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½ March 3, 2011
Stylish action-thriller that may not be rife with originallity but does deliver an entertaining and cool time-filler. Really good action scenes helped along by snazzy camera work and a great charismatic performance by Andy Lau. The whole competing hitmen thing has been done before but there's enough in this one for any Hong Kong action fan to enjoy, but it's not among the directors best efforts.
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November 21, 2009
This is a very enjoyable action / thriller movie from Hong Kong, though not as much action as some I have seen from the west (West of me.) it still holds a good story line and enjoyable moments. Two assassins are pretty much pitted against each other. One is O (Takashi Sorimachi) who is the top hit man in the far East and is know for his professionalism. He has a cleaning lady who he is in love with clean an apartment he never lives in. The other assassin is Tok (Andy Lau), who is a show boater when it comes to killing. Sooner or later they must face each other and this provides for a action packed movie, that rates 4 stars.
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June 18, 2007
Starts well until it becomes exactly what is trying to make a parody from, but duller. Andy Lau was fun to watch here, Simon Yam is awfully wasted.
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December 10, 2007
story gets so ridiculous and boring, the dialogue starts alluding to it; loses any deeper layer and amounts to an exercise in glorifying violence with above-average style; high angles for the first 20 min (!) and good crane shots
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½ November 23, 2007
This action/thriller from Hong Kong is a bit thin on plot, but like "Underworld", the cast and cinematography are it's saving graces. Kelly Lin in particular is wonderfully over the top as the eccentric villain Chin, and Takashi Sorimachi portrays the hitman-with-morals O with quiet, reserved dignity. If you like a good action movie, and don't mind reading subtitles (and trust me, in this one, you need them even when they speak English) then give it a look.
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December 28, 2007
Rips off every single action movie of the last 30 years.
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½ June 14, 2008
another fine johnny to offering...nice play between the two leads...interesting styles between the two killers...almost as in 'heat'...with a girl in the middle...suspenseful, interesting watch
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July 26, 2008
Awesome hitman film from the great Kai Fai Wai and Johhny To. Almost like an update of Duel to the Death with the Hong Kong vs Japan angle, but this is a non-stop film with great characters and action setpieces. Highly recommended.
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½ March 30, 2008
The narrative is really interesting here. It kind of jumps around with points of view and focus, and really seems like the filmmaker didn't even know, or maybe he fully knew what he was doing, because it really makes an incredibly unique feel.
The thing to watch in this film is the action. It's done actually as a sort of acculmanation (sp?) of a bunch of styles making one think of older HK films and even the film Thriller, with it's slowing down of the action but it infact creates itself it's own style.
Andy Lau's character is also a cinephile and therefore allows for a sort of comment and self reflexivity to the film.
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January 23, 2007
Awesome movie, not as deep a story as Infernal Affairs, but still a good action movie. What makes it better is the cocky ego Andy Lau displays in this movie. This movie is the reason I say, "Awww, no Hong Kong Snoopy."
½ October 16, 2009
Pretty disappointing piece. Plot is very much like Seijun Suzuki's "Branded to Kill" (1967), but surrealistic mood that the original has does not fit to the style of Johnny To and Ka-Fai Wai. Especially the "O" character could (should) be much better. I don't think casting is perfect either.
December 10, 2009
The top assassin in Asia is openly challenged by a cocky, flamboyant killer in this engaging action film.
July 3, 2009
This movie accepts what it is, a lot of flash for a pedantic asian hitman movie. So it gives it a lot of flash. The attempt at the emotional story isn?t that engaging but the personalities of the Andy Lau character and the cop writing the story work well. It kept me interested in the interaction with others in the story. The mask concept was funny and while some of it begs you to not think about it (how did the items in the boxes not blow up before they noticed what was inside if they were already spraying bullets everywhere) and just enjoy it. After all, the character himself acknowledges that it all seems like a movie plot, so he names drops some. So was it El Mariachi or Desperado he was talking about?
March 7, 2009
"Chuen Jik Sat Sau" (2001)

This is a great Hong Kong actioner in Chinese, Japanese, and English, is about two competing hit men, a quiet and shy professional named Ono (Takashi Sorimachi) and Lok Tok-Wah (Andy Lau), a reckless, flamboyant hit man. O has been considered the #1 assassin in the area, but Tok is more showy and even savors the attention and fear that he brings.

"In our business, you're bound to rub out someone you know."

Tok is getting tired of the crappy jobs and lower pay, that he gets while his rival, O gets more pay and easier hits, but his handlers don?t like the publicity that Tok brings with him. Interpol agent Albert Lee (Simon Yam) and his partner C7 (Teddy Lin) are after both of them.

O just wants to stay under the radar. He hires a shop girl named Chen (Kelly Lin) to clean out his apartment that he never lives at, just so he can watch her from the run-down apartment across the street where he really lives at.

Soon Tok discovers this girl and toys with her. It's hard to tell if Tok really loves this girl, or if he's just playing her to get at O.
March 10, 2009
Andy Lau looked like he was having a good time in this one, a simpler effort from Johnnie To but he made it real enjoyable with good action scenes. Bravo.
July 26, 2008
The story of the number one Assassin in Asia, O, and the man who's come to challenge him for the title of Asia's number one assassin.

Shot in Hong Kong, Manilla, Burma, Korea, Japan and Thai Land... this movie is beautifully shot and full of creative action scenes
½ July 26, 2008
a really great import, the cast is outstanding as its two hitmen fighting each other for the same girl, it shows the dangers of smoking first hand
July 26, 2008
A really good story of Rival contract killers...and Tony Lau gives an amazing performance. Wonder why he hasn't appeared in any American movies yet.
February 17, 2007
One story, three Asian countries? yay.
And which other story features the game "Metal Slug"? fun stuff.
November 8, 2007
is there even a term for someone with a vomiting fetish? if so, the directior has it. yuck! not a really bad story, just not really meaty. would've worked better as a short film, imo. or maybe it just needed some nudity. lol!
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