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½ October 30, 2015
Now I may be alone on this one, but "For Your Eyes Only" is easily one of the best bond films of the series. It is definitely the best film of the Roger Moore lead films. The action is cranked up to eleven here and the story does not really take slow turn. You are always on the edge of your seat and I cared about all of the characters involved. Roger Moore is great as a more serious bond in this picture and the villain really gives him a run for his money. When talking about a bond film, it really comes down to the actor portraying him, the action set pieces, and if the story is intriguing. Overall, "For Your Eyes Only" is a fantastic film!
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½ August 27, 2012
For the twelfth installment of the James Bond franchise (and Roger Moore's fifth turn in the lead role), the decision was made to, (aside from the cold opening) return the series to a more grounded and series route with focus on intrigue over gimmickry. And the results are mostly pretty successful.

What we have here is Bond being sent on a mission to infiltrate the Greek underworld in order to locate and recover a missile command system, a task that also sees him getting caught up in an interlinked revenge plot.

Revenge is actually a main theme throughout, and I liked it. Our main Bond girl is on a quest to avenge the deaths of her parents, and the cold opening sees Bond get vengeance on longtime arch nemesis Blofeld for good, though, due to legal reasons, he isn't called that. It's still obvious that's who it is though.

I did enjoy this film, but I will be honest and say that it is a tad slow and times, and that it often feels dragged out and longer than the running time suggests. I appreciated that they toned down the camp, but aside from a few decently staged action sequences (the diving and fortress assault scenes especially) this one isn't really all that memorable, and the main villain is also not all that noteworthy or memorable.

All in all though, this is one of Moore's better films, and I'd place it in the upper middle of his era when it comes to rankings.
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½ November 28, 2007
excellent locations, but the villain, story, action, and bond girl were all very forgettable. the villain switch was very clever, but overall a very lackluster addition to the bond series.
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December 11, 2012
From the outrageous and exciting opening to it`s hang on to your seat conclusion, this Bond is truly For Your Eyes Only. A fun, imaginative, tense and exhilarating action-adventure. It`s true escapist fun that does not let up for a minute. Moore rocks more than ever with his irresistible charm and humor. Carole Bouquet is dazzling and gorgeous.
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½ March 13, 2009
By far the most serious of the Roger Moore era, For Your Eyes Only sees James Bond go back to the more straight forward Bond thrills seen in the Connery era and the result is a satisfying adventure. They clearly knew that Moonraker was about as far over the top as they could go and opted to take a step back, which was a very good choice considering how outlandish the series was becoming. This isn't the most enjoyable Moore era Bond film, but it is definitely the most elegant and well done. The lack of gadgets and special effects is refreshing as is another welcome Bond girl who isn't the typical kind and can fend for herself. Nice opening sequence with a cameo from Blofeld as well. Brought me back to when the series was more about wit and charm than big special effects and fancy gadgets. The film has the same effect.
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November 1, 2012
"For Your Eyes Only" tries to be less campy(couldn't possibly be much worse than "Moonraker") and aim for a more serious tone. But, for me it doesn't work. The action is decent, but it just doesn't work as a whole for me. I found it to be borderline boring in some spots. It starts out kind of like a Wiley E. Coyote/Road Runner bit with Bond thwarting Blofeld, but then it becomes a Bond against the Soviets, with no more Blofeld at all. Just a forgettable Bond movie that doesn't really hold up or remain relevant.
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December 1, 2006
When a British spy ship is sunk off the Albanian coast, James Bond is dispatched to recover a top secret signalling device before a notorious criminal kingpin can sell it to the Russians. John Glen's attempt to make a more serious Bond film suffers for several reasons; the opening sequence is surely the least exciting in the entire series, the horribly dated funked-up disco version of the Bond theme plagues the soundtrack throughout and the sets are as poor and unconvincing as the stunt mannequins. Not to mention the visual effects which consist of the so called "identograph" which is one step up from a Mr. Potato Head, the ATAC looks like an 80s cash register and the Lotus, which looks like a white plastic door stop, is a far cry from Connery's iconic Aston Martin. But by far the worst aspect of the film is the same as that of the entire Roger Moore run. Roger Moore. He was never exactly adept at action and here he is seriously starting to show his age, particularly when the wheezing, pink faced old geezer who dresses like my dad is hit upon by a whiny teenager in a couple of scenes that are absurd bordering on the grotesque. It is rather more adult than the surrounding efforts, but that's only compared to the ludicrous excesses of Moonraker and A View To A Kill; the 2CV chase in particular is still like something out of Herbie Goes Bananas and the action-free finale is a severe anti-climax. On the plus side, the underwater scenes are attractively shot, there's some nice Mediterranean scenery and Topol is on hand to fill the charisma vacuum but he's not in it enough to save the film from total mediocrity. With neither the requisite spectacular set pieces nor tongue in cheek humour, For Your Eyes Only is just dated and dull.
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November 28, 2010
31/08/2012 (DVD)
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June 29, 2010
For Your Eyes Only is a more serious return for James Bond. The film has a more plausible plot that Moonraker,and this may appeal to Bond fans. The action sequences are thrilling and well done, and This film is one of the most solid Bond films since The Spy Who Loved Me and Live And Let Die. The film has a good cast, but a few weak points as well. One is Lynn-Holly Johnson's role as Bibi, fucking annoying and one of the worst "Bond" girls. She really doesn't qualify as a Bond girl cause she never successfully romances Bond. Besides that, the soundtrack is silly, 1980's pop music, but oh well. This film has enough thrills to restore faith in fans who were disappointed with Moonraker. One of the better Bond films of the 1980's. And in my book, the last great Roger Moore Bond flick.
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March 13, 2008
After going to space, James Bond decides to slow down a bit and stays on earth in this nicely wound tale about a lost British decoder that east and west both want. Roger Moore returns as 007 in this film that feels more like an old school Bond film than the lackluster space epic Moonraker. Bond is plunged into a world of Greek smugglers, avenging off spring, horny figure skaters, doped up East Germans, and Topol as he chases the films MacGuffin, a device that commands the British fleet of submarines.

