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Toeing the centreline like a motherf***er while Rome burns. Can I get an "amen"?

May 23, 2007 Full Review Source: Film Freak Central | Comments (23)
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Christopher Godfrey

You are one jaded dude. Don't you have puppies to abuse?

Aug 19 - 06:41 PM


Jason Metcalf

yep...there is always some dumb ass that spoils the tomatometer rating. The website administrators should screen these people more thoroughly before letting some of these people and there uneducated opinions in here.

Jul 25 - 04:27 PM

Matt Cuffe

Matthew Cuffe

The tomatometer rating of this film seems fair and you're suggesting it's the only bad review.

Mar 5 - 05:25 AM


mr zebra

this article is brilliant, walter chaw rules

Aug 20 - 12:30 PM


Commish Guy

Frickin idiot!

Sep 30 - 10:19 AM


Some Guy

Found two

Oct 13 - 12:01 PM


Rick Green

No, but you can sure as hell get a zero for your review.

Nov 26 - 01:03 AM


m z


Dec 1 - 03:50 PM


scott herzog

i think its your review that needs to burn

Dec 5 - 01:26 PM


malas pulgas

Dec 8 - 06:59 AM


Binoj Mathew

nope. no amen for that statement.

Dec 20 - 03:39 PM


Joe Morris

I've never even seen this film I was reading up on it.
Your view on forrest gump aside, how on earth did this review get featured? With your ranting, foul-mouthed nazi style tear down of popular movies like brokeback mountain and calling American Beauty a 'dickheaded' movie anyone would think you just plain hated films. And you go on about both films for so long - if people want to know whether they should see a movie they want a review, not an essay.

You're like one of those people on Youtube who leaves an insulting message to the maker of a video if you so much as remotely dislike it. BECAUSE IF YOU SAY IT LOUD AND PROUD EVERYONE WILL LISTEN RIGHT?

Wrong. Bad review and bad attitude.

Jun 6 - 03:04 PM

Austyn O'Dwyer

Aystyn O'Dwyer

Film Freak Central? U blow

Jan 2 - 11:37 AM


Dana H

Your review screams "Notice Me and My Review Pleeeeez, oh please, please, please." No soup for you doofus.

Jan 17 - 05:14 PM

Daniel B.

Daniel Burke

Nope, you can get a middle finger and a '**** you'.

Mar 22 - 06:34 PM


Zach Caruso

you're a ****ing idiot, dude, Forrest Gump is spectacular.

May 13 - 04:58 PM

Michael M.

Michael McStay

well gee, you can hate anything if you try hard enough.

not that i had to try very hard to hate you or your stupid review. you dont know ****.

May 15 - 06:33 PM


Max P

Wait...what? This is not how you review a movie, sir. Please try again.

Oct 21 - 07:27 PM


Brian Graham

It's been almost a year since someone hated on Walter. Guess I'll join the club. You are a fucktard Walter. Can I get an "AMEN"?!?

Aug 22 - 07:00 PM

Will D.

Will Doucette

That might possibly be the stupidest things I have ever heard, this is a classic

Nov 23 - 07:47 AM

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Craig Aurora

Craig Aurora


Jan 29 - 12:12 PM

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