Total Recall: The 20 Greatest Fights Scenes Ever


The long-awaited showdown between Jackie Chan and Jet Li in The Forbidden Kingdom got us thinking; what are the greatest fights ever filmed? We sifted through quite a few battles, and came up with a list that celebrates the finest in hand-to-hand combat. Back to Article



Terry Boake

I think a glaring omission is the Maximus vs. Tigris from "Gladiator", one of my all time favorite melee combat scenes. Other notables include, regardless of the rest of the film's quality, The Darth Maul vs. Qui Gon and Obi Wan fight sequence in "The Phantom Menace, the Bath House fight sequence from "Eastern Promises" is probably the most brutal and realistic fight sequence I have ever witnessed on film. Glaring omissions in my opinion.

Apr 17 - 11:28 AM


james cochino

most definitely top 5. no arguments please, or i will chop you in half.

Apr 17 - 11:29 AM


dethburger hates Flixster

All you folks complaining about whats NOT on the list and not ONE OF YOU thought to mention "The Warriors" ?!!

All of you have been pwned!

"The Warriors" raised the bar on fights in film like nothing else before it.

And how about that last season of "Deadwood"? If you've seen it then you can now hold your heads in shame for not mentioning that "most brutal fight in the history of fights" street brawl.

pwned pt. 2!

I would have bet good money that one of you would have mentioned both of these examples before THE FIFTH PAGE OF COMMENTS!!!

All of you, go to your rooms and think about what you've done.

I will weep.

Apr 17 - 11:37 AM


Chris Turner

Some others that missed out: "Rumble in the Bronx", Chan's fight in the alley or towards the end at the bad guy's hangout. Also there are numerous scenes from Police Story 1, 2, and Supercop(especially Supercop).

The opening scene for Jet Li's "Unleashed" was pretty intense, or maybe his fight against the twins in "Kiss of the Dragon"

Good call on Tony Jaa, although the fight against the guys after he gets stabbed is way cooler than the staircase one, IMO.

Apr 17 - 11:40 AM

International Movie Maker

Weston Fisher

I'm just going to assume you forgot about Raging Bull and Old Boy. I guess the fight between Simba and Scar placed higher on the list. Or maybe it was the cat fight between Patty Duke and Susan Hayward in %u201CValley of the Dolls" that knocked such contenders as Old Boy and Raging Bull off the list?! I dunno.

Apr 17 - 11:55 AM




Apr 17 - 12:12 PM


Matanuki .

I was done with this list after Bruce Lee's fight with Kareem Abdul Jabbar got #12 after Charlie's Angels. And now I think I'm sick.

Apr 17 - 12:44 PM


Movie Scoring

RT sucks balls. should have been 20 crappiest fight scenes. tony jaa scene was especially crappy. I know the whole list was garbage as legend Bruce Lee hadnt made any of the top three spots. Drunken Master was perhaps the only note worthy placement. And rocky 1 fight scene sucked hard. even sound effects were horribly flat. I dont know anyone who sat through Rocky 1 for the fight scene.
these are NOT THE 20 GREATEST FIGHT SCENES(on any level what so ever).

Apr 17 - 12:46 PM


Movie Scoring

WTF!!! BRUCE LEE #12? !!! NOW I REALLY KNOW THE LIST IS JUST BULL ****. F**kin indiana jones beat Bruce Lee's Game Of Death Fight scene!!!?? Im sorry but who ever spit these ratings is a fruit cake.

Apr 17 - 12:52 PM


Donnell Williams

This list is horrible.

Apr 17 - 01:39 PM

Uradik Smoke

J-red FF

I am not gonna dispuite the fights that made it on , but here are some of the notable missing entries that i would have liked to see ...

