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March 25, 2015
Good premise that just does not play out well.
½ November 30, 2011
Bad and Painful to Watch !
½ November 7, 2010
Confrontation. Thats what the film is all about. But this Cold War offering is quite stale by now. Most young people don't know anything about this Cold, or phoney, war. Roy Scheider does his best to make it entertaining.

Director Wolfgang Schmidt was also behind Slasher.

I will add to this preposterous, rather far fetched personal war between Scheider and his military counterpart on the other side. I really can't believe Scheider would entertain being in this incredibly strange and bizarre plot.

Hardly a Cold War thriller in which an American colonel (Roy Scheider) and his Soviet counterpart (Jurgen Prochnow) engage in a private, potentially disastrous war. Lots of border clashes, showdowns, stuff we see in all these East-West border skirmishes.

Roy Scheider
Jurgen Prochnow
Tim Reid
Lara Harris
Harry Dean Stanton

Director: John Frankenheimer
Art Director: Rick Roberts
Associate Producer: Harry Bloom
Associate Producer: Frank Spolar
Based on a Work by: Stephen Peters
Cinematographer: Gerry Fisher
Composer: Bill Conti
Costume Designer: Ray Summers
Editor: Robert F. Shugrue
Executive Producer: Sam Perlmutter
Executive Producer: William Stuart
Line Producer: Robert L. Rosen
Producer: Wolf Schmidt (also directed Slasher)
Production Designer: Alan Manzer
Screenplay: Stephen Peters
Screenplay: Kenneth Ross
Set Decorator : Janice Blackie
September 27, 2010
I know Mr. K Darmohray have known him for 50 yrs, I am one of his Daughters and I saw the movie as well thought it was not to bad. the look he gives in the movie where he is sitting in the bar Ive seen it many times.
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