For Your Eyes Only sports a much better script than Moonraker and Moore has command of the James Bond role, even though he was starting to show signs of age at this point. Julian Glover (the most awesome bad guy EVER!) plays the main villain who is courted by the west while working for the east. It's a great Bond flick that gets back to the roots of the series.
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½ November 12, 2008
If you can't sit through a Bond film without a dozen wild gadgets, a brain-dead Playboy centerfold, and a villain from a bad comic book, then this one isn't for you. But if you thought "From Russia With Love" was one of the best, you'll love this one.

Bond gets a chance to show what he can do with almost no fancy gimmicks at all, and it works wonderfully. He finally resembles a resourceful agent instead of a cartoon character. A highly inventive and colorful car chase with a battered Citroen instead of a tech-heavy Lotus, a ski/motorcycle chase filled with incredible stuntwork, a breathtaking rock climbing sequence.the humans are the special effects in this one and they've kept me watching this Bond film many times

The elegant and pensive Bond girl, Carole Bouquet, carries out her role with understated panache and is tremendously attractive and sympathetic. She even saves a few lives instead of screaming for help. If only the producers could always figure out the benefits of a Bond girl who's a real human being. As a Greek smuggler, Topol plants his tongue firmly in cheek the whole time and almost goes over the top, but he gets a great sequence assaulting an Albanian warehouse.

The plot is touch-and-go (mostly go), the disco score is dated, and the figure skating character played by Lynn-Holly Johnson is a waste of time. But the reliance on actual characters and human skill instead of shallow computerized action sequences can't be beat, and the cinematography team had a field day.

A flawed but fun Bond film and my favorite of the Roger Moore/Bond movies
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September 29, 2008
The discarding of Blofeld at the beginning (he is humorously depicted--to the offense of many!) serves another purpose besides being just the discarding of Blofeld--it is almost as if the film is making a statement about choosing to discard cartoonish villains and goofy humor, in one move. This scene provides a convenient rug to yank out from under the audience: The film that we get is more straight serious than we might suspect, based on this introduction. So the beginning of this film really sets us up for a surprise.

