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The wearisome Forrest Gump won six Oscars.

March 10, 2008 Full Review Source: Ozus' World Movie Reviews | Comments (30)
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CoUcH ToMaToE DoUgIe

Shawn Amoroso

your opinion is wearisome and pathetic!

you have no taste or intelligence! I

grade your review a F-

Mar 31 - 09:28 PM

CJ Ford

CJ Ford

Well said

May 18 - 11:20 PM

Chris Fyfe

Chris Fyfe

you are the pathetic one douche

Jul 10 - 11:15 PM


James Newland

Contrary to Dennis Schwartz's silly and shallow political analysis, here's what the film's actually about: Forrest Gump is the story of a virtuous man and his effect upon a world filled with misery and hatred. Virtue is here embodied in the person of a simpleton--not because that was strictly necessary for the story, but because that's the only way the author could get a virtuous person into his tale and still get a hearing these days.

The series of modern events that Gump finds himself at the center of in the movie are not a gimmick to sell the story, nor are they there to show off some admittedly impressive special effects. They're there as actual, historical exemplars to illustrate the turmoil, confusion, and despair that characterize our world today. Time and again, in the face of events that have left most Americans shattered and reeling, Forrest's simple virtue and clear-eyed judgment bring him through unscathed. In his relationships with others, the film portrays goodness' ultimate triumph over evil in the hearts of a sick, modern humanity. Two central, recurring characters carry the bulk of the weight here: Officer Dan, Forrest's CO from Vietnam, resists surrendering to Forrest's view of the world until his pain is so great that he simply can't bear to fight anymore (in a stirring scene, he dukes it out with God in a virtual fight he cannot possibly win, only to come through it alive; a message of God's mercy and love that he does not fail to hear), while Jenny--a trooper for the dark side if there ever was one--is finally broken by the natural innocence and goodness she sees in her son, a reflection of daddy Forrest's own virtue and simple happiness. (I'm sure Mr. Schwartz must have had a kaniption when Jenny finally gave in and married Forrest instead of committing suicide or living the charmed life of an unwed mother).

In the end, Forrest Gump, the most defenseless man this side of Barney Fife, sits, serene and content despite all of his life's tribulations, refusing to give the Schwartz's of the world the satisfaction they crave: the satisfaction of believing that Forrest even understands his victory and is secretly reveling in it, pointing accusatory fingers at them. You can tell that that's what really drives the haters crazy.

There has to be something desperately sick and/or dead in the heart of a person who isn't deeply moved by this film...far more in the heart of one who scorns and openly despises it the way Mr. Schwartz does. Forrest Gump is simply one of the very best and most profound movies ever made.

May 12 - 02:31 AM

Stephen Gerondakis

Stephen Gerondakis

What he said!

Oct 1 - 08:57 PM

Nelson Newman

Nelson Newman

I concur with jnewls' analysis of the film, and not mr. schwartzs'.

May 30 - 02:26 AM

Mike Bierman

Mike Bierman


Sep 3 - 01:03 AM


Thom Crandall

"Wearisome" decribes my response to this review and others I've read from your site. You obviously have an axe to grind and a very large chip on your shoulder. There is more to reviewing a film than just "your overly subjective opinions", although that is an arguable point. You should pursue your poetry and put aside your attempts at reviewing movies for the general public to read. I particularly enjoyed your "Face of Winter" poem. Whitman you are not, but it has virtue.

Aug 6 - 11:12 AM

chris b.

chris bobby

u r a miserable jew who gives fantastic movies bad ratings STOP !!!given ur terrible opinions

Jan 15 - 10:03 PM

chris b.

chris bobby

u r a miserable jew who gives fantastic movies bad ratings STOP !!!given ur terrible opinions

Jan 15 - 10:04 PM

David C.

David Criddle

...and a horribly wearisome, review, yet again Dennis.

Feb 14 - 01:46 AM

Ryan B.

