• Unrated, 1 hr. 17 min.
  • Animation
  • Directed By:
    Ralph Bakshi
    In Theaters:
    Jan 25, 1972 Wide
    On DVD:
    Dec 11, 2001


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Fritz the Cat Reviews

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Anthony L

Super Reviewer

January 25, 2013
A real slice of the times bit of satire, Fritz the Cat is a cult favourite and an interesting piece of historical satire. It's a shame that the makers didn't stick to the original or get Crumb's approval but I believe they did manage to bring new and positive qualities to the character. I also liked what Crumb did with the character in retaliation to the film, it all adds to the interesting development of the underground comic movement. To dismiss it as a racist, drug fuelled animated orgy is to misunderstand it completely. I really like this style of animation too, it's what I grew up on.
Lucas M

Super Reviewer

January 12, 2012
A crude, surreal and darkly comedy. Fritz the Cat it's a real classic of the underground films, with a political background, Bakshi's work presents a weird animated New York in the 60's, full of hippie fashion, free sex, marijuana culture, racism and social problems. The "stud cat" Fritz have a view of all the society and make a personal trip, in based of his on philosophy, always meeting strange characters like: a heroin addict rabbit, terrorist radicals, unprofessionals cops, intellectual New York people and etc, etc, etc... Sometimes too screwball, dumb and overblown, but Fritz The Cat is an unique and remarkable animated film with a good soundtrack. Disturbing and maddening. Fresh.

Super Reviewer

May 19, 2011
Im not sure what this is, but I thought it was okay

Super Reviewer

September 5, 2010
This is the classic adult animated film which made the genre more popular. Bakshi's work was really revolutionary and very cool visually. I'm a big fan of his work, and I love this movie.

Super Reviewer

October 11, 2009
Totally dated but has moments and is the first X rated animated film so it wasn't a total waste
Cassandra M

Super Reviewer

July 13, 2009
This is a film not for everyone. Pure and simple it is offensive, and at times intentionally gross. Besides this fact, it holds the honour of the first X rated cartoon, huge box office sales and inspired by the comic book genius Robert Crumb. Unfortunately this film was made without his permission and it probably would have been better had he put in his own brand of humour in it. This is not to dishonour the writers and animators who spent two years making this. This holds a place in our culture for many reasons, especially since it represented the college kids who just had to get out and rebel. That with the drug abuse, and graphic sex scenes makes the viewing of it one that should probably be engaged in alone.

Super Reviewer

July 15, 2007
This X-rated rendition of Robert Crumb's revolutionary feline is the most outrageous cartoon every produced. It's sometimes funny and sometimes gross, but mostly just so-so.
_kelly .

Super Reviewer

February 4, 2008
According to R. Crumb (Fritz creator), he loathes this movie for its unfaithfulness to his comics. I think it's a great achievement for Bakshi, and proves that there is always art too risque to transfer to screen, even when you already plan on a smaller and specific audience. Also quite funny when intoxicated.
Bradley W

Super Reviewer

December 2, 2011
Im not sure what this is, but I thought it was okay

Super Reviewer

March 19, 2011
Very underrated, very adult.

To begin with the animation here is well done, it's hard to find other animated films that look as great as this one did at its time. The story while not being straightforward is also pretty interesting to watch. Fritz is given a great voice by actor Skip Hinnant who feels perfect for the character. This film does have its share of problems though, most apparent is that it can get a bit "nasty" for some viewers who might not be able to handle this kind of satire.

Watch this movie if you can handle a lot of nudity or if your a huge animation fan this movie is a great watch.
Eric B

Super Reviewer

August 24, 2009
An entertaining period curiosity, but the concentration on smoking grass, free love, youth revolution and black power is crazy dated, man.
Mike T

Super Reviewer

July 17, 2006
Sexual depravity, scathing social commentary, raucous violence... and animated animals. Ralph Bakshi definitely creates something surprising with this film, and I found it to be quite insightful and very entertaining. Apparently the creator of the source material hates this rendition, but I think it's because Bakshi took such huge liberties and transformed it into his own vision. This is an experimental animated movie that serves as a reminder that not all cartoons need to be family-oriented.
Sylvester K

Super Reviewer

January 17, 2012
Sex, Sex, Sex, Orgy, Violence, Misogyny, Cats, Crows. It's an experimental film from Bakshi, it doesn't make any sense at all, but at least it wasn't boring. Besides it's the first X rated animation film anyway, should give it some credits.
Remi L

Super Reviewer

January 23, 2010
I never knew racism was "cool" or "in style"
January 23, 2014
Even if I know that R. Crumb has disowned this film, I still enjoy it for the wild animation that Bakshi throws at us,and the clever use of colors and texture throughout.

Fun flick, well worth a revisit.

July 12, 2013
Both a comedy of youthful idealism and jaded disillusionment and a document of burned out remainders from the 1960s. Aggressively incorrect, Fritz still has the power to entertain, jibe and offend, forty years later. If you saw it as a kid looking for cartoon areolae, as I did, have another look and see that this film still holds up. Fritz has a distinctly skewed take on the male/female problem and a freewheeling sensibility that's hard not to love. To watch Fritz the Cat is to appreciate how much things have changed, and how much they remain the same.
February 1, 2012
Interesting animated film from the 70s and taking place in the 60s...this was the first animated movie to be rated X. It has some pretty funny moments, but it also can drag a bit. I enjoyed it for its sort of historical perspective, and I did think some of Fritz lines were pretty damn funny, but I wouldn't recommend this to the average viewer.
January 10, 2012
Sadly, 40 year old sex and drug jokes don't translate very well. What was X-Rated then would barely
get an R now, if not a PG-13.
October 18, 2011
Fritz the Cat is the satirical look at they 1960's. We follow Fritz from New York to California and look at the world the way he see's it. The animation is good and the soundtrack is mostly jazz (I'm a fan). They play off each other well, but at times the animation just seems to go on for no reason other than to play the song. The voice work is spot on. The direction in the movie was paced at times, but mostly kept the story moving along. The humor is overtly sexual, which (I'm not fan of) at times is well used. The characters are hilarious in their own right and feel real enough to worry about. I will also note that their are stereotypical views on genders and races. But for the most part the movie is what it was meant to be a satire. None of these things are true, which is what they are mocking. I can only recommend this to those who will not be offended by it's extreme off-beat humor. But it's still a good movie deep down.
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