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October 31, 2012
It grows tense and mysterious with excellent special effects and make-up while always holding our interest, but in the last half-hour it goes completely astray and over the top, losing its direction and becoming a hilarious mess with an insane climax.
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½ August 11, 2013
A pair of mad scientists develop a device that activates the pineal gland, allowing them access to the "beyond." This is an obvious attempt by director Stuart Gordon to repeat the formula that worked so well in his debut, RE-ANIMATOR---R-rated update of an H.P. Lovecraft idea starring Jeffrey Combs and Barbara Crampton---but it lacks the black comedy, outrageousness and originality that made the early film a hit.
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August 10, 2012
Stuart Gordon has made a terrific film with Re-Animator continues that streak with From Beyond, another film based on the works of H.P Lovecraft. The result is a highly entertaining film that delivers a unique viewing experience. Brilliantly acted by a cast comprising of some of the most memorable names in horror, this film definitely is a thrill from start to finish. This is a shocking, horrifying film with great gore effects that is sure to please the most die-hard gore hound. Stuart Gordon has always been a top-notch director in the genre and with From Beyond, he solidifies his reputation as one of the best directors in the genre. This is a well crafted Sci Fi horror film that has hints of the body horror genre. Stuart Gordon's understanding of the horror medium. The plot is terrific and there are some great performances by Ken Foree and Jeffrey Combs who make the film worth seeing. Stuart Gordon keeps the ball rolling with memorable gore effects that really stand out. This is a sick film that relies on gore and surrealism elements that add to the film's story. This is among the best of 80's horror. The film is also one of best films by Stuart Gordon who helmed Re-Animator and that's saying something. This is a riveting picture that is a bloody good time from start to finish. If you love Gordon's work on Re-Animator, then this film is for you. Brilliantly constructed, directed and acted, this is horror at its finest, and a film that shouldn't be passed up.
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June 4, 2007
All you need to know is Jeffrey Combs sucks a woman's brains out...
through her ocular socket.
Why aren't you watching this right now?
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February 24, 2010
In this far too liberal adaptation of Lovecraft's "From Beyond", the only highlight is the creature effects and the machine props/set, which will only be of interest to fans of the bygone era of using only practical effects and may seem silly and crude to modern viewers. The pink-blue lighting of the parallel realm is pretty nice, but that ends the good to be found here. Most of the makeup and creature highlights can be seen in the trailer too, so there is really no reason to waste time on this utterly lame story which disgraces its literary roots.
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½ November 18, 2009
Almost as amazing as the Re-Animator and certainly just as fun. It has the same great effects and twisted morals. Jeffrey Combs did it again, a priceless character. Ken Foree was a nice surprise and had some great moments. This went way into the science fiction genre, covering sixth senses and multi-dimensions.
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½ July 19, 2007
It took me 23 years to finally see this wonderful but demented film. Based on a H.P. Lovecraft tale, and I imagine updated slightly for the 80's. Like "Hellraiser", there are elements of bondage, pleasure and pain "from beyond". Mad scientists unlock another dimension with their resonator device, allowing other-worldly creatures to attack. The story moves along at a nice pace; I didn't get bored and feared what would come next.

This is a high-quality production from Stuart Gordon, who brought us such classics as "Dolls" and "Re-Animator". It's demented, goopy and grotesque. The monster creations are believable and stomach-turning. The makeup is topnotch and deserves awards.
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½ May 11, 2009
definitely not as good as Re-animator but still pure fun to watch
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December 2, 2007
4 stars for being one of the most disgusting movies I have ever seen.
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June 6, 2007
Although I was a little disappointed by the director's cut which at best added 30 seconds that the MPAA had truncated from the film it was still a pleasant trip down memory lane. Though not as manic or blackly funny as Gordon's Re-Animator this is still a wild ride of goo, brains and blood with a bit of S & M thrown in.
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September 10, 2007
More zaniness from Gordon and Combs. Not as much fun as Re-Animator, but still worthwhile. Possibly the least tweaked/crazed I've ever seen Combs play a role, at least initially.
Ryan M
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½ October 9, 2010
*** out of ****

If there's one reason to know the name of Stuart Gordon, it's because of his early masterwork of trash "Re-Animator". If there's anything you'll know the writer H.P. Lovecraft from, it's his classic short story "The Call of Cthulhu". These two brilliant minds met once in 1985 with the already-said film; "Re-Animator". Now, they have met once again in "From Beyond"; a quality piece of trash from director Gordon, who remains as lovably sleazy and exploitative as ever.

But I suppose there's a charm and a style to his methods of direction; there are the slobs who work with sleaze and then there are the artists (who also, from time-to-time work with sleaze). I'd say Gordon comes close to the second category than the first; there's an undeniable artistry to his every intent as a filmmaker, and I admire his career. His job is to disgust through special effects; he creates slime, blood, gore, and "other things". I need not mention his every creation. Let's just say that it's a surprise; and Gordon's artistic vision is an ambitious (and thoroughly engaging) one. If you know what to expect from the director, well, then there isn't much more to say about this film.

