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February 5, 2016
Great movie. Denzel does it again.
½ June 24, 2013
El piloto de una aerolínea es también un adicto al alcohol y consumidor ocasional de cocaina. El capitán Whip Whitaker (Denzel Washington), luego de una noche de pasión con excesos de alcohol, en la velada previa al vuelo de la mañana, con la sobrecargo Katerina Márquez (Nadine Velazquez)., tendrá que usar cocaína para mantenerse alerta y vencer el sueño y cansancio propio de los excesos cometidos. Los comportamientos anómalos del capitán, llamarán la atención de la tripulación, pero éste reaccionará cuando un imperfecto mecánico requiera toda la expertisia del piloto en una situación crítica que puede costarle la vida a más de 100 personas. Luego de una serie de maniobras peligrosas, el capitán consigue aterrizar la nave salvando la vida de la mayoría de la tripulación y los pasajeros, no obstante las investigaciones que inicia la Compañía Nacional de Seguridad y Transporte, tienen puesta la mirilla en Whitaker, entre los posibles responsables. El héroe podría pasar a ser un villano si se descubre su desordenada vida y niveles de adicción. No obstante, siempre queda la duda de si fue la cocaina, lo que lo capacitó para las casi imposibles maniobras que hizo para salvar a la nave, o si lo logró pese a la cocaína... An airline pilot is also a cocaine-addicted and alcoholic. The captain, Whip Whitaker (Denzel Washington) was having an affair with a flight attendant, Katerina Márquez (Nadine Velazquez). The night before the tragic flight, they had an intese night of sex, alcohol and little sleep. He used cocaine to be awake and alert for the flight, In the middle of the flight, the pilot will face a mechanical failure which will cause many malfunctions in the plane. The captain will have to manouver to avoid a terrible accident, however he is forced to execute an emergency landing. After the crash, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) will start the investigations to find the responsible. Captain Whitaker, a hero, after saving the lives of several passengers in that flight due to his expertise as pilot. , might be also the villain if they NTSB discover his addiction to alcohol and cocaine dependence. Withaker will have to face a deep investigation that might show that he is not the hero that everybody think, but an alcoholic with several problems to face his own reality. Excellent music, great dialogues.,,
November 3, 2012
Flight is nothing less than awesome!! Writing and acting are great. Direction was good. The funny parts were great cause they seemed real. As in The Master this captures alcoholism pretty good. One kinda cheesy scene at the end, but nothing to really complain about.
December 31, 2015
A great visualization from director Robert Zemeckis for making a movie about someone who should be the hero to become the zero and letting the audiences in a gray vote, to vote for him or to blame him.. Denzel Washington undoubtedly gave his best performance for making a performance that actually a jackass but looks like a hero.. The story itself is simple, audiences didn't have to think hard about the story, they just need to make their choices for whom they should stand for.. Overall, Zemeckis once again successfully stole my heart with this movie..
December 29, 2015
Average, dragging & preaching though.
½ October 29, 2012
Denzel Washington plays a very dynamic and powerful role that carries the film, but the pacing is uneven, with all the action coming within the first half hour followed by a slow, but thoughtful and deliberate conclusion to a film about a terrible crash and the controversial pilot who performed a miracle.
December 5, 2015
This may be the best performance Denzel Washington has ever done. Very powerful flick that gives a harrowing glimpse into the struggles into the life of an alcoholic/drug addict, along with the consequences of not seeking help. The crash scene is powerful, emotional, brilliantly scripted and executed.
December 5, 2015
Great performance by Denzel Washington, very realistic. The film itself is vital, about our vices and our courage (or lack of it) to admit them and face them.
November 30, 2015
Less a film about a pilot, and more a film about addiction..... Breaks your heart several times...
March 31, 2015
A great performance form Denzel Washington makes this movie worthwhile.This is a drama movie but the scenes with John Goodman's character were hilarious, another reason to watch this movie.
April 5, 2013
Good acting and does not follow your typical hollywood formula. Interesting plot twists and believable characters.
½ February 26, 2013
Ok, da bastantes sermones y resulta en veces una pelicula escolar anti-alcohol.; sin embargo el ritmo es constante, la historia te atrapa y las actuaciones de todo el elenco son de alto calibre. Sentimental y predecible, pero efectiva.
October 4, 2015
An anti-hero movie, could become something more. Nice crash scene.
September 28, 2015
The aspects of the crash and investigation afterward are interesting enough on their own. Denzel brings the plots together with the character's addiction problems, but the two sometimes are hard to mix smoothly here. The ending being a good and improbable example.
½ October 30, 2012
If you can make it through the nudity and drugs in the beginning, you might enjoy the story of redemption.
May 10, 2013
Robert Zemeckis has brought a terrific return to live-action with Flight: a powerful drama that also offers one of Denzel Washington's greatest performances in his career!
Super Reviewer
½ September 21, 2013
A standard tale of addiction ramped up by the quality impetus of the storytellers involved, chiefly Denzel Washington and director Robert Zemeckis. Can a better craftsman deliver a better product?
And so two disasters loom: one, a pilot self-destructing on the ground, and two, a plane self-destructing in mid air. Together for the very last time ...
It works okay, only the knucklehead emphasis given John Goodman, a cartoon character played like a cartoon, and his musical cues, distract.
November 6, 2012
Wow...I just watched 2 completely different movies, the one that is advertised is not the one that it is. The story is very thin for a 2 hour movie, but, and this is a HUGE but, Denzel Washington is incredible, absolutely amazing. He can almost guarantee an Oscar nomination for this, and rightfully so. The movie itself is, OK but not great. It is being advertised as an action/thriller, but it is most definitely not, it is a character study of a man that denies that he has an alcohol addiction and the consequences that revolve around him. It is a well made movie, but it is not a great movie, it just has an amazing performance by a 5 star actor that makes everything else not matter. RECOMMENDED for Denzel's performance alone.
December 17, 2014
Made me want to start drinking again. And also learn to fly an airplane. When I'm drunk. Denzel just has to play himself in this movie.
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