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In this offbeat action-adventure story, a group of gangsters, under the instructions of their leader Mr. Giant, ambush a scientist and steal the formula for a powerful new weapon, the N-Bomb, which he was about to turn over to the government. It's imperative that the N-Bomb be recovered as soon as possible, so the world's greatest secret agent is put on the case -- Agent 00 (Weng Weng), who is a skilled martial arts fighter, a cool hand with a gun, and has a way with the ladies. There is one thing about Agent 00 that is a bit unusual, though -- he's three feet tall. For Your Height Only was shot in the Philippines by Eddie Nicart. ~ Mark Deming, Rovimore
Rating: R
Genre: Action & Adventure, Art House & International, Comedy
Directed By: , ,
Written By: Cora Caballes
In Theaters:
On DVD: Dec 28, 1999

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A truly inspiring film that proves, if you put your mind to something, you can accomplish anything.

For Your Height Only is hands down the greatest spy film to ever star a Filipino midget. It's also got great gadgets, an insane plot, amazing dubbing and the best midget on midget fight scene ever committed to celluloid.

Dreams really do come true. RIP Weng Weng. You are sorely missed.

Ken Stachnik

Super Reviewer

Weng Weng was robbed by that stinkin' Daniel Craig. Just watch one of the many clips on YouTube (or better yet, rent or buy this masterpiece) and tell me Weng Weng doesn't run circles around Mr. Craig in terms of acting and action. Phooey on you "Hollyweird" for choosing Daniel "Crapmeister" Craig over Weng "Weng" Weng. Also watch the great Challenge of the Tiger also included on the Mondo Macabro DVD.

Christopher Brown

Super Reviewer


This movie is a riot; a complete joy to watch. It's very funny and on top of that the action sequences are quite unique. I loved it. Why didn't I give it a perfect score? That's easy. It's not Alluda Mazaka. UNGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA UNGA UNGA UNGA UNGA HA HA.

Agent 00 is played by a wondrous fellow named Weng Weng. Yes, he's so nice they named him twice. I was saddened to learn of his death at age 34 but it is not surprising given that he was only 2'9". As such, he still is the shortest person ever to play a leading role in a movie. Verne Troyer is an inch shorter but has never played the lead. Anyway, (wiping tears from eyes) this little guy is hysterical.

The story goes like this. A dude named Mr. Big, who speaks to his minions using an infinity mirror, wants to cause major havoc in the world from his "hidden island." Agent 00, who's identity is about as secret as a 50 ft billboard advertisement, is out to get him. Standing in his way are several mid-bosses. All of whom have their own small musings for power and destruction. Agent 00 finds unlikely "pals & confidants" along the way (not in the form of Golden Girls). Throw in a bunch of fight scenes and the same 3 audio tracks looped over and over and you've got For Your Height Only.

Why does this movie succeed? Easy. It features a 2'9" secret agent who single handedly whomps 4 metric tons of ass. Why did I love it? Also easy. For the same reason it succeeded. Would I recommend it? HELL YEAH!

Here are some great quotes.

"Well, they're pretty big on drugs and they said they'd peddle my pretty bod as a prostitute."

"You're such a little guy though. Very petite like a potato."

Here are some things I learned from watching For Your Height Only.
1. Some Filipino gangsters have Bronx accents.
2. They actually named a business "The Banana Gold & Silver Mining Company."
4. You don't need a soundtrack. Just loop the same songs over and over and call it good.
5. This movie has shockingly good photography.
6. Be wary of the height of people named Mr. Giant.
7. If you don't have enough money for henchmen uniforms just give them cabbie hats and Konica Minotla t-shirts.
8. Don't celebrate a victory until the enemy is dead.
9. This movie has some of the best dialog ever conceived.
10. Extremely short secret agents have mysterious yet evident sexual powers.

Watch this movie! It's the law.

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