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starlett2005 starlett2005 September 26, 2014
Frankenweenie is a cute movie. It is about young Victor who conducts a science experiment to bring his beloved dog Sparky back to life, only to face unintended, sometimes monstrous, consequences. Winona Ryder and Martin give amazing performances as their respective characters. The screenplay is well written. Tim Burton did a great job directing. I enjoyed watching this motion picture because of the humor. Frankenweenie is a must see.
Harry W June 11, 2012
Aware of the history of Frankenweenie as well as the personal significance that it had to diector Tim Burton, I was very eager to see Frankenweenie to see him perfect his own work as well as to enjoy a feature length stop-motion film.

I've never had the oppurtunity of seeing the original version of Frankenweenie due to difficulties regarding accessibility to the material, but nevertheless I knew that Tim Burton had come a long way since he started as a filmmaker.
Frankenweenie is obviously a passionate piece for Tim Burton. It is a film iconic of his stricly gothic film style, for better and for worse. Many viewers may find the approach innovative and ambitious, while others may find it distant and creepy. For me, I found that Frankenweenie had both its postitive and negative elements stemming from the film's style, but as a whole the film was good. Its negative elements came from the fact that a lot of the concepts in the story were not fully capitalised on, or that they were a little too creepy to have the precise comic effect that seems to be intended there. And also, there are story issues. Frankenweenie's plot is clealy intended as a homage to the Universal monster movies which were popular during the early 1900's and beyond. You can tell that the designs of many of these characters are based on a lot of famous movie monsters, such as the turtle Shelley who becomes a giant Gamora-like monster. This is mostly put in at the expense of the film's story. The tale in Frankenweenie is a thin one which tries to touch upon the relationship that a boy shares with his dog as well as a world plunged into darkness by dead animals brought back to life and turned into monsterss, but it only does so lightly in favour of the film's visual spectacle and how it serves as a homage to the aforementioned many horror films that influenced it. This is all part of the film's tongue-in-cheek humour, but it is not fully clear due to the serious and dark tone of the film as well as the fact that it is all references to characters from multiple decades ago from all over the world and at all different times, therefore being unlikely to be understooy by every viewer. Considering that Frankenweenie is an animated fim, it is part of a market usually directed at younger audiences. But it is all material more likely to appeal to adults who understand the references or people who are massive fanatics of those films while young audiences may be left uncertain of that or if the film is even all that funny. So the target demographic for Frankenweenie seems rather ambiguous although it is likely to appeal to Tim Burton fans and classic monster movie fans. For me, I found many of the jokes amusing but too funny, and the fact that they played out against the backdrop of a rather thin plot was what bothered me.
Visually, Frankenweenie is masterful. Stop-motion films are not as popular today as they were once upon a time, but Frankenweenie manages to breathe some life into the genre with exceptional animation. Building on Tim Burton's signature gothic style, the entire film happens in black and white with many different tones of shadow occuring. And it works because it gives the film a nostagic feel to the old horror films which Frankenweenie is influenced by. It is terrific because everything in the film looks great and is so detailed that I got lost in the film and forgot that it was claymation. The animation in Frankenweenie was exceptional mainly because the movements of the characters were all organic. Capturing the detailed production and character design of the film from atmospheric and interesting angles, Frankenweenie is also full of characters who have excellently organic physical movements. There is never a single weak frame in the movie because every movement of every character is exceptionally detailed. Visually, Frankenweenie is thoroughly amazing because it boasts some of the highest quality stop motion animation available in the world of cinema. Everything looks exceptional, and it manages to distract viewers from a lot of the story flaws. They were all there, but I found that the quality of the animation in the film managed to transcend it as well as the fact that it gripped Tim Burton's signature film style at heart. All in all, the animation and Tim Burton's role as director manages to give the film the right atmosphere. Tim Burton is definetely not a man I favour when it comes to remakes, but a remake of his own work is one that would work. Frankenweenie is proof of that, and so his passion for the film is all too easy to pick up on.
The voice acting in Frankenweenie is very great as well. With Frank Welker helming the role of Sparky and getting all the dog noises correct the animalistic side of the film is believable, and when it comes to the humans the standouts are easy. Martin Landau is the main one because his character Mr. Rzykruski is clearly inspired by Vincent Price from the original Frankenweenie and both the appearance of his character and his tone of voice fit the profile very wel. Matin Landau proves once agin work well alongside Tim Burton, as does Winona Ryder whose small role is a charming one. Charlie Tahan also makes a likeable lead as Victor Frankenstein because he puts a sense of juvenile charm into the pat while establishing the nature of his relationship with Sparky as one of the key touching elements of the story.

So Frankenweenie is flawed due to a thin story which works more as a homage than as an actual narrative and inconsistent humour, but the immense quality of its animation and Tim Burton's directorial passion is what keeps it entertaining
??? ? September 23, 2014
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Kyle M May 5, 2012
Generally a sad story and good animation as being one of the best stop-motion films, and also one of Burton's best since his "Alice in Wonderland." (B+)

(Full review coming soon - with better wording)
galbalaban galbalaban ½ September 20, 2014
Good movie but too dark for kids.
Adam H July 22, 2012
One of the best animated films of 2012! Tim Burton's pleasantly dark style brings Frankenweenie to life in an odd and fantastic way, making it as loving as it is entertaining.
Adam F March 5, 2012
"Frankenweenie" is a touching and intelligent story about a boy and his dog and it's sure to delight adults and children too. Based on the short created by Tim Burton in 1984, it's the story of a boy named Victor who brings his newly deceased dog back to life through science. This remake and expanded version of the story is told in black-and-white and in stop motion.

