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½ November 6, 2010
I really like that the movie shows the parent's religious struggles or acceptance more so than the child's point of view. This movie is all Fox News is not - it is fair and balanced. It helps me have tools for explaining myself as a gay man that has lost faith because of the church's reaction. But the sad thing is.... the people that need to see this movie most... will not!
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April 26, 2009
My first reaction was to write this off as preaching to the choir, but there are a lot of really admirable things about this documentary that I think could do a lot of good. Sure, you're not likely to get 90% of Christians to sit down and watch this, but the ones this movie is capable of reaching could certainly benefit from it. It takes a fair, gentle hand to religion, not vilifying it but instead reaching a compromise with it; the sense of balance makes the movie almost universally watchable. The message it sends across is "we respect your beliefs, and now we ask us to respect yours," something that would do us a great deal of good.

Poignant, informative and optimistic, For the Bible Tells Me So is a great watch for just about anybody.
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½ February 27, 2009
Documentaries about controversial subjects really have to be brave in order to be effective. The nature of this documentary, homosexuality and the bible, is about as controversial as you can get, but I'm not sure it pushes things as far as it could've. It does, however, cover a wide area with both interviews and film clips. 3/4ths of the movie is dedicated to personal anecdote, from Gene Robinson who becomes a bishop in the Episcopal church to Dick Gephardt, whose daughter is a lesbian, as well as other figures who are less well-known, but all share the same spirit of activism in their cause. The movie also takes the time to (pretty effectively) dissect each of the Bible quotes most often used when condemning homosexuality. For instance, the same bible passage that calls homosexuality an "abomination" also calls eating shrimp an "abomination" (and yet, when is the last time anyone saw any christian groups protesting outside a Red Lobster?). It does tend to paint the anti-homosexual movement as simply ignorance and outright bigotry, but at the same time, this movie is preaching to the converted (and I do mean "preaching" because at times it is very preachy). I don't get the sense this movie will change many minds, and it lacks the emotional power necessary to rally anyone not already militant. I would've preferred less personal anecdotes and more refutation of the bible passages through the use of other bible passages (as the title of the movie suggested). Still, there's no harm in watching it, if only for the bit about "Sodom and Gorrah" alone.
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May 9, 2008
AMAZING! I really don't know what else to say about it. I saw a screening of it and there was a question and answer time with some of the families afterwards. I think I admire the Reitan's the most out of the whole bunch.
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April 2, 2008
Very moving, great topic to focus on.
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½ June 20, 2013
A moving and emotional documentary about gays and their place in the Bible. It's scary but essential to witness how many people blindly follow Christianity and it's Bible.
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July 31, 2011
More informative than you would expect it to be, this movie rises above mere morality issues and bible smashing. Instead, it explores the bible in its historical context along with exploring human thought and psychology on the subject of homosexuality both on its own and in relation to religion and human nature. Although I was hoping for deeper exploration of the bible in relation to history, I found this movie satisfying.
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½ July 9, 2011
While I think that trying to find counter-arguments against Christians who use the Bible to justify their anti-gay agenda to be kind of a fruitless effort (They are stubborn and hateful people and I honestly don't have the time or the energy to try to convince them of a truth they will never accept), I do find fascinating the varied stories about families personally dealing with this very issue. Its easy to disregard members of a minority community until they become a part of your everyday life. The stories range from very sad to rather inspiring and it makes for an interesting look at how Biblical Literalism is an impossible theology for anyone to seriously follow.
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January 22, 2012
I literally don't know what to write for this film, like I don't know where to begin.
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June 9, 2008
Wow. This documentary is heartfelt and follows some fascinating people on their dealing with the church and homosexuality. You really feel for the families.
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February 28, 2010
You'll have plenty of ammunition next time you want to tell some Bible-thumper where they can stick their Leviticus.
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August 10, 2009
I thought this was a really good approach to tackle this subject. The people interviewed were all diverse and ended up differently, even though they all started out much the same way. A must-see for everyone!
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December 10, 2008
Great documentary that every Christian parent to a gay/bi/trans child needs to see
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June 3, 2008
An in-depth series of polite interviews chronicling the history, personal struggles, and impact of Bible-fueled homophobia. It offers plenty of 'queer-friendly' support, with many modern interpretations on the Christian/Catholic faith.
The bigotry sported by Conservative Christians is brought on by their literal interpretation of a few overstated biblical verses - namely how homosexuals are to be 'put to death'.
I'm pleased to see how simple the documentary is, although the content was rather disorganized in its random delivery.
Bishop Desmond Tutu, many others comment on their apologetic stance towards the gay community.
The film contains very few graphic scenes as it briefly explores the 'gay-bashing' phenomena and its defining result on suicide rates.

I'm sure this documentary could help create connections between estranged families who aren't sure how to react to their gay sons or lesbian daughters.
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½ March 2, 2008
Interesting doc about the conflicts of homosexuality and the Christian beliefs.
½ April 30, 2016
Pretty great movie, very eye-opening. I wish more conservatives could see this film so they could stop hating. The movie was very good. There was a time towards the middle where it lost my attention, but that only lasted about 15 minutes. The movie shows that someone's beliefs can change over time, in many good ways.
June 2, 2014
For the Bible tells me so is an interesting documentary concerning the harsh realities that families face when a child comes out as homosexual. The documentary provides for some insightful thoughts on the topic but suffers from being very one-sided.
½ April 14, 2014
An engaging talking head documentary looking at how Christians have misread the bible's take on homosexuality and have used these false translations to justify a political agenda counter to the paradigms of love, acceptance and forgiveness.
Featuring interviews with Christian families effected by this issue as well as church leaders, this is a powerful film that may not change the mind of the set in their way fundamentalist, but it does go out of the way to show that the bible is not anti-gay.
½ February 9, 2013
It takes the first step to explaining why far-right churches are denying gay rights, but doesn't go far enough, nor does it provide a greater historical context.
½ February 2, 2013
I got into this one expecting something completely different with a range of broad subject matters and scriptures. Instead it is entirely about the strongly literal interpretation of a very few passages on homosexuality. The movie frames an interesting issue of how followers of God can become self-righteous and destructively judgmental. Their literal reading and natural fear of different people can lead to some ugly hate. These fundamentalist followers have these same issues with other subjects and I would have preferred the documentary go more into these other directions too. The individual case studies were not bad, but as the film progresses it gets away from the bigger picture a little too much and delves too deeply into the personal stories. I mostly appreciate how the film challenges Christians to always read scripture critically and to remember all of Jesus' lessons of compassion, tolerance, love, and humility, rather than focusing on very isolated lines.
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