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Freak Out Reviews

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February 9, 2009
I think I would have given this movie more stars if I hadn't already seen Dead and Breakfast or Shaun of the Dead which I had heard it likened to. It has a lot of horror references in it which is fun for fans of the genre but it really seems to try and mimic Peter Jackson's splatter work with much less success. If there was a bit more action and a few (ok a lot) less attempts at humor which come of as nothing more than stupid then maybe this one could have been more. It's not a bad movie though and worth a watch. Good effort, their hearts were in the right spot.
December 12, 2007
I remember waiting, and waiting, for this movie to see the light of day. Then, it came out without any buzz at all. It's one of the stranger comedies out there. The start is a bit slow, but by mid movie the insanity begins to move into the boiling point and the thing just erupts with awesome.
November 30, 2007
Freak Out was a really good movie! It wasn't so much a horror as a comedy, but it did keepyou laughing and I loved the serial killer in training he was so harmless!
May 13, 2014
(* 1/2): Thumbs Down

I didn't find it to be all that funny.
May 13, 2014
One of my all-time favorite films. It reminds me of some of the cheesier 80's horror comedies, but it's also a film for horror geeks about horror geeks. It's not deep or insightful, it's not touching or even frightening, it's a group of talented young filmmakers piecing jokes togther(some jokes actually pretty clever; some gloriously low brow) and having fun. Mercifully it translates to the screen, and as long as you go into it expecting an indie comedy, you'll come out with a smile.
May 13, 2014
freak ouit is a classic.
May 13, 2014
Great independent film, that doesn't get the respect it deserves. More people need to see this.
May 13, 2014
So, you're heading into the rental store or your local music zone (even though they're now in administration) and you got 3 in your pocket and want a movie that can entertain you.. on your tightwad budget (and let's face it, it's still a week before payday, so we're all broke after christmas), you spy a innocent looking movie called Freak Out with an inconspicous trio posted on the cover, the movie starts with the origins of our killer, progressing shortly to the present day, where our killer is free and now we spy the victim, only our killer is so inept that when he meets the victim, the fellow (who happens to have the worlds only doctorate in horror movies) takes pity on the potato sacked villain and trains him up to be the deadliest thing with a spatula.. yes, a spatula.
Now, I don't want to ruin this movie, but it was worth every second, infact I would have watched it several times if I had not lent it out to a friend who's yet to see it, the movie doesn't treat us like undereducated children, nor does it overwhelm us with gore, but it does give us a entertaining and imaginative background to a man on the edge.. of sanity at least, and the way the mask changes according to the mood is very apt.
If you can find a copy I suggest you snap it up post haste, whether you're into comedy or horror, there's even a scene or two of psudeo romance and necrophilia if that's what gets you going, worth every penny and more, buy it.. but it now, while there's still time... DO IT.
Only bad points would be how a scene or two seem to progress slowly (but we forgive that when you remember this is home grown talent) and the movie is set in america but clearly uses pound notes in a few instances, so only surface touches that really do not detract from the movie itself, for we do not nitpick from our couches!

In the words of the immortal Hunter 'S "Because you're just another Freak"
May 13, 2014
all i half to say is that it is freaking funny and that that I hope other people think so to.
May 13, 2014
This horror spoof is a jumbled incoherent mess. I was hoping for something similar to Shaun of the Dead, but this isn't even close. Cheaply made and very amateurish, badly acted. I am not even sure their was a director, you can't tell by watching it. Unfunny garbage.
Robert H.
March 24, 2013
Unwatchably stupid. Only very dim grade-school boys would enjoy this level of humor.
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