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½ June 9, 2013
'Frankenstein's Army'. Big Daddys and the like from BioShock with a much shakier cam than the game offers. Didn't work for me.
October 31, 2015
This is a movie that could have been excellent unfortunately hampered by yet another shoe-horned (and downright nonsensical considering the depicted time period) found footage gimmick. There is a time and place for found footage, and WWII is not it. That unfortunate misstep causes many problems throughout the film of pacing, cinematography, and dialogue, as often happens when bad and/or lazy writers use found footage as a crutch to jump from one scare to the next with little actual character development in between. However, the performance of the titular Frankenstein as well as the excellent practical effects and designs of his horrific creations (called "zom-bots" apparently?) make it worth checking out. With real camera-work and characters, this could have easily been one of the greatest and most unique horror movies in a long time. Instead it's an uneven mess that doesn't quite manage to overcome its flaws with its admittedly excellent moments of body horror and monster designs. I'm just really hoping for a re-imagining in the future from a writer who knows how to create real dialogue and characters combined with the designs and effects from this film.
½ October 27, 2015
Do not trust what they tell you!

During World War II the Germans are pushing into Russia. A Russian battalion assigned to push into a section of the invasion stumble into a laboratory where a unique scientist is developing super soldiers. The Russians hold off the soldiers as they try and capture the scientist.

"Go down there and see if you can find a light switch!"
"Because we need more light."

Richard Raaphorst delivers Frankenstein's Army. The storyline for this picture had some potential and was okay to watch unfold. I enjoyed the monsters but not the concept behind them so much. The cast delivers fairly good performances.

"Do you think it's worth it?"

I recently came across this on Netflix and thought the concept sounded cool so I added it to the queue to watch this Halloween season. This was pretty good in a mindless kind of way. From an "entertainment value" standpoint it feels like Deep Blue Sea. I only recommend this to die hard horror/action movie fans.

"Well, that was fucking useless."

Grade: C
½ October 23, 2015
Barely liked this one. If it wasn't for the gruesome deaths and the really cool monsters, the movie was pretty boring. But I really did thoroughly enjoy all the monsters, and all the deaths, so it passes the test. Not much else to say about this movie. If you like grindhouse stuff, you will like this. ok concept, ok execution.
June 10, 2015
A FF movie that's gory fun.The monster look straight out of human battlebots and the story doesn't sux just enough so the viewer can enjoy.
½ December 24, 2014
A terrible disappointment. I had seen previews of this, and it looked like it might be fun to catch. I found a DVD copy on sale for $5 at the local FYE's, so I bought it. It even came with a small plastic "Eva" attached to the movie. I was kind of excited to finally see this.
And, yes, it does have a few things going for it. The concept idea is interesting, even fascinating. What with the nazis performing all kinds of atrocious genetic experiments, and Hitler and his occult beliefs. The sets are awesome, the costumes are very good - very authentic. The lighting is perfectly creepy. There's definitely some nightmarish stuff here. The monsters are even pretty cool. But the film squanders all this. The story seems like something that started out with a great idea, begins well, and then just turns into incoherence covered with gratuitious gore and torture porn. I never understood torture porn and don't watch it. Gore, when used appropriately doesn't really bother me, but just to throw it around - just for the sake of throwing it around always seems immature and juvenile to me. The characters are pretty much all two-dimensional assholes, and you know they're all pretty much monster bait, so you don't care much what happens to them. They come and go without much sense - especially the peripheral characters - The German nurse Eva is a perfect example. In one scene in a creepy old church, we vaguely see her hiding from the attacking monsters. The next time we see her, see has been turned into some experiment in the Doc's lab. I wasn't even sure that was her, but she is pretty much the only female in the movie. The camerawork ranges from POV good to just plain amateurish. The editing is pretty pathetic - I've seen much better student work. The directing - if that's what you call it - is amazingly bad.
The DVD was short on extras, but it did have a small "making of" feature, which is quite interesting. The "director", Richard Raaphorst, designed the creatures. And these are amazing. But I get the sense he was unsure of what he really wanted in the final film. He looks kind of clueless during the production. He really should have hired someone who actually knew how to direct, and stuck to producing. The special effects are actually pretty good, as is the lighting. Most of the monsters are creepy - some a bit silly. But the bio-mechanoid, steam-punk thing is a fascinating idea. Too bad they wasted the idea here. The acting ranges from good to adequate to downright awful. Karl Roden is absolutely awful as Dr. Frankenstein. No nuance, nothing - as one-dimensional as you can get. He yells a lot. Wow. What a disappointment. It's like he had one day to shoot all his scenes, so he made it fast. He's terrible. Really.
Finally, I'll write this. During the "making of" featurette, they showed a couple of the Teaser Trailers made during pre-production. They're in black and white, and look very reminescent of the original 30's Universal Horror movies - only with nazis digging up graves instead of Colin Clive and Dwight Frye. They're genuinely creepy, and give us a taste of how good this movie could have been. Instead it's just a nicely-lit turd. See it for the sets and the monsters. Fast forward through the rest.
October 24, 2014
Above average found footage with A-List Monsters that are deliciously "old school" NOT that CGI crap!
½ October 23, 2013
About as nasty as ideas get. The thought that the Nazis dealings in the occult leads to an army of abominations whose fates are worse than death is a horrific, morbidly innovative idea. However, the film suffers from lack luster characters you don't really care for. Most of the movie your wondering how more out there the monsters can get. The film itself was shot very much like a video game in my opinion, which works overall, because of the films low budget. Not as gripping from the first person angle as a lets say Maniac was, but if your morbidly curious about the Nazis insidious dealings, this fictional gore fest should intrigue real horror fans and at very least freak out anyone else
½ June 1, 2013
A fantastic premise and some great special/visual effects are marred by an incompetent story, amateurish camerawork, and an overall lack of restraint or pace.
½ October 3, 2014
a little more goofy and shocking for the sake of shock then i like. this clever premise didin't have to go over the top but it did.
½ August 22, 2014
"Frankenstein's Army" is a sci-fi/action, horror blend leaves me a little conflicted. The Richard Raaphorst directed film which features monsters created by a descendant of legendary Frankenstein offers everything a video game/horror fan could ever dream in a live action film. Told in a documentary style the movie creates a first person level of intense action filled with explosions, violence, gore and adrenaline pumping bravado. Soviet military go behind enemy lines to capture the mad scientist, and proof of his rumored experiments for their own purpose. It is a sci-fi war between zombie-Nazi monsters and vicious communist war-dogs. So what about the film left me conflicted?

