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Four Brothers (2005)


Average Rating: 5.7/10
Reviews Counted: 132
Fresh: 69
Rotten: 63

Critics Consensus: Despite striking a believable rapport among its principal actors, Four Brothers overwhelms with ultra-violent, vigilante-glorifying action and devolves into too many fractured, insubstantial thematic directions.

Average Rating: 5.5/10
Reviews Counted: 35
Fresh: 18
Rotten: 17

Critics Consensus: Despite striking a believable rapport among its principal actors, Four Brothers overwhelms with ultra-violent, vigilante-glorifying action and devolves into too many fractured, insubstantial thematic directions.


Average Rating: 3.6/5
User Ratings: 391,072


Movie Info

Four men come together to find out how and why the woman who raised them was killed in this hard-edged urban drama from director John Singleton. Short-tempered Bobby (Mark Wahlberg), struggling musician Jack (Garrett Hedlund), streetwise Angel (Tyrese Gibson), and hard-working Jeremiah (Andre Benjamin) are four guys who don't appear to have much in common, in terms of either race or temperament. However, these men have one very important bond -- all four were adopted and raised by the same woman … More

R (for strong violence, pervasive language and some sexual content)
Drama , Action & Adventure
Directed By:
Written By:
David Elliott , Paul Lovett
In Theaters:
Dec 20, 2005
Box Office:
Paramount Pictures - Official Site


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Critic Reviews for Four Brothers

All Critics (145) | Top Critics (40) | Fresh (69) | Rotten (63) | DVD (23)

Unremarkably schizophrenic -- half gritty sojourn into the inner-city furnace, half Hollywood brain death.

Full Review… | August 16, 2005
Village Voice
Top Critic

Four Brothers is a violent, macho story with a perfect feel for the dynamics between four tough guys who will do anything for each other.

Full Review… | August 15, 2005
Ebert & Roeper
Top Critic

As long as the action snaps and the violence feels (somewhat) righteous, there'll always be a place for movies such as Four Brothers -- on rainy Saturdays, on TNT.

Full Review… | August 12, 2005
Orlando Sentinel
Top Critic

If Four Brothers spent half as much energy making us feel something for its heroes as it spent making us feel nothing for their victims, it would be a far better, and far more engaging, film.

Full Review… | August 12, 2005
Washington Post
Top Critic

Loud, stupid, unrealistic, overdone, without a thought in its ugly little head and kind of enjoyable.

Full Review… | August 12, 2005
Washington Post
Top Critic

The sometimes absurd Brothers works only on a larger-than-life level. But on that level, the zest is back.

Full Review… | August 12, 2005
USA Today
Top Critic

Feels like a nervous student's heavily footnoted thesis film.

Full Review… | November 20, 2011
Goatdog's Movies

Four Brothers tries to mix the revenge quest with the drama of the four boys finding and learning about each other again. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Full Review… | March 22, 2011

...a welcome throwback to the sort of over-the-top actioners that were prevalent twenty years ago.

Full Review… | July 10, 2007
Reel Film Reviews

Adds a uniquely repugnant concept to the notion of dysfunctional, in what seems like a warped underlying fraternal creed of, a family that preys together stays together.

Full Review… | March 31, 2007
Long Island Press

A healty mixture of action, humor and of the most sheerly enjoyable popcorn movies of the summer.

Full Review… | February 21, 2006
One Guy's Opinion

Formula filmmaking through and through, but it's brought home with just enough grit, gusto, and emotion to keep you suitably entertained.

Full Review… | December 29, 2005
DVD Clinic

I liked the film's first act, which consisted of lots of snow and character development, I enjoyed its second act, which started to get into the nitty-gritty of its revenge plot, but I only tolerated its final act.

Full Review… | December 23, 2005
JoBlo's Movie Emporium

Tight and resolutely genre specific, Four Brothers delivers what as a Hollywood product it promises and holds our attention with its classy craftsmanship

Full Review… | November 3, 2005
Urban Cinefile

Mostly enjoyable thriller with strong performances and a couple of terrific action sequences, though it loses a star for its nose-dive into bad movie territory towards the end.

Full Review… | October 1, 2005

"Good to see Singleton returning to his roots. Wahlberg and co-stars Tyrese Gibson and Andre Benjamin give good performances".

September 30, 2005

Swiftly dissolves into a litany of brutally sadistic acts knotted together by a feeble whodunnit plot.

Full Review… | September 18, 2005

O roteiro supera as expectativas do gênero, revelando-se bem amarrado e infinitamente mais complexo do que parece a princípio.

Full Review… | September 16, 2005
Cinema em Cena

The only performance that kind of works is the one from Chiwetel Ejiofor as the central bad guy.

Full Review… | September 10, 2005

The brothers take a few moments in reflective nostalgia, then springboard into a film of head banging revenge.

Full Review… | August 31, 2005
Hollywood Report Card

An over-violent and under-sincere story that strays from justice past revenge and into mindless vigilantism.

August 21, 2005
Movie Mom at Yahoo! Movies

At its best this is grade-A pulp from the land of Elmore Leonard.

Full Review… | August 20, 2005
Austin Chronicle

As an action movie, it also has some fine moments. But I'd have preferred it if Singleton had jettisoned the B-movie elements and concentrated on the brothers' relationships.

