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Ok, I give up. The Slackers win. In the last ten years, the Republican Party has had its revenge, the Nerds have had their revenge, and now the Slackers stand sloppy and tall. I stand poleaxed. The latest beating inflicted on my psyche is by Forgetting

February 2, 2009 Full Review Source: Fayetteville Free Weekly | Comments (14)
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Corey Bayless

Ok, I give up. Why should it matter if "The Slackers Win" in this movie, or any other movies made by Apatow? You're supposed to reviewing a movie as a COMEDY. More simply, 'Did you find the movie funny?"
Did it also annoy you that a retard suceeded in life in "Ther Jerk?" Was "Airplane" unfunny because the title character cried and moped throughout the movie that his girlfriend broke up with him? Was Animal House unfunny because it featured a bunch of alcohol swilling lowers?
You seem to be very annoyed regarding the plausibility of the story; He goes to Hawaii after being dumped by a sexy woman who's the star of a tv show. Then two weeks later he ends up in Hawaii, staying at the same hotel as her and her new boyfriend.
So I guess you also thought every Woody Allen movie you ever saw was also unfunny, seeing how implausible it is that a guy who looks like Woody Allen would continually land women who look like, Mira Sorvino, Scarlett Johansen, Diane Keaton, Helena Bonham-Carter, Etc?

I think for most of us, we thought the movie was thoughtful and funny.

Jun 7 - 09:47 PM


Susan Talbot

corebare - you (maybe) inadvertently stumbled upon Russell Brand's own formula for how far he can go with a joke: IS IT FUNNY? He learned this after the VMA awards, when he had the impudence to trash Dubya! *GASP!* THE NERVE!!! (From "Booky Wook 2" by R. Brand).

Jun 10 - 04:28 PM

Randy B.

Randy Bullock

Lighten up man.

Jul 1 - 08:38 AM

shane s.

shane scully

what a ****ing pessimistic moron who complains about everything in life cause he doesnt have the balls to knock on hells door, like corebare said, you didnt grade it, you just bitched, i guarentee you my review would be insurmountable compared to a low life writer like yourself, ill encourage others not to waste their time reading your mind polluted rants about nothing

Aug 3 - 08:28 PM

adam h.

adam hipson

forget you buddy

Aug 28 - 09:01 AM

Jerry Z.

Jerry Zellers

You sound like you might be getting too old. Who cares about slackers? Its those with ambition that **** us up, the politicians, priests and other ladder climbers that feel that life is solely about achievement. Some of use just want to enjoy the time we have here. Ambition isn't necessarily a bad thing, but give me the stoners before you give me your old man bull****, thank you very much.

Dec 1 - 02:39 PM

Joseph G.

Joseph Gunnison

hear hear!

Feb 8 - 08:54 PM


mikel k

Nice Hat.

Apr 15 - 08:54 PM

Enoch C.

Enoch Ching

anyone get the Uncle Sam jitters whenever his reviews stumble your way

May 16 - 12:33 AM

Balls McHammer

kolya Fist

This movie was just plain awful. Unfunny, and meandering. Just utter crap.

Jun 3 - 09:14 AM

Italian Stallion

Alexander P

Thanks for your shitty opinion...Ball MHammer

Dec 7 - 10:38 PM


Atom Bom


Jun 3 - 10:57 PM


Susan Talbot

Where can those with TASTE and HUMOR get their revenge against idiot reviewers who lack both???!

Jun 10 - 04:25 PM

Italian Stallion

Alexander P

I really disagree with the majority of your reviews. This is no exception

Dec 7 - 10:37 PM

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