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All the martial arts movies have become clichés. This film is worse than stupid. Enough!

April 27, 2008 Full Review Source: Tolucan Times | Comments (5)
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Steve Mueckenhoff

I take issue with your outright dismissal of this Genre. Granted, everyone's tastes are different; so be it. Apparently there is a fair amount of disagreement to your viewpoint. So, go watch a romantic comedy, techno-action thriller, or other dramatic saga that might be Oscar worthy, or otherwise socially redeeming. Jackie Chan and Jet Li are extraordinarily skilled, and a joy to watch. Maybe you can divert your negative energy to another area of inquiry.

May 4 - 06:45 PM


Tom Cusick


May 9 - 12:46 PM


rick rowland

enough? that's easy to do. don't go to anymore. too complicated a concept for ya?

Sep 17 - 04:39 PM

Mister B.

Mister Best

"If there%u2019s one genre I truly loathe, it%u2019s the kung fu movie."(From YOU) --How could you possibly be capable of ever writing a review that was accurate for this movie if you simply "hate" it. --That would be like asking a KKK member if he thought Michael Jordan was a good guy. Probably won't get the most accurate answer.

"Directed by Rob Minkoff and written (really?) by John Fusco"(From YOU) --Why is it even relevant who wrote and directed it, I wouldn't care if a corpse wrote it, it is still a good movie. You're just trying to take quippy insignificant childish shots at the movie by criticizing the writer of the movie. Obviously he's better than You'll ever be considering all the movies you've written and directed.

"so he%u2019s whisked to China (more magic)"(From YOU) -- "more magic?"-- Umm you do know this is a movie right? It doesn't have to be based on true events or even be remotely possible! The joy of the movie is that it allows you to dream and think and experience something that couldn't ever be!--Do you seriously sit around and watch movies like Dragon ball evolution and say "THIS IS RIDICULOUS HOW COULD HE POSSIBLY SHOOT MAGIC FROM HIS HANDS!?!? O.O" --I don't know who you are tony, or if you get any money for doing these reviews, but if you do consider yourself a blessed man, because you're an idiot.

Jun 11 - 10:58 AM

Edgar W.

Edgar West

This guy writes like a retard. He shouldn't be allowed to call himself a professional critic.

This movie was areal great piece of excapism. It had great scenery, Jackie Chan, Jet Li and was faithful to the philospohies of Kung Fu.

Apr 5 - 04:14 AM

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