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November 23, 2012
One of the seminal Blaxploitation films of the seventies, and one of the highest rated, Foxy Brown is still fresh, interesting, and historically stimulating. This, the second collaboration between director and writer Jack Hill and actress Pam Grier since Coffy, this send up to the first film holds much more acclaim for its racy outfits, sexual innuendo, and constant gritty appeal. Starring Pam Grier in the femme role of Foxy Brown, a woman without any training or position of power, who goes after a large drug and prostitution organization for the murder of her boyfriend, who died at their hands. Usually Blaxploitation paints these criminals as the protagonists, running from the crooked police forces, trying to make themselves a living in the despondent ghettos. Here the cartels are all white men and women, sadistic and cruel, so evil that they intentionally corrupt the black community with racial slurs and punishments befitting the very fabric of our nightmares. Foxy herself goes undercover in the organization that her brother snitches on her to, so she can find the big boss, ruin his business, and kill every jive turkey she can get her flamethrower on. Posing as a prostitute and infiltrating the den of the head Madame, Foxy saves another black woman from the exploitative service, and then goes through her own battles with the drug syndicate, sex slavery ring, and other insidious peoples. It's a very straightforward and lewd film, which includes arson, rape, castration, and a number of human indignities you can only imagine. These acts aren't quite as vivid and in your face as in some of today's films, and are all veiled in Motown songs blaring in the background and dissolves to the next scene before any seedy business can be unearthed. Pam Grier is stealthy, while being sexy, straddling the line between laughably lame with her clumsy king fu moves and succubus level seduction. Even today it's a simple story of revenge and reconciliation, and I highly recommend seeing this for the pleasure of it, as well as becoming acquainted with the genre.
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January 28, 2008
This may seem a high score for a film that has rather a lot of very average acting, gaping plot holes and continuity mistakes a plenty, but, it works. And how! Most 'blaxploitation' has good bits, slow bits and bad bits culminating in a rousing ending. This one goes from the very start and doesn't stop. Moreover, whilst like in others, we see lots of outrageous costumes spread across amazing bodies, here the action is rugged throughout. These people don't just seem mean, they are mean. The scenes of Pam's abduction are painful, shocking (and sexy!) and she plays hurt just as well as she plays kick ass. And does she play kick ass! In a surprising scene in a lesbian bar a challenger tells her to watch out and says something like, 'I'm a black belt in karate.' Pam decks her with a stool and yells back, 'I'm a black belt in bar stools.' Fabulous stuff. In fact this innovative film has great dialogue as well as action and there are scenes that would fit well into a movie dealing with racial issues even today. You wouldn't be permitted to show a lot of the action, however. Not too many leading ladies get raped a couple of times and have to suffer the indignities this young lady does before she can get back on top and then show herself to be just as torturous!
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April 16, 2007
Entertaining and thrilling, definitely worth watching, especially for tyhe music and Pam Grier's performance.
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July 15, 2007
I saw Foxy Brown at Sacramento's Trash Film Orgy and I don't think I've had this much fun watching a movie in a long time. What this movie lacks in technical skill, it makes up for in Pam Grier being a total badass. Can you just imagine being a script-reader and seeing "Foxy pulls a gun out of her afro and shoots two men to death" on the page? Probably not, and that's what makes this movie as ludicrously fun as it is.
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June 20, 2007
The shock of the volatile ingredients of "Coffy" have been diluted somewhat in "Foxy Brown." Violent sex, female domination, strangulation, and Gier's blouse being pulled open every 10 to 15 minutes is not as outrageous as it was in Coffy, and thus becomes much more a part of the standard vengeance plot.

More blatantly racist overtones, interracial rape, and setting people on fire push this movie much more seriously into a violent blaxploitation category... one where Geier is not an invincible heroine, but a girl who can be exploited yet goes to unthinkable levels for revenge afterwards.

Less set-pieces than Coffy with more gore... but in the end, less original, and overly violent, where characters are obviously introduced merely to be brutalized and killed; or seduced, brutalized, and killed. One can't deny how bad-ass Foxy is... but her remorseless joy of killing people seems at odds with the compassion for others which supposedly gives her justification for it.
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½ January 24, 2007
decent flick
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November 22, 2006
Amusing at best.
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August 19, 2006
This was the movie that cemented Pam Grier as one the top female action superstars of the 1970's. And the movie
"Foxy Brown" is one of them. One kick ass flick and one bad-ass sista that is NOT to mess with! Classic! The theme song from Wille Hutch is among the best.
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December 7, 2009
A remake of Coffy only this time Pam Grier's seeking revenge on the baddies who brought down her man, rather than her little sister. Apart from a shift in motive, Foxy Brown is also a whole heap more violent with some thoroughly nasty characters out to get her before she gets them. Good film, but I still prefer the original.
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½ June 25, 2008
Slick blaxploitation film, with Pam Grier on form.
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October 3, 2012
"Foxy Brown" has all the characteristics of a classic cult flick, such as subpar acting, poor technical quality, bad one-liners and loads of nudity and violence, but it doesn't have the same charm that most other B movies have. It's competently made, but sleazy, forgettable and just plain boring. Nothing about it is even worth being mentioned.
January 31, 2007
Just gave this a re-watch, and I must say yet again, what a great film this is! Grier is gorgeous and kicks much ass, and I love Sid Haig in his bit part as a pilot towards the end of the film.

