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Galaxy Quest Reviews

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Phil H

Super Reviewer

August 4, 2012
In all fairness this could easily be an unofficial sequel to the Star Trek franchise, a freak alternate universe thingy hehe. A cool satire or parody of the classic sci-fi franchise that mocks and homages whilst being immensely enjoyable to boot.

I never really thought I would like a Tim Allen film, he's never been my cup of tea and his films aren't exactly gold dust. This has to be his best and funniest film to date with a terrific Shatner type performance as the Captain. I love the way he oozes around the conventions basking in the glory that is he. The show revolves around him, it would fold without him, grasping at all the attention that comes his way...brilliantly done.

The rest of the crew is also created, cast and visualized perfectly. The best for me being Rickman as the tired failed dramatic actor 'Dane aka...'Dr Lazarus'. Alongside Allen with his ego trip Rickman is so so damn hilarious, the way he cringes at all the fans, shuns the ridiculous questions, the attention and rolls his eyes whilst squirming at the geeks that swarm around him.

Kudos to the extras that played the geeks and nerds. I dunno if they were actual fans of Star Trek or general sci-fi (I'm guessing they were) but I'll bet they were regulars to conventions. Whoever they were they really nailed the whole image and reputation these type of folk have . The interaction with Rickman's character in one sequence is flippin' comedy gold!.

The whole crew line up is excellent but the way the film floats between the in-film TV show and the real situation they are all thrown into is sheer quality. Surely the best humour must be how Allen's crew must adapt and recreate how to actually take command of a real starship, fire torpedoes, land, use communications they pretend to do in their show.

What is really hilarious is how its all so accurate to Star Trek! its so darn close you forget they are taking the piss. I love how Shalhoub tries to explain to Allen that their engine is basically screwed but in the most basic babyish terms he can. The way Rockwell points out that there's a red thingy moving towards the green thingy on the radar screen, and that he thinks they are the green thingy. Also the way he has constant panic attacks as he knows he's the expendable crew member that always bites the dust in these types of situations (redshirt).

The only crew/cast member that I didn't think fit was Weaver as 'DeMarco'. I realise the whole point of her character is she does nothing in their show but poor old Weaver does pretty much nothing in the film also. Its odd to see her so sexed up too, the blonde doesn't suit her methinks, I reckon they should of cast more of a bimbo for that role myself (in reality), space slut played by a real life slut of sorts. Mitchell was another character that didn't have as much of the screen time but the sequences where he's trying to fly the ship, especially as they leave space dock, are priceless.

I don't think it was too hard to nail the look of this film at tall, it only needed rickety sets and the odd bit of CGI. The 'TV in-show' scenes were nicely crafted to look cheesy, the actual sets for the real ship were also slightly leaning towards cheesy so no problems there. CGI in space was average but that went along with the films vision where as the makeup and prosthetics for the evil 'Sarris' by Stan Winston was both childish yet really cool. He pretty much looked like a missing mutant character from a 'TMNT' kids film, a typical action figure type design which kinda looked like the bad guy from 'Suburban Commando'.

Gotta love the way Allen's character slimes his way around 'Sarris' his first time in space yet not realising its all real, yes its obvious humour but come on...its funny stuff.

Such a perfect sent up of Star Trek, if I were one of the real Trek cast I probably would have been rather embarrassed to watch it. Its not suppose to look fantastic and its not suppose to be grand or serious in any way obviously. The humour is very silly, childish in parts yet devilishly wry, dark, sarcastic and ironic in others. If you love Star Trek or sci-fi you can't fail to enjoy this.

'Quellek... by Grabthar's hammer... by the Sons of Warvan... you shall be... avenged'
Dan S

Super Reviewer

September 15, 2007
A flat-out hilarious mockery of "Star Trek" and how a very similar show fools an entire race of aliens who mistake the show for "historical documents", and need the crew's help to escape a menacing villain. Sure, it tailors to its PG audience at times and comes across as a little corny, but for the most part this is a terrific satire on cult shows that people take way too seriously. Tim Allen is a fine fit as the lead, with Sigourney Weaver proving to possess some versatility in the form of comedy. Alan Rickman, Sam Rockwell, and Tony Shalhoub are all also fantastic. Most of all, this movie is insanely re-watchable, maybe that's just me being I was pretty young when I saw this film, so the nostalgic bridge is definitely still firmly intact.

Super Reviewer

October 14, 2007
Another one of my favourite Rickman movies, and i do like seeing Weaver and Rickman work together! A very enjoyable sci-fi comedy to love.
Its funny and cringy at times but with great comic timing from all characters involved to make your stomach hurt with laughter!
A very good sci-fi comedy with a fabulous cast!

Super Reviewer

November 6, 2011
I cannot help but love this movie because it is so integrally linked to my childhood. I was still in primary school when it came out and I remember going to see it with my Mum at the cinema. And as they say the rest is history. As a Trekkie now, as well as a sci-fi addict in general I have to say that I notice jokes watching this intelligently hilarious parody as an adult, that I completley missed as a child. Certainly a no brainer with very little integrity and some cringe worthy cliches, but Galaxy Quest manages to skate close enough to the truth, without ever letting you forget it is a lie. A very good film.

Super Reviewer

February 5, 2009
""By Grabthar's Hammer, By The Sons Of Warvan, You Shall Be Avenged."!"

The alumni cast of a cult space TV show have to play their roles as the real thing when an alien race needs their help.

Galaxy Quest is a congenial goof on Star Trek, fanatical fans and showbiz--concerns a fictional TV series, "Galaxy Quest," which, though off the air for years, spawned a die-hard, costumed legion of followers known as Questarians. The stars, now mostly out of work, still pick up spare cash by signing autographs at conventions for nominal fees. Jason Nesmith (Tim Allen) played Commander Taggert, and relies almost exclusively on convention adoration to massage his sizeable ego. Blonde Gwen DeMarco (Sigourney Weaver) provided the sex appeal on the show. Her character, Tawny, recited the on-board computer information while struggling to keep her bosoms in her space suit. Alexander Dane (Alan Rickman) played the Spock-like Dr. Lazarus, part Shakespearean actor/part lizard. Fred Kwan (Tony Shalhoub) was the obviously non-Asian Tech Sergeant Chen who kept the ship, the NSEA Protector, airborne. Things get complicated when some honest-to-goodness aliens show up and expect help from the Galaxy Quest crew