Full Review… | August 20, 2005
Boston Herald

Singleton seems to struggle to keep it under control, finally giving up in the end and letting a dopey Hollywood finale overrun the film.

Full Review… | August 20, 2005
Shadows on the Wall

It's rare that you catch an acclaimed mainstream filmmaker dropping all pretenses and giving in to the desire to make pure pulp.

Full Review… | August 20, 2005

Along the way, the brothers and their increasingly pathetic adversaries indulge in all manner of licensed or officially overlooked violence, because making things right for your mama is all that matters.

Full Review… | August 20, 2005

Audience Reviews for Four Brothers

This is director John Singleton's modern update of sorts on The Sons of Katie Elder. The titular characters are four guys from different backgrounds (and races) who reunite after years of separation for their mother's funeral. Considering that she was the nicest lady ever, they are all curious as to she was murdered. When they can't get any straight answers from authorities, they decide to take matters into their own hands.

This is a slick urban drama filled with grit, intensity, and a bit of humor as well. Were it not for their adopted mother, these four guys would have nothing in common, but they do make for an interesting bowl of personality stew. Mark Wahlberg is the short-tempered Bobby, Garrett Hedlund is the struggling punk rocker Jack, Tyrese Gibson plays street-wise Angel, and the only seemingly normal one, the hard working Jeremiah, is portrayed by Andre Benjamin. Fionnula Flanagn is the thread that holds them all together.

Other roles include Terrence Howard as a cop on the case, pre-fame Sofia Vergara as Angel's lady, and Chiwetel Ejiofor as a rather shady hood.

The performances are pretty decent, better than expected for this sort of thing, and everyone mostly seems to mesh pretty well. The pacing and atmosphere are pretty good, the cinematography is well-executed, and the action, when it happens, is great too, a big shootout in particular being a major highlight.

All in all, this is far better than is has a right to be, and that actually makes me happy. This is proof that Singleton didn't lose all of his talent after Boyz n the Hood. Give this one a watch- it's pretty satisfying.

Chris Weber

Super Reviewer

Bobby: Forget that, Green. I used to make a good living around here because cops like you couldn't find tits in a strip joint.

"They came home to bury mom... and her killer."

I have really mixed feelings about Four Brothers and my rating is a bit inflated based off of any normal things you evaluate a movie on. The acting was either extremely dull or over the top, despite the fact that I like most if not every one of the actors. Also the writing is a bit dumbed down to say the least and the characters, besides Bobby, aren't all that interesting. This is probably due to the dialogue they were given compared to Bobby's because Mark Wahlberg(although funny) didn't do anything all that great with his performance. The movie was entertaining and I did really like Wahlberg's character. It was interesting throughout, but also a lot of the interest and entertainment came from how poorly the film was put together. So yeah I have mixed feelings.

Four brothers come back and plan to seek revenge for their mothers murder. Their mother was regarded as a saint, as she was a foster mother that gave kids direction. She adopted the "four brothers" because they were the ones she couldn't really turn around and she knew no one else would take them. Once again I have mixed feelings about the premise of the film. The revenge movie has kind of been done to death and I like the way this one kind of comes at a different angle, but for some reason the main premise, and the whole movie for that matter kind of feels thrown together.

Four Brothers is worth a look, but it isn't a movie that you necessarily need to see. I had some problems with it, but it was some fun, stupid entertainment and every once in a while, movies in that fake sub-genre can be pleasing. This just happens to be one of those for me.

Melvin White

Super Reviewer


This is a good movie in terms of the bonds of brotherhood, family, etc.

Yet it lacks the most simplest of reality. I mean, I know that Detroit is the ghetto and it often lacks police intervention but walking into a school with you're guns loaded in the middle of a basketball game? Shoot outs in the middle of the streets like general warfare? All I could keep thinking at some of these moments was, "Where the hell are the cops?" Better yet in some scenes it' was like, "Is there any other people in this city other than the main actors?"

The weird thing is I really liked this movie but I wish they would have toned it down just a tad and used the morals and emotions of the story a little more realistically and relatable to a real life scenario. I mean, this COULD happen, but not likely!

Bobby Hobbs

Super Reviewer



Directors Cat
Directors Cat

Super Reviewer

Four Brothers Quotes

Jack Mercer:
[over Evelyn's financial matter's] How much do we get?
– Submitted by Shavonnaa M (2 years ago)
He said hurry the fuck up. Then he hung up.
– Submitted by Nicholas R (2 years ago)
Jack Mercer:
[chasing someone down a hallway] Hey kid! No running in the halls!
– Submitted by Yitian Z (2 years ago)
Victor Sweet:
You don't pay a ho to fuck you. You pay her to leave.
– Submitted by Sanjay C (3 years ago)
Bobby Mercer:
What about me, Green? You gonna arrest me too?
Lt. Green:
That depends, Bobby. You keeping strait?
Bobby Mercer:
– Submitted by Lea L (3 years ago)
Jeremiah Mercer:
Evelyn was in this city for a long time. She saw a lot that was terrible, but she stayed hopeful. She still believed that things were getting better, sometimes despite all evidence. And that's a hard thing to do, stay hopeful. Even when you can't find a reason.
– Submitted by Lea L (3 years ago)

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