack of a good story. I won't deny that both Wilson Yip and Donnie Yen make a good team when it comes to violence, drama on the other hand is a big miss here. Donnie Yen proves he's bad ass, but also proves he's not able to act when he's not punching. Wilson Yip has an eye for action, but he doesn't put in the same effort for telling a story.

Flash Point is a Martial Art movie with great violence, but lacks depth in a story to make it great. If you're looking for a great Martial Art violence watch this, but skip to the violence as it's the only part worth watching.
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January 1, 2010
All 5 stars of this movie is accredited to the last action scene of the film. If I was to rate the film as a whole it'd be a lot less. You have to endure about three quarters of the film and one bruuuuuutal beat down by Donnie Yen to get to one of the greatest fight scenes in recent memory. Donnie Yen brings a great blend of mixed martial arts to the big screen with his final fight against Collin Chou.

The plot is very sub-par but to be honest who watches a martial arts film for the story. It's just an excuse to watch some people kick some serious butt and Donnie Yen does just that. Although the movie does feel like a Donnie Yen ego trip but he really does need to be recognized more as the next big martial arts star aside from Tony Jaa... at least North America side.
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September 6, 2009
In his black leather jacket and oozing plenty of charisma, Donnie Yen's Inspector Ma Jun quite resembled his other character in Sha po lang, which was also directed by Wilson Yip, because at one point Flash Point was supposed to be an Sha po lang sequel. But in any case, the character is slightly tweaked. Flash Point boasts some incredible action sequences with explosive hard hitting fight combinations. What more, as learnt from Sha po lang having real martial arts exponents like Sammo Hung and Wu Jing fighting opposite himself, it made the sequences look more authentic, and the pace at which they can go at each other much more frantic. Without a doubt, Inspector Ma Jun as a character overshadows them all with his motivations and drive. His temper is as quick as his reflexes, and he doesn't tolerate bull from the top brass, which resulted in rather muted action for about three quarters of the movie because his behavior is reined in by order. And there is a scene though which will make you question his excessiveness, and wonder if his doggedness in pursuit and apprehension actually clouds his ethical and moral judgment. Flash Point is still an awesome action movie when the time came for it to deliver the goods, highlighting that Hong Kong action films still have what it takes to innovate within the genre.
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½ April 25, 2015
While Flash Point lacks the focus or in-depth story a typical Donnie Yen picture has, there is still enough toward the final half hour to keep this film on the list to watch.

Anything Donnie Yen choreographed is definitely worth a watch in the first place, however, the direction doesn't quite match Yen's detail in the fight scenes. Instead of keeping Yen's character a focus of the entire film, we get a slow build to his introduction fully in the movie. Instead, we get introduced to the undercover cop and his relationship with the gang.

You did get a good 'boss' fight in the end, but it lacks emotional substance with the uneven story building in the first hour. However, the grapples, elbows and knees are delivered so forcefully you wonder how any of the stunt guys made it out alive.

While I've definitely seen better from Yen in past and present films, Flash Point is still enjoyable enough to see him deliver a few good one-liners and fists of fury to make a statement.
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½ February 10, 2009
Lukewarm HK actioneer ...Donnie Yen is a strong fighter but a weak actor. Louis Koo can act fine, but he is not the 'star' and has a more limited role. This movie comes off as FLAT, lacking real tension and drama. It also suffers from uneven pacing and a thin plotline that was short on suspense and fireworks until the final fight sequence. The climactic showdown is spectacular hand to hand combat, but its a case of too little too late. This is another example of weak storytelling that does not burn any indelible images into the viewer's mind...fairly mild on the entertainment scale.
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March 4, 2008
Nice mix of martial arts and police/triad action drama.
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October 1, 2007
Follows the cop drama formula, but 'Flash Point' stands out from the rest. This boasts some fantastic camera work and cool fight scenes. Donnie Yen is so badass in this.
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October 14, 2007
Excellent martial arts, top notch really ,and a good story make this film a definite winner, yet I was a little disappointed because I didn't like it as much as SPL. Granted, SPL had Donnie Yen, Sammo Hung and Simon Yam, plus a lot of other familiar faces and was grittier and harder edged, but I shouldn't hold that against Flash Point, a completely seperate movie (though I guess it was originally written as a sequel). I'll be watching this again for sure, and maybe then, when my expectations are realistic, I can appreciate it more. As for now though, I still highly recommend it.
May 4, 2012
Donnie Yen is simply one of the best martial arts movie stars I have ever seen. The movie was pretty good as a whole. The problem was that it was kind of fast paced for a foreign film. In other words, I had a hard time keeping up with it because the subtitles moved quickly which kept me from being able to see what was actually happening on the screen.
½ June 9, 2011
I'll give it to you straight: the story is weak but the action is fantastic. There you go, enjoy. Donnie Yen is a veritable patron saint of butt whoopings in this flick and his final fight with Collin Chou is a thing of savage beauty. As far as Yen films go, It's not as great as "SPL", but marginally better than "Dragon Tiger Gate" and a definite step up from "Seven Swords." If you're looking for a quick shot of Asian action, pick this one up and shoot it into your veins, my fellow action junkie.
December 31, 2010
The finale with Donnie Yen vs Colin Chou is fantastic. Mixes Jiu-Jitsu into HK style action. Sweet! Been so long since an HK fight put a smile on my face.
½ August 21, 2010
Great fight scenes, good gun play, so-so plot. Overall not a great as SPL, but infinitely better than any martial arts film Hollywood has been churning out (Rush Hour series, War, etc.)
½ July 15, 2010
Watched this tonight from the To-Watch Pile, more great over the top actoon from Donnie Yen in a prequel to the event of KIllzone (aka SPL), another collaboration he made with director Wilson Yip.

This has some awesome fight scenes, including the final fight that lasts around 15 minutes.

Well worth a look, give it a rental.
½ July 4, 2010
I didn't care much for the story, but it was decent. I was paying more attention to the action-- it was magnificent! Although the length of the fights were pretty unrealistic... they looked realistic and intense. it was really enjoyable to watch if you like martial arts. Some of the best hand to hand action I've seen.
June 23, 2009
I don't know what Wilson Yip and Donnie Yen were thinking when they made this film. yes, Dragon Tiger Gate had it's problems but it was a good solid action film, one of my faves actually (if you can look past the warts.) this is just a treading in the same genre they already went with Killzone except weaker. this time around none of the characters are that interesting and action in the film is few and far between. yes, the final fight with collin chou is amazing but to watch and hour and fifteen minutes of horrible movie just to get to that, it's cheating the audiance member out of their hard earn movie
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