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½ April 14, 2012
I think the movie suffers from the same problem that its protagonist, Jack Frost, has. Once you get past the eye candy, the lively music, and the quirks of each "main" character, all you have left is emptiness. With the exception of Sophie, all the other players come off as self-absorbed and superficial. The irony is that Jack's cheesy sidekick, Scotch, probably goes through the most visible transformation (I say this loosely) on-screen. And that is the problem of the movie. There just isn't enough development of the relational dynamics within the movie to appreciate what is happening.

I wanted to enjoy this movie more than I did....
July 11, 2011
Having Written a Best Selling Book some 7 or 8 years prior, Jack Frost(Jason Behr) is living in the Very Fast Lane ever since, Party Boy Modelizer, it's 24/7 of Sex, Drugs, & Rock & Roll.But it's hearing that his Editor & Childhood Sweetheart is getting married, that seems to be his near undoing.His Two best friends are Ozzy(Krysten Ritter) who's on the road to self destruct with drugs & alcohol to excess, & Scotch(Mike Landry), a Socialtard who for some illogical reason, has a TV show about a Playboy Lifestyle.Enter Sophie(India Ennenga), the 11 year Old Neighbor with all the common sense that the, so called grown ups, don't have, that seems to be the Saving Grace of his, so called, Existential Crisis.For a movie, that in the first 10 minutes, appeared to be just another T&A opportunity,it turned out to be quite a poignant surprise of a film.Didn't see this one coming, but Me Likey
August 29, 2013
The guy who plays Scotch Evans is fantastic. Maudlin and inebriated with a love of fried chicken and Marlboro's...this guy knocks it out of the park!
½ July 3, 2011
limitat, dar cu inima...
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