Futurama - Volume 3

Futurama - Volume 3

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  • Unrated, 8 hr. 26 min.
  • Television, Comedy
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  • On DVD:    Oct 19, 2004

Latest News on Futurama - Volume 3

January 27, 2006

Future Looks Bright for "Futurama"

The hilariously talented voice actor Billy West keeps in close contact with his fans via message board, and he recently divulged one HECK of a cool piece of news. Seems that the whole cast & crew are being united to create not two, not three, but FOUR all-new direct-to-video "Futurama" movies, which (if you've ever seen the show) you just know is fantastic news. More…

January 4, 2006

There Is a Future for "Futurama"

OK, so technically this would count more as "TV news" than "movie news," but I'm so amazingly geeked out by this Variety scoop that I can hardly contain myself. You know that brilliant animated comedy on Fox called "Futurama"? Yeah, well, it looks like it'll be making a comeback on the Fox network sometime relatively soon. Relatively sooner than the year 3000, that is. More…

May 25, 2005

Could "Futurama" Be Reborn Via DVD?

When it was just one little bit of juicy gossip at a "Futurama" website, I was intrigued but skeptical. But when the brilliantly funny voice-actor Billy West confirmed the news, well, I felt it was something worth sharing: Fox Home Video seems to be more than a little interested in producing one or more "Futurama" movies, which will be released directly to video. More…