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½ August 16, 2009
The best of the lot: the most perfectly realised on the screen and the truest to Fleming. As with Dr. No, the location photography here in the main favours the gritty over the travelogue pretty, a trend the series would regrettably begin to move away from with the very next film, Goldfinger. Terence Young's direction has a sure-footedness and confidence that was entirely lacking in his earlier effort and Robert Shaw's psychopathic SPECTRE agent is still the best henchman to have graced the Bond franchise.
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January 10, 2013
'From Russia with Love's bigger budget provides a slightly grander film than the franchise's first installment, but it still suffers from minor flaws. The film is more quicky paced and with a better plot, but does not have an enticing enough villain to compete with Connery's character. However, a few good action set pieces and a well shot film imply that the franchise is making good strides, and who better to keep in the driver seat than Sean Connery.
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June 9, 2006
This was the second entry in the series of James Bond films, and it definitely ranks right up at the top as one of the best. Dr. No introduced most of the series trademarks, and this one brought in the rest, most notably Q.

It also is a more polished film than its predecessor, and one heck of an enjoyable spy thriller.

The shadowy organization SPECTRE are usually bent on world domination. This time, they team up with the KGB, and it seems as if all they just want a Russian decoding device. Bond steps in to stop them,. but, as good of an agent as he is, he can't help but get sidetracked by a lovely lady.

Connery really comes into his own here, and he's great. The villains, mainly Lotte Lenya's Rosa Klebb and Robert Shaw's Red Grant, are likewise quite excellent and memorable. The action and adventure are thrilling, the music is wonderful, and this goes down as one cool, suave, and awesome romp that is not to be missed.
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October 1, 2010
This film has everything that was great about the first bond film, and more. The plot is wiser, the characters have more to do, the action is much more developed, and the character-to-character dialogue scenes are some of the most intense scenes I have ever seen in a movie. This film does everything to perfection, and what I love so much about these films is how easily each cast member can work with each other. They all feel so comfortable. I have no complaints about this film, besides a few characters that were brought up, but left out until then end of the film, but every movie can be poked at. "From Russia With Love" is a stunning Bond feature!
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October 29, 2012
A film that contains nothing but the goods. A blisteringly entertaining and furiously fun action-packed thrill-ride. Connery is still in top form delivering more confidence and charm. Robert Shaw is terrific as the films villain giving him and Connery a great fight sequence together. A wonderfully enjoyable blast from start to finish.
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½ March 13, 2009
An improvement on Dr. No with a more intriguing (although a little confusing) plot and better action sequences. Sean Connery is even better here than he was in the debut, showing just how cool he really is as James Bond. The villains are also memorable (especially Lotte Lenya as Rosa). The film definitely feels more like the traditional Bond formula than Dr. No and although it is not as tame as that movie, compared to later entries in the series, it's still pretty low-key. It would also be the last of its kind before the formula kicks in and takes these films in the more campy direction, therefore making it probably the best of the Connery era.
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½ November 27, 2006
Shadowy criminal organisation SPECTRE plan to play the Russians and British secret service off against each other to obtain a strategically important decoding machine. The recent "reinvention" of Bond was really more of a process of going back to the roots of the franchise. The gritty, no-nonsense almost amoral tone of Bond was already in place at a very early stage and this is one of the best examples. Connery had eased nicely into the part and here shows the easy charm and tough guy charisma that enabled him to make the part his own and he shares a charming relationship with the lovely Daniela Bianchi rather than the cynical misogyny of the later films. There are also great turns from Pedro Armendariz as his Turkish sidekick and especially Robert Shaw as a sociopathic hired killer; he occupies all the best scenes, in particular the brutal showdown between he and Bond on a train. It does have its weaknesses; SPECTRE's head honchos with their clumsy exposition, silly accents and insistence on telling their entire plan to the audience are straight out of Austin Powers and the final scene is corny as hell. But if you can get past the awkward opening scenes, Bond's (eventual) appearance is well worth waiting for. One of the best of the original Bond series.
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September 9, 2012
Solid second offering in the Bond series, but not quite as good as "Dr. no". I think that's because this is an incomplete film, more of a setup for what is still to come. The reason I say that is we never see Ernst Stavro Blofeld's face(head of Spectre), so we know he and Bond will have to face off eventually, just not here. Having said that, it is bigger, more action, more women, and just more Bond in general. Connery as Bond is pitch perfect. He's the true definition of "men want to be him, and want want to be with him". Here, Spectre is after a decoding device, and one Bond has it they set out to trap and kill him. There's a fantastic fight scene on a train towards the end between Bond and Red Grant(one of the villains). I also love the introduction of the gadgets, as it doesn't go overboard like other films, but it sets things up pretty nice. Great movie, in a great series.
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April 12, 2010
10/06/2012 (DVD)

BOND IS BACK! Still charming the women, still escaping in the nick of time and as usual, still saving the day! More cool gadgets to aid in his missions and of course more witty liners after a punch-up and still damn suave with a kick-ass grin!

This is number 2 on my "James Bond" marathon and so far I'm having a good time. It's the 1960's so I'm not anticipating any over the top action but all in all the action is still quite amazing with the time considered. It's quite a heavy theme with governmental issues that I have no doubt is possibly existing.

Sean Connery as 007 is such a smooth player! This marathon is going to be interesting as the time changes also with the actors so I'm looking forward to the rest of this franchise. Can't wait for Skyfall? Then do the "James Bond" marathon!
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½ May 2, 2010
From Russia with Love is old school Bond fun.