I think the reason behind Gordon's success in both "Re-Animator" and "From Beyond" is his connection and general understanding of Lovecraft's wild imagination; which often ran amuck with crazy ideas, but never strayed into the kind of camp and absurdity that Gordon - the adaptor of the author's great macabre tales - aims to present. "From Beyond" blends science fiction with horror; eventually attempting to bring a little bit of drama into the mix, but emerging the kind of film that it intended to be all along even if that last element doesn't necessarily work out for the better. But then again, in a horror movie, the drama seldom tends to work all that well; so we stop expecting it. But it's always a welcome surprise when a filmmaker does attempt to tackle such venues and emerges victorious.

You've got a pretty simple-minded yet ambitious story at hand; that of scientist-turned-schizophrenic Dr. Crawford (Jeffrey Combs) who has invented a machine which he referred to as The Resonator. This fine work of art allowed Crawford and a business partner to experience pleasure beyond that of our own world; in fact, the machine itself was made to open a whole other dimension and unleash its contents onto our own world. Crawford's partner is power-hungry and things get out of hand fast; Crawford kills his friend to prevent the madness that would have quickly ensued if he had not made the difficult decision, and he gives himself up to the police who are waiting outside (an annoyed neighbor, who heard the sounds and saw the lights that came from Crawford's house had called the officers).

He now moves to a psychiatric ward; where he seems more crazy, but still potentially brilliant. One day, he is visited by Dr. Katherine McMichaels (Barbara Crampton), who takes him in as her patient after disapproving of the way that Crawford's current doctors are treating him. She attempts to gain access to the mind of her new friend and patient; eventually persuading him to accompany her and a friend (Ken Foree) to the house where The Resonator still stands, unattended. But, as it would seem; the old work partner has indeed left OUR world, but still exists in another. He is no longer human; and he will manifest himself whenever the machine is turned on during the initial stay of these three central protagonists. And they'll turn The Resonator on a lot; out of curiosity, hoping to discover something new each time. And oh, they will.

Man, oh man; is this movie gross. It's a rather outstanding exercise in bad taste; it does not attempt to redeem itself thematically or even through its own ambitions; which are often quite broad in nature. Gordon cares more about the exploitation of his subjects, and for once I can respect that; he makes use of a lot of complex and visually stunning special effects to tell his story in a different way than the traditional style. If we're talking about the plot of "From Beyond"; it's a very average movie, but if we're talking about the experience, then suddenly, it's pretty damn sensational. I enjoyed the film; it was lovably disgusting, and endlessly endearing at that. I appreciate what Gordon has going here, and somehow he transforms an almost irredeemably messy movie into something that can pass as solid escapist entertainment.

If you can get past the "gross" factor that comes with "From Beyond", then you might just get lost in it enough to appreciate it. I can't say it's anything great - but it's one of the director's best films in the sense that it almost entirely embraces his art, which was to create something disgusting, repulsive, tasteless, yet discreetly pleasurable. Not everyone call this kind of film - well-made or not - entertaining, but I'm forgiving as well as understanding. I imagine that a good number of people who see the film will be less forgiving, but what's life without divisive opinions, am I right? "From Beyond" is the kind of film that wants you to react; and it wants to laugh at how you go about doing so. I think that, in itself, is a kind of weird beauty.
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April 18, 2009
(At the time) revolutionary prosthetics and latex effects enliven this otherwise standardly trashy story. Not as enjoyable as Stuart Gordon's earlier Re-Animator, but fun enough.
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February 16, 2010
Slim, gore, monsters, pseudo-science, and a little S & M. What more do you need from a movie?
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September 1, 2012
Definitely one of my personal favourite cult classics. Based on the short story by H.P. Lovecraft, it's a story about Mad Scientist who conjured creatures from outer planar and thus devouring human brains. Stuart Gordon is amazing at directing horror films. The make up and special effect were from beyond it's time. The story was well written, all the itty bitty details were well executed. A good comparison to Hellraiser. The best part in the film is biting the eyeball out of people then suck their brains, classic!
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½ September 13, 2010
As trashy as trash flicks get. Pretty much the ultimate "Full Moon" picture and on that oh so banal level (which is, in all honesty, all it aspires to) it works decently.
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March 4, 2008
Stuart Gordon does Lovecraft, count me in.
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½ August 27, 2007
Terrifying when your ten....not too bad as an adult.
½ March 5, 2013
It promises sensuality, insanity, and gore, and that's exactly what it delivers. A decent semi-sequel to Re-Animator.
March 11, 2015
Yeah, I guess I liked it. This film stayed busy most of the time and changed up to prevent boredom with several gory scenes to its honor. Memorable.
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