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Flesh for the Beast Reviews

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Super Reviewer

May 5, 2007
If you can put up with movies with pocket money budgets, extremely bad acting, unknown actors, ridiculous plots, crappy dialogue, and scenes of complete pointlessness, then you'll probably get through watching "Flesh for the Beast" without suffering too much infront of your TV.

It's a film that's basically been aimed at the gore hound out there, and I being one of them will enjoy this film more than most, even if the gore did look pretty damn fake. As for the plot...I won't waste another word on that. It's an absolute sleaze-fest, and all you'll find yourself doing is waiting for the next gory death or sex scene to occur. Though it may be a beyond poor movie, I applaud the Director for putting out a movie which isn't watered down and softened to make it more marketable like Hollywood do.

So, entertain it does - you'll either be howling with laughter at how bad it sucks or be revelling in the sight of blood drenched intestines and the sexy nakedness of the seductive ladies.
January 16, 2013
A crappy retread of a Shining or House on Haunted Hill, among many other similar themed movies. Flesh for the Best only offers an awesome Buckethead score that is a mix of Death Cube K sounding and his classic riffs and shreds. The acting is bad, script sucks, and the makeup is weak. Decent blood though. Only thing that works is the Buckethead score and the Deli Creeps song in the closing credits.
April 30, 2012
The good things about this movie (gore and nudity) are ultimately snuffed out by bad acting, forgettable characters, bad editing and too many moments that should have been scary, but were just awkward and dull.
July 21, 2009
The acting ranges from awful to adequate, the production is clearly low budget, needlessly gory and very fake at that. It's just stupid.
July 9, 2009
A NY Times reviewer gave this a positive review. Goes to show, you just have to make your own conclusions. I saw this back in 2003 and there's inexplicably a manga out that is loosly relataed to the film, so it made me look at this again. I wish I hadn't.
How they got classic italian/cult classic actors like Caroline Munro and Aldo Sambrell - I have no idea.
This is your basic group of supernatural investigators come to a old mansion and get off'ed one by one, only here its flesh eating succubi. It just doesn't entertain enough, and I can't see the comparisons to Fulci movies that I've been reading about in certain reviews. The DVD does have a trailer for Blood Feast 2 by Herschel Gordon Lewis (40 years later!), which I now want to see!
October 18, 2007
badly lit and horribly acted, its still entertaining enough to sit thru, and buckethead composed that kicks ass.

if you don't like Buckethead....die.
July 10, 2007
The opening scene was pretty good, but the rest of the movie was a sorry excuse for sex/nudity and bad gore.
November 5, 2011
This place makes Amityville look like a spinning tea cup ride

Six paranormal experts arrive at an old house to begin their studies. They have limited resources but an abundance of expertise. Shortly after arriving in the house they are confronted by a host of ghosts that utilize temptation to lure the experts to their deaths.

"It's a house. Nothing more."

Terry West delivers Flesh of the Beast in his major motion picture directorial debut. The storyline for this picture is fairly standard for the haunted house genre. There isn't anything overly original; however, the kill sequences and gore elements were entertaining. The quality of film and special effects is limited and the acting is well below average. The cast includes Jane Scarlett, Sergio Jones, and Clarke Beasley.

"Just lay back and enjoy the ride."

I watched this movie as part of a Grondhouse box set and was surprised with several aspects of this film. This definitely is not a "good movie," but it does have some "so bad it is good" elements that kept it entertaining. This is a movie worth watching if you are in the mood to watch a bad horror picture.

"Does a hallucination feel like this?"

Grade: C-
May 12, 2010
Last night was the fatal night, finally. I watched Flesh For The Beast.

It had been skulking around in the shadows of my to-watch pile for a very long time. Every time I'd considered putting it on, something had happened to stop me. Call it fate, call it coincidence, call it some shade of luck - something had stopped me. Until now.

I will summarise the film first, in neutral terms -

A group of psychic investigators are invited to cleanse a notorious haunted house by its reclusive wealthy owner. Many previous teams have tried and failed, at his behest (the trying, not the failure) - but this team is hopeful of success because of their newest member - a young woman with unusually powerful clairvoyant abilities.

The house's owner warns them that some of the manifestations of the spirit that infests the house have been remarkably harsh - perhaps worse than they might have had to deal with before.

It's a bit like Most Haunted.

Something else that I knew about it, that the casual viewer might not be privvy to, was that it was a low-budget horrorific splat-fest, from a production team previously known for ridiculous soft-core porn - titles including The Lord of the G-Strings: The Femaleship of the String and The Sexy Sixth Sense.

Undeterred (like a fool), I continued.

The film is officially 89 minutes long, and yet somehow watching it took about four hours. I cannot understand this at all - unless it is some insidious effect of the spiritual manifestations. Or because time seems to dilate and expand when under the influence of massive levels of tedium.

Flesh For The Beast is terribly, indescribably, dull.

The house is inhabited by a group of irresistibly sexy, wanton succubi - female demons who prey on idiotic men through manipulating their helpless sexual desires. The house's owner is in league with these evil creatures, providing group after group of psychics for them to feed on, under the pretence of ridding the house of its haunting.

Oh, that's a spoiler.

So is this: the young psychic girl is one of these she-demons too!

So, you make a low-budget horror film about irresistibly sexy devil women. You need them to seduce male characters and then rend them to giblets and bits. I suggest that you might not simply choose the first actresses prepared to get their fannies out and play in fake blood. Perhaps you might want to be patient during casting, and see if you could audition some actresses who were actually attractive. And if not attractive, at least not weirdly unpleasant-looking.

These evil women were annoying and unappealing. And preposterously, somehow became even less enticing once they'd thrown off their clothes to display the butcher's window to the hapless blokes. Really horrible.

Perhaps that's a little unfair to criticize?

Well, this isn't: Flesh For The Beast is badly-scripted, badly-shot, badly-edited, badly-lit, badly-acted, hopelessly dreary, non-frightening, ugly, irritating and just hard to watch.

There is a lot of blood and gore on display, but to be honest with you, by the time it really started spraying across the screen I was deep into fast-forward territory. Otherwise I feared the rotten film might simply never end. Ever.

Some truly bizarre scenes caused me to resume normal-speed playback on occasion though. Including one almost-indescribable sequence of naked ugly women with horrible tits carousing in the entrails and bits of some slain victims. It looked exactly how a video for the 80s rock band Heart would have looked, if they'd released a single called "I can't wait to repeatedly rub your spilled guts all up my tits."

Exactly like that.

This film is useless. Please don't watch it, anybody.

Proper shit.

The only rating appropriate is: 2
July 21, 2009
The acting ranges from awful to adequate, the production is clearly low budget, needlessly gory and very fake at that. It's just stupid.
September 26, 2005
horrible horrible horrible!!!

we saw the trailer for it at a convention, so we picked it up while there.
it was so bad, it hasnt been watched since
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