Villains carefully explaining their future plans instead of killing Bond while they can, and subsequently allowing him to escape and foil their plots? Check!

Hot women, both friend and foe, ready to leap into bed with the super spy? Check!

Tricky gadgetry that just happens to be exactly what's needed to get out of a life or death situation? Check!

Globe trotting adventures to thwart shadowy organizations and sinister villains? Check!

From Russia with Love is a fun, solid Bond movie. The action and fight scenes are entertaining (grenades and helicopters don't mix well, apparently). Daniela Bianchi is a sexy Bond Girl, though her role is basically just plot device/eye candy, as opposed to some of the other women who have had bigger roles in the story and action of their respective Bond films. And those gypsy girls...well, I wouldn't have minded if the entire movie would have been about them.

Anyway, good villains, gritty fights, the introduction of many of the trademarks of the series, and Connery in his groove, all make this a Bond film that any fan will enjoy.
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½ January 14, 2007
A rare Bond film that has lots of action without ever getting too silly.
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½ September 5, 2010
I liked this Bond movie a bit better than the first, it's a little less confusing story wise, but I'm still not a big fan of the series.
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½ April 10, 2007
There's something quite special about movies from the 1960's. Especially the James Bond ones, which are always a delight to the eyes. Even if they aren't as exciting action-wise as today's 007 features, they do offer something that's always worth returning to: namely stunning cinematography and sophisticated directing. It's quite a rare thing these days, as most contemporary film-makers just wanna cram in as much action as possible, and find it immensely difficult to keep their cameras steady. As if audiences today have such a low attention-span, that we can't enjoy a movie unless there's a thousand things going on at once. That's why it's so nice to have films like this to escape to. Because altough it may not be a favourite of mine in the Bond series, at least it doesn't insult my intelligence. So if you should ever feel the need for a break from 21th century Hollywood, this sure makes for a good alternative. No shaky cams, no cheesy dialogue. Just pure old-fashioned A-grade entertainment.
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June 28, 2010
Another phenomenal Bond film, the second in the series is just as good as the first one. But with the added fact that the budget is bigger and the story is even bigger. From Russia With Love is an even more exhilarating film than Dr No. In this film the audience is introduced to an unforgettable Bond Villain, Ernst Stavro Blofeld., one of the best and greatest of all Bond villains. From Russian With Love also has some memorable villains besides Blofeld, Red Grant and Rosa Klebb (who actually "killed" James Bond at the end of the book version) With every Bond film, the stories get better, and the villains more deadly, From Russia With Love is a great example of that, and definitely remains a classic of the series.
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March 2, 2010
Too complicated story...why not just say "the baguy's in there!" And I can't remember...did they ever solve the problem? I just remember the movie ending. But Bond is such a bully. That saved this movie from a 2 star rating
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August 3, 2006
The second of the instalments of the James Bond Series. Another mission and the introduction of the secret agent gadges, another love interest and of course not forgetting the trademark cheesy one liners.

Not a particularly exciting film, but if like me you are working your way through the list in order then of course it?s a film that must be seen.
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December 4, 2009
The second in the series of James Bond Movies. And finally we get to see some neat secret agent gear, a brief case with a talcum powder can that explodes if case is open wrong, the explosion is tear gas. Also case contains 50 Gold Solverns (Wish I had Them). And it holds a knife, ohh wow secret agent gear of the sixties, would interest anyone today. But James works with a female Russian agent who he falls in love with and is simply beautiful. The object is to get a code machine back to England. Far better then Dr No, have to give it 4 stars.
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December 3, 2009
James Bond Movies are just Awesome.
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March 13, 2008
This is what a perfect Bond film is. The sequel to Dr. No finds Bond in Turkey at the behest of a Soviet stenographer (Daniela Bianachi) who is offering the superspy a decoding device. What is actually happening is a well planned operation by SPECTRE to get the east and the west in a conflict that will allow them to take over. Robert Shaw also stars as SPECTE's secret weapon.From Russia with Love further developed the Bond film. Dr. No was the foundation and this film was built upon the basic scenario of Bond having a mission to save the world. Connery further develops the Bond role that would be the standard for the next forty years.
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½ June 2, 2006
Tatiana: The mechanism is... Oh James, James... Will you make love to me all the time in England?
James Bond: Day and night. Go on about the mechanism.

James Bond's second outing. One of the best Bond stories of them all. One of the best Bond villains of them all. And one of the best Bond fights of them all. The best Bond movie in terms of providing a solid spy thriller story structure, mixed with Bond style charm and action. And you have Robert Shaw in ultra cool mode as a SPECTRE assassin who is Bond's match.

Red Grant: The first one won't kill you; not the second, not even the third... not till you crawl over here and you KISS MY FOOT!

Sean Connery as James Bond still plays things very cool, even with all the danger he gets surrounded in, and there is even time for a hot gypsy woman fight.

The plot surrounds Bond attempting to find a secret decoder that could upset world order while the evil organization known as SPECTRE does their best to stop him.

Bond has to travel to various places including Istanbul, make some sexy contacts, and stay alive through various boat and helicopter chases, while keeping himself looking cool throughout.

The movie is very well made, a ton of fun, and full of memorable moments and the wonderful Bond score by John Barry.

James Bond: Pardon me, do you have a match?
Kerim's Chauffeur: I use a lighter.
James Bond: Better still.
Kerim's Chauffeur: Until they go wrong.
James Bond: Exactly.
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