Out of all the Roger Moore Bond films, this one is most reminiscent of Connery's Bond. The violence repeatedly shows a mean, hard edge, and the joking (while there) is kept to a minimum. Guess what? This film works very nicely!

There are a lot of things I liked about this one. The requisite special effects, models and stunts are there, but used to surprisingly subtle effect. The story is simple and small, and allows the film to focus on believable human character details. Carole Bouquet's vendetta-driven "Melina Havelock" is well-acted and believably serious. She's excellent.

Character actor Michael Gothard (THE DEVILS, WARLORDS OF ATLANTIS) is very memorable as gun-for-hire Locque, who has no lines of dialogue whatsoever! Gothard delivers his performance entirely through visual expression. I imagine he must have had a wonderful time with this role, easily one of his best. Roger Moore's character, generally cool and under control, nonetheless grows impatient with Locque and seems to display some genuine, heartfelt anger when he finally...well, I don't want to spoil it, so you'll have to see the movie. Suffice it to say that it is one of my favorite "the bad guy gets it" moments in just about any movie.

I also recall that when the film was new, the application of synthesizers in the music (most obvious in the title song, and more subtly applied in the score) was very cutting-edge and tasteful; there were clearly synthetic effects to be heard, but they were not poured on liberally.(Everything in moderation?) It's a little harder to notice in this day and age of synthetic everything, but the careful incorporation of obviously synthetic sounds lent extra style. (Take note of those moments involving the "Dove" pin.) It helped the film achieve a modern character, and is doubly interesting and appropriate because the action scenes do not depend primarily on high-tech gadgetry. All in all, a classy application of synthesizer. Maybe I'm going on about nothing here, but I remember noticing this quality when the film was new, and I've always liked it.

So basically, without rambling on further, this film is good, and very enjoyable.
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July 30, 2008
An enjoyable Bond film that takes in lots of exotic locations and big budget stunts.
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March 1, 2008
Bad storyline but I love Roger Moore, just gonna repeat this for the rest of the Moore Bond films.
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September 24, 2007
The first half sucked, but once they got to the rock climbing parts it was really good. It had Tevye from fiddler on the roof, so you know it's got my vote. Oh yea, I almost forgot to mention that this movie had the best line ever: "Now put your clothes on, and I'll buy you an Ice cream."
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½ March 28, 2007
One of the better Moore films, but not his best Kudos to John Glen for sticking it to McClury in the opening sequence
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½ October 12, 2007
I recently watched this movie again for the first time since I was a five year old. It has got to be the funniest of the Bond movies, by being so cheesy, but also as the definitive 80s movie - from the theme song to the computers it so neatly summed up that decade! The Mediterranean setting (mostly Corfu) together with the premise of Bond salvaging an ATAC computer from a sunken ship make for a promising start. But the plot is rather weak and the edit drags on, despite fitting in skiing, scuba diving, rock climbing and aerial escape scenes! It deserves a 7, but I'm giving it a 9 for sheer nostalgia value!
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½ June 19, 2007
Moore's serious bond thriller. exciting, humourous and suspenseful all the way. Carole Bouquet is one of the most beautiful bond girls who ever graced the screen.
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July 5, 2007
Roger Moore's most-solid James Bond adventure, with the least amount of gadgetry.

The plot is intricate and interesting. We get to visit beautiful Greece, go underwater treasure diving, visit a Winter Olympic village, plus some harrowing mountain climbing up to a castle fortress. Plus there are great action sequences; I loved the ski jump and subsequent chase. The hockey rink attack was great.

Bond has some hot ladies, including one with a fierce crossbow (Carole Bouquet as Melina). Who could forget the sex-kitten "Bibi" who wants James all to herself?

Great Sheena Easton title song as well. A very enjoyable Bond film.
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½ March 10, 2007
My favorite Bond film.
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