The premise for this film is pretty wacky, but this isn't really a comedy. It does have some laughs in it, but it doesn't aim to have you fall out of your seat. It has a lot of dramatic parts and is more concerned with telling its story than anything else, but that's a good thing. Not only does the film look great, with a bold visual style, black and white colour scheme and stop motion animation (which always looks excellent when properly executed) but if you have seen the original short, this is a very intelligent expansion of it. The story takes the original idea of re-animating your best four-legged friend and takes the concept further, exploring how other people would react in both the best and worst ways and building on the renewed relationship between the boy and his best friend. It also has a genuine sense of wonder and really pushes the idea that being creative and inventive are good things. Not only does Victor (voiced by Charlie Tahan) create his own short films and use his brain to solve his problems, but there are scenes where adults tell or inspire the protagonists (which are children) that they should try to do some creative problem solving of their own. So many children's film are just colourful creatures bouncing around or just glorified commercials but "Frankenweenie" has some genuine ideas and relationships to develop in its story.

On top of being the most visually unique film you can take your kids to this year, it offers many treats for adults. If you're a classic horror fan you'll be very entertained by the numerous references to classic horror films ranging from the Universal Monsters to the Hammer Horror films. These references don't feel forced and are entertaining even if you have no idea what they are alluding to. It's a great time at the theatre and a delight for the whole family, though watching it in 3D is not required. (3D theatrical version on the big screen, October 11, 2012)
Melanie D September 30, 2012
So I finally saw this film. It's been months now that I hardly watch movies anymore. I used to watch a few a week, now I'm lucky to watch one a month. But I digress... This film is a breath of fresh air coming from Tim Burton. His films have just been so tired lately, all style and no substance, so despite how cute the trailers for this film looked, I was reluctant to watch. But I'm glad I finally did, because it was quite fun. It's a touching story of a boy and his dog... his undead dog, hehe. There are winks to classic horror films all over the film, from the obvious main plot and character names, to smaller things, like the way the science teacher looks and sounds like Vincent Price. Like the Asian kid making a giant reptile who stomps on cars. Like the poodle with Bride of Frankenstein fur. And etc, and etc. It had a few really sad scenes, and I actually laughed out loud a few times, they got some good gags in there. All in all, a fun little film, I reccomend it if you like weird stuff. And if you don't, well, I reccomend it anyways. Who knows, you may be surprised! I give it a solid 8/10.
Shayan S September 7, 2014
Certainly a good return to Director Tim Burton after a lot of movie remakes,Frankenweenie is a great stop-motion spoof with a simple story,and also beautiful visuals.
Vicki S ½ September 3, 2014
I see no reason in why this movie is classified under horror. This is a family movie.
Jillian L ½ October 7, 2012
Here's the thing. I don't do well when dogs die in movies. I just don't. And this was not any better. The dog dying is kind of the plot of the whole movie yet there I was sobbing like a complete idiot over this cartoon dog. Twice. Thanks Tim Burton. Anyway, I actually did enjoy this. It's fun and campy. When I wasn't crying I was laughing. There are a lot of really fun easter eggs for classic horror movie buffs. I'm not one and I still caught some really fun stuff. One of the funniest side characters was "Weird Girl". She's this creepy girl who talks in a high pitched whisper and has the hugest eyes of any Tim Burton movie. And she is hilarious. Also, being voiced by Catherine O'Hara doesn't hurt. Also, I'm pretty sure that if you were to take the town in the movie out of black and white, it would be filled with pastel colored houses...(anyone else think it looked like the town from Edward Scissorhands?) So, this was a really pleasant surprise for me. I wasn't expecting to like it as much as I did. But I'm glad I watched it.
Thomas-Dexter P ½ April 7, 2014
The film tries to be very dark, furthermore without humorous elements we know from Corpse Bride. And in the end it gets a little bit chaotic, so you do not know when you can be happy and when you can be sad.
Geo T ½ August 13, 2014
this is film is very well plotted and great animation. Tim Burton delivers an entertaining film.
Will N ½ August 11, 2014
Probably Tim Burton's best work to date...
João P ½ August 9, 2014
Frankenweenie is an amazing stop-motion animation full of heart and a tribute of director Tim Burton to the classic horror movies of the 50s.
Adam R October 6, 2012
(First and only viewing - 8/28/2013)
Antoni J ½ January 5, 2012
This homage to classic 50's monsters movies is pure awesome and has all the classic elements all over it
Rafael M ½ November 2, 2012
uma bela produçao do tim burton
Kyle C August 1, 2014
A Tim Burton with a surprising lack of energy.

I really like the relationship between the boy and the dog in this movie. It was very sweet and I wish that was the main focus of the movie. The animation also looks great. Maybe since I am a sucker for black and white movies and stop motion, but I love seeing the two together.
Unfortunately the movie's pacing is this movie's biggest downfall. It has some sweet moments but as soon as the dog comes back to life, things start to get a little stale. The story involving Sparky adjusting to his new life is surprisingly not that interesting. I liked the secondary characters (the teacher is awesome) but other than that I just couldn't get into the main story that much.
Until the climax. Watching monsters wreak havoc was awesome to watch and actually had a decent scare or two (this movie may not be for younger audiences). However the ending was WAY to cheesy. It could have handled much better. But if you want to see another Tim Burton stop-motion movie on Halloween, then you might walk away satisfied.

6/10 Good
Yash B December 10, 2012
A pure blast from start to finish that has Tim Burton written all over it. This is a fantastic Halloween movie for children. It's at the perfect level of creepy that will make all ages enjoy together. The story is loosely inspired by "Frankenstein" (book and pop culture) but it has some original spins that make it great to watch. Despite being in black and white, the film feels incredibly energetic and there's rarely a dull moment. Overall, It's a first rate animated adventure that is well worth a watch.
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