First in "Frankenstein's Army" , the story is a simple and allows only for testosterone grandeur, devoid of emotion or care for personality. The characters on both sides of this brutal opera are despicable in nature. You want to see the Russians die because essentially they are portrayed as war-mongering, heartless thugs- with no visible humanity. So that puts the uncomfortable light of heroics on seeing the Nazi monsters slaughter these a-holes. Yet Nazis are inherently disgusting reflections of man, so I never allowed myself to entertain that concept of pleasure in watching the creatures kill the soldiers. However something about the way the story was directed lead me to believe the writers and director wanted me to see the Nazis as some antihero, because the Russian soldiers where put in an obviously bad light in the film. That was conflicting for me. Plus the actors kept slipping in and out of their characters accents. Half the time the hinted toward American or British accents before returning to Russian or German twangs.

There is the opposite side to the film though- The gore and action was killer. The intense, constant atmosphere held my attention the entire film. The monsters where some of the most creative designs I have seen in cinema in a long while, and the special effects pretty much rocked it from start to finish. In the end pretty much every one dies so that was pleasurable to watch-because they all really needed to so I could walk away from the film without feeling dirty for watching something that seemed to glorify the whole Nazi science-occult theme, under the guise of sci-fi-fantasy. I have to note that this is my issue I deal with when watching pretty much any of the Nazi themed sci-fi-horror stuff that has been coming out. I am always focusing on the story's intent, fearing that the film will over romanticize Nazi fetishism. In a superficial sense I enjoyed the film based on the gore and monsters, but on a deeper level I never connected with the story or the characters, so I didn't enjoy the film as much as I was hoping to. I am 50/50 with "Frankenstein's Army".
July 12, 2013
FRANKENSTEIN'S ARMY, or should I say Satan's army, or should I say Dr. Satan's army, has some cheesy moments, but some effective ones as well.
July 13, 2014
Cheesy monster movie with a cool concept driving it. The only thing that hindered it from being pure Velveeta is the "found footage" format. I'm extremely tired of it.
April 27, 2014
One line summary: Clever ideas wasted by bad execution and found footage style.


Set in late World War II, on the front between Germany and Russia. There is a lot of 'found footage' style shaky camera, shot by a young soldier on the Russian side.

They come upon a village where the population is mostly missing, but there are plenty of corpses. In a nearby factory, they find a stitched together something that is connected by cables to the main electrical lines. When the squad's flunky starts the generator, the thing animates and kills the squad's commanding officer.

They find some rabbits, which looked good for food, but they also found more constructed monsters. These have more impressive armament, and the squad loses a couple of more men. They find some German civilians who try to be helpful, but the whole situation is close to irredeemable. More armed monsters show up and do more killing.

Dmitri's underlings (Dmitri is a captain, and has always outranked everyone in the squad) find out about his treason that kept them in the factory to die. He led them indirectly to the place, and jammed their radio once they were there. Dmitri claims it's orders, and had a document to back him up. Anyway, they are expected to figure out what the Nazi scientists have been up to. Dmitri's squad mates are upset with him, and they shove him down a chute so he can find out better. He does find out quite a bit more, but it is not clear how he will get out. Then he meets Victor, whose last name comes from the title.

Does anyone get out of this alive? Are all the constructed Nazi warriors put down?


Cinematography: 0/10 Hand held cameras. Bad everything.

Sound: 5/10 So-so. What would one expect from hand helds?

Acting: 1/10 There was acting? Well, Karel Roden did a bit.

Screenplay: 5/10 The steampunk Frankenstein monsters were often cleverly constructed. The ideas were fairly well realised visually, but the story did not make all that much sense.
April 17, 2014
This movie in my opinion is fun with lots of twisted humor , honestly I love it! But it has an acquired taste so if you don't like twisted humor it might not be for you, very gory with crazy looking monsters, if you thought the original Evil Dead was good you'll love this.
½ July 12, 2013
I really wanted to love this and while the monsters and effects were awesome, the acting and story were not.
½ April 7, 2014
This could of been better if there was something to the army. The effects were good and plenty of shock value here. The other thing that gave this up to 2 n a half stars was the creature designs. those were done well. I would think with the trailer that something more exciting would have happened with the army but when you think things are heating up and it's gonna go somewhere action like, it just falls flat. worth a watch for gore if your into that and also worth a watch for the creature design.
July 26, 2013
As a fright flick it more or less fails. But as an example of how to make genuinely creepy monsters in this new, CG heavy age, it's a masterwork.
February 18, 2014
This is quite possibly one of the most gruesome films I've ever seen. One of the best twists I've seen on the frankenstein story in a long while a must see for horror fans!!!!
½ February 16, 2014
The writing and storytelling may be poor, but the monsters and the set designs are phenomenal. "Frankenstein's Army" is very innovative and original, and simply cool. If you're not having a good time with the rest of the movie, you'll still be able to admire the unique beauty of this film's monsters.
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