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Five Favorite Films with Footloose Director Craig Brewer

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Director Craig Brewer made a big splash at Sundance back in 2005 when his first major feature, Hustle & Flow, won the Audience Award in the category for Drama. Brewer followed up in 2007 with another gritty tale set in the South, Black Snake Moan, starring Christina Ricci as a battered nymphomaniac and Samuel L. Jackson as the troubled farmer who rescues her from the side of the road. Though it didn't prove to be quite the critical darling that Hustle & Flow was, Black Snake Moan saw its fair share of supporters. With all that in mind, it was a bit puzzling to some when it was announced that Brewer's next film would be a remake of the '80s pop culture classic Footloose. RT recently had the opportunity to chat with Brewer, who not only gave us his Five Favorite Films, but also went on to explain passionately why he joined the Footloose remake, what he changed in his version, and how it does, in fact, fit within his wheelhouse.Back to Article