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September 30, 2011
A pretty interesting story...but the acting was pretty bad. It did have some pretty scary/creepy imagery, though. Up there with "The Jailhouse."
½ February 12, 2011
Danny Trejo, Ja Rule, and the great Michael Pare. The only thing that could make ''Furnace'' one of the worst horror movies ever, would be Jenny Mcshane, whose highest rated film is ''The Watcher'' at a whopping 10% - which is actually overrated. Well, don't fear, because she was signed, sealed and delivered in this one, too.
August 26, 2011
good creepy thriller that wants 2b like the green mile but ends up short
½ March 27, 2011
While the plot is good the film itself doesn't offer much. While the effects are good the film plods along towards a obvious climax. The acting is not half as bad as some of the low budget films I have seen on the Horror channel (where I saw this) but Ja Rule could use some more acting classes.
½ October 27, 2010
This was a good movie
October 22, 2010
Furnace is one of those movies that tries really hard at being a psychological thriller, and only comes out looking like a bad indie attempt. Chief among the problems, is a good bit of badly executed special effects, a story with plot holes big enough you could drive a truck through, and a setting that just doesn't quite make sense.

The special effects could have been much better. They go more for the standard "shock" type of scare, where the creature appears before you when you least expect it. This works only a handful of times, but before long it just starts looking like one of the editors let their twelve year old daughter have a go at it. If they had laid off the fire effect (though this does become important later on) and less of the choppy jumping effect for the ghosts, I think I could have looked past the general cheesy feel that they gave off anyway. One ghost, that of a little girl, looked much like just a dirty little girl. Even though the story established that she was essentially ash. The other ghost, that of an older man, was greyed out and looked more like a photo on some bad film than a ghost. Oddly his "ash" effect was better.

The plot left a good bit to be desired, more than once I found myself thinking "really? I mean, are you really expecting me to buy this load of bull?" One of the biggest problems was that of the "Furnace" for which the movie takes its name. It was obvious, even to the most casual observer, that this furnace would never have worked in any way shape or form, and while it looked ominous enough; that didn't quite make up for the fact that it just simply didn't fit in with the set. Perhaps had they tried to make the furnace itself more realistic, and less looking like something cobbled together by a set crew, it would have been better. Furthermore, the movie takes place (mostly) in a prison. However once again there are a number of plot problems, not the least of which being that outside detectives and prison guards are seen carrying firearms around open cells of inmates. Trouble waiting to happen, yet it never actually comes to that.

The movie doesn't really start coming together until the very end, when a long flashback scene explains everything that's been going on; at least in the past. Even then, when some of the earlier instances start making sense, the movie falls flat on its face. What could have been a very good ending fight, just ends up being this one woman screaming at the detective, while he fights with the spirit of the man that had been killing inmates. That's just it. The movie ends there and we never get to find out any epilogue or what really happened afterward.
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½ September 20, 2010
.This is one of the better horror flick's of the modern era. Make up is great, right from the start the Gore scenes are spectacular. Great story line. My only disappointment is that it didn't win any awards i.e. Fangoria. .. Should have easily been in the 8 films to die for series. 4 1/2 stars
½ October 26, 2009
Was worth watching once!
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½ August 19, 2009
Horrible movie - don't waste your time.
April 5, 2009
just like any other B movie
June 5, 2008
a mix of fire and blood makes for one hell of a good movie
½ June 19, 2008
Needed a better storyline.
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½ May 9, 2008
atmospheric and aptly put together but in every other area lacking. the special effects were laughable and the acting much the same. obviously cheaply done but c'mon... make an effort!
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