Well worth tracking down, as you get to source about a half dozen sound bites you've heard in dozens of songs over the years, all from a single film.

½ May 6, 2007
This was supposed to be a sequel to Coffy. Then they changed the name of the character to Foxy Brown. These movies came out in the 1970's and used as many under-employed black actors and actresses as they could. Most of them had worked only in television before. The stories were directed at black audiences. The really bad guys were all white and the good guys were all black. The essence of the movie is that Pam Grier plays a woman whose boy friend is an undercover Federal Drug Agent but whose brother is a drug dealer who owes the drug supplier a large sum of money. The drug agent undergoes plastic surgery to escape from the drug dealer's hit men. Foxy Brown's brother figures it out and sets him up to pay off his drug debt. After the Drug Agent is killed, Foxy confronts her brother and forces him to tell her who his contact is. It's a Madame whose boyfriend smuggles Heroin from Mexico. They say it's Mexican Heroin but there are no Mexicans in the movie. Foxy then passes herself off as a call girl and is hired by the Madame. After she exposes a judge she is supposed to entertain in exchange for a light sentence for some drug dealers. After the judge passed a stiff sentence the drug smugglers kidnap Foxy and turn her over to some hillbilly drug cookers. After they rape her she escapes and blows up the drug lab. She then meets with some Black Panther types who are anti-drug and somehow they know who the pilot is whose going to fly in the next drug shipment. She meets the pilot in a bar and convinces him to take her with him. Somehow they know where the drug handoff is going to take palace. The Panther type vigilantes raid the site and Foxy Brown crashes the plane into the shed were all the bad guys are. They take the Madame's boyfriend and it is implied that they mutilate him. Foxy Brown takes the boyfriend's parts to the Madame in a mason jar. She hides a gun in her Afro hairdo and uses it to shoot the body guards. She shoots the Madame in the arm but let's her live. As an excuse to see a naked Pam Grier the movie is OK, but it's pretty lame. If you watch the TV shows Battlestar Galactica, Starsky and Hutch, Charlie's Angels, and Laredo you will see some of the actors who are in this movie.
½ June 9, 2013
Early 70s Exploitation film that is filled with action, suspense and spawns a new type of hero in a post Civil Rights era. Director Jack Hill was known for a lot of these movies, and this is his crowning achievement. Pam Grier is full of sexiness and attitude as she breathes life into Foxy Brown and helped establish her as the first female African-American hero in film. This film doesn't skip a beat as it is action packed with great fight scenes, clever escapes and sneaky undercover tactics, all with a musical score that rivals 'Shaft.' Look for Captain Spaulding himself, Sid Haig, in a very late scene in the film.
March 18, 2013
Works even better on the big screen than when I saw it years ago (before I gave it like 2 1/2 out of 4 stars, now it's closer to 3, relative I guess). High art? Fuck that noise, Jack. If Coffy was Crank, this is Crank 2: High Voltage - here, Jack Hill doesn't really pretend to make an actual movie. He's just fucking around, proud of it, and everyone is in on the joke (not that Grier doesn't pull out a few genuinely dramatic scenes, like her speech about justice to the brothers). By the time the airplane chases down a hood, it is completely ridiculous, and the very end of the movie doesn't make much sense logically for what the purpose of Foxy should be after - listen, the woman will still be dealing drugs, what is gonna stop her, a flesh wound on her arm? - but it's still a crazy ride through sex, violence and mayhem as only AIP could have done way back when. See it with an audience if you can, it's much more enjoyable, especially with a scratchy print.
July 16, 2011
Sexy Blaxploitation star Pam Grier is on fire once again as Foxy Brown, a woman with a glint of vengeance in her eye for the one's who murdered her boyfriend after a tip-off from her no good drug-dealing brother, Link Brown (Antonio Fargas). Foxy goes undercover as a prostitute in order to weed out these so-called murderer's and exact extreme justice on them. Back when Pam Grier was undeniabley one of the most beautiful and sexiest women in cinema, Foxy Brown shows her in true form to that statement. Director Jack Hill knows how to expose Grier in such magnificent fashion, she encompasses everything that is bad-ass in cinema today from a woman. And she can do it without losing that air of sexiness from her persona. However, one thing I couldn't quite grasp was the main villians of the film, obviously being of white minority, but not having that look of venom to them. They were pretty much unbelievable in their roles and should have been replaced with actors of more vicious attire. But, Foxy Brown does exact revenge in the most hideous of fashion, that this film get's all it's stars just for her alone.
April 27, 2010
Much has already been writ about the highs and lows of the exploitation genre: its take on female and minority empowerment is both exhilarating and troubling. ("Watch Foxy set her rapists on fire! And she's so sexy doing it!") But if you can let go and enjoy 90 minutes of vibing on an unequivocal attitude of sexiness and badassery and take-no-prisoners technicolor vengeance (as the film so badly wants you to), then man, what an indelible experience.
August 11, 2007
Strange, but I felt myself compelled to watch it all the way through. I like what happens to the boyfriend of the madam. Not everyday your boyfriend's nuts are handed to you in a jar.
August 7, 2007
Pam Grier is one of the baddest chicks on the planet. This movie was one of my favorite PG movies becasue she was fierce.
June 20, 2007
The reason why I love Pam Grier so much. In her heydey there was no one sexier and I do mean no one.
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