Ryan Brewbaker

This guy obviously should not hold any job that entitles him to review movies as he has the poorest judgement that I've seen thus far. Point being, he more than likely has a miserable life and a job that pays him barely enough to live leading him to write trashy reviews for movies that are simply brilliant. I don't know if you have realized this or not there Denny, but Forrest Gump won 6 acadamy awards, how many awards have you won for writing good reviews? I'm willing to guess 0, which is why nobody wants to listen to you talk. One suggestion, find a new career denny, because being a critic is obviously the wrong path for you.

Mar 17 - 08:33 PM

Vincent Rolandelli

Vincent Rolandelli

Please buy a gun and blow your head off. You know nothing about movies!

May 14 - 12:54 AM


joao maiochi

sir you don't know $hit from shinola!!

Aug 22 - 11:32 AM


Max P

You are correct, it won six Oscars. And...?

Oct 21 - 07:20 PM

Chris Fyfe

Chris Fyfe


Jul 10 - 11:15 PM

Dalton R.

Dalton Reid

This fat@ss always gives bad, biased reviews to good movies. He's obviously Michael Moore's movie-critic twin.

Oct 23 - 02:07 PM

Bradley R.

Bradley Reierson

Forrest Gump is not wearisome and it is entertaining. The only agreement is Shawshank should have won Best Picture that year. Forrest would have been a close second if I wasn't 15 and actually had a vote.

Jan 9 - 01:13 AM

Matt Cuffe

Matthew Cuffe

pulp fiction and la confidential are better as well

Jul 29 - 01:29 PM

Green Lex Luthor

Green Lex-Luthor

Maybe there's a reason you aren't on the Academy.

Feb 22 - 07:16 PM

Mr Funke

Mr Funke

This film was (and IS) America's best film, so shut up!

Aug 22 - 06:16 PM

Brett Jenken

Brett Jenken

....there were atleast 2 films made that year that deserved the Oscar more than this movie did (Pulp Fiction being one of them).

Oct 21 - 01:58 PM

Tiffany H.

Tiffany HitGirl

actually that fact that your wimpy enough to say that is wearisom. every person i know loves forest gump and i love it too so why dont you go and get smart then come back ok? GOOD PLAN

Aug 29 - 12:35 PM

Padraig G.

Padraig Greer

Mr. Schwartz... I have read many of your reviews. I believe you might just hate the Oscars period. You have hated many good Oscar-winning films in the past. Stop being a wet blanket.

Mar 21 - 01:04 PM

Jack Stevens

Jack Stevens

Your fat, write a better comment for a fantastic movie tubby

Jan 11 - 08:11 PM


Stephen Gust

Seriously? "Your fat"? Firstly, use correct grammar (you're fat), it makes you actually credible. Second, pointlessly insulting the critic just shows how immature and unintelligent you are. If you actually had something worthwhile to say about the movie without using playground insults and essentially calling him a "poo-poo head", you might actually sound like you aren't braindead and ignorant.

Mar 4 - 11:31 AM

Nicholas Kraak

Nicholas Kraak

Haha, oh god, the commen's here are just wonderful. Seriously guys, if you can't handle someone giving your favourite film a negative review, than maybe you shouldn't be on a site like Rotten Tomatoes at all.

Feb 22 - 02:57 AM


Stephen Gust

Thank you! Someone finally said it!

I completely agree. Critics have a job to do, and have a right to their opinion just as much if not more than any of the arrogant commenters on Rotten Tomatoes.

Whether or not you agree with a review, being so hostile to the critic is just unwarranted and inappropriate. I mean, writing stuff like "I hate you, you're a moron" is completely puerile. You can disagree, and say you disagree, but don't be stupid and mean.

Mar 4 - 11:23 AM

Noah Danielson

Noah Danielson

You are an idiot.

Feb 26 - 12:01 AM

Bertram Krogh

Bertram Krogh

--and deserved them.

May 10 - 07:16 AM

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