1. Darth Maul Vs Obi Wan and Qui Gon Jinn - Star Wars Phantom Menace
That was the best lightsaber/ sword battle I have ever seen , it is flawless and done tiwht suce finese and originality it should be there

1b. Obi Wan vs. Anakin Skywalker - Star Wars Revenge of the Sith
If you didnt want to put the above Star Wars fight in , then this is a close second for the same reasons . The chorigraphy is flawless.

2. Neo and Trinity Vs the Swat team - The Matrix
I loved the Neo /Agent Smith fight dont get me wrong , but the fight scene as Neo and Trinity enter the building to save Morpheus is one of the most amazing looking scenes ever , inovative and pure style ...

3. Cleric John Preston Vs Guards and Father - Equilibrium .
Now this is my dark horse scene , as Equilibrium never did hit it big , i love the movie and this scene rivals The Matrix shoot out . If you have not seen this look it up , it is amazing !!! A gun fight that is fought like a sword fight , frickin crazy i tell ya ...

4. The Bride Vs. The Crazy 88 - Kill Bill
Come on now this was a crazy sick sword fight with just enough style to make it worthy of the top 20 . If not this one the The Bride vs Elle Driver , but i prefer the Crazy 88 fight ...

5. The Spatans Vs. The Persians - 300
How could this not make the list !!! Good lord it was bloody and brutal and just savage enough to be beautiful and slick as slick can be ...

So those are the 5 i missed the most from the list ...

Apr 17 - 01:47 PM


Kam Kalambay

Bruce Lee vs Chuck????? come on ya'll that was a horrible list a couple more bruce scenes should have made it.

Donnie Yen "Flashpoint" final battle
Darth Maul vs Jedi
girl fight in crouching tiger (pick one)
a lot more asian movies should have made this list

this was a horrible list...

Apr 17 - 01:56 PM


Kam Kalambay

Bruce Lee vs Chuck????? come on ya'll that was a horrible list a couple more bruce scenes should have made it.

Donnie Yen "Flashpoint" final battle
Darth Maul vs Jedi
Equilibrium final battle (gun katta)
girl fight in crouching tiger (pick one)
a lot more asian movies should have made this list

this was a horrible list...

Apr 17 - 01:58 PM


Matt Saltzman

Matrix Revolutions Smith vs Neo is the biggest baddest fight scene in any movie Ive ever seen,its gotta be #1..

Apr 17 - 02:28 PM

TheCaptain of TeamLoyalty

John Webb

What about the sword fight from blade? How the hell do you put the fight from Bridget Jone's Diary in there? Are you guys high?

Apr 17 - 02:34 PM


Notready Toshare

It took this article to get me finally registered here to comment.
I'm shocked that the slugfest between Spidey and Doc Ock was not included from SP-2. I know, I know. No weapons allowed, but still. Then again, you had to bend even your own rules to include some fights, if just a bit.
(Ex: Charlie's Angels: a sword?) Otherwise, great list!

Apr 17 - 02:40 PM


Chris Black

I don't think the Tony Jaa fight was the right one. Granted as a piece of film making that is a remarkable scene. But from a "best fight scene" standpoint I think the fight in the burning church was better, against the brazilian capoeria. The whole scene in the church was insane but its actually three seperate fights. It would have to be limited to that first one because the fight immediately following contained weapons.

Lee, Chan and Li are all legends yes but my personal feeling is that Jaa has the physical ability to surpass them. Its evident in both his movies and worth noting there are no wires used in his films, his style is brutal and ridiculous to watch. That said, I don't think the right scene was chosen for Bruce Lee either, that was a great fight but not his absolute best.

Apr 17 - 02:54 PM


Chad W

IMO, the best one on this list is They Live. Basically because you actually get to see what the characters look like after a fight like that. The makeup used to make them looked all bruised and swollen was done perfectly.

Apr 17 - 02:57 PM


zac lockard

where the hell is predator vs arnold?

Apr 17 - 04:16 PM


zac lockard

o ya and is neo vs agent smith on here? cuz it should be.

Apr 17 - 04:17 PM

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