Jet Li / Jackie Chan Collaboration = "Hero" Meets "Drunken Master"?

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It's been widely reported that martial arts superstars Jackie Chan and Jet Li are about to begin working on a project together, and it looks like a few small nuggets of information are just now hitting the net. Seems that the movie will be at least somewhat based on the legendary Chinese story known as "Journey to the West."

[Thanks to RT's Kathryn Kenworth for this awesome Jet-Jackie mockup!]

According to Asian movie-geek site MonkeyPeaches, the movie is about "a modern day kung fu master (who) accidentally travels back to the ancient China and meets the Monkey King -- but the article does not mention who is playing whom. The journalist who wrote the story claims she has been tipped off by someone from Shanghai Film Group, which is in talk(s) to facilitate the production in the city. The Monkey King is a character from classic Chinese novel "Journey to the West." He single handily pillages the heaven(s), (is) punished by the Buddha, (and) then becomes a disciple and guardian of Tang Monk."

"Drunken Master" in the West?

Sounds pretty interesting (and you can check out the latest update at the MP site) to me, and apparently I'm not the only one. It wasn't too long ago that Steven Spielberg was looking to turn "Journey to the West" into a feature film.

Jet Li to be "Unleashed" with Jackie Chan!

Anyway, Jackie Chan and Jet Li could co-star in a movie called "Watching Paint Dry" and it'd still be worth seeing.

Author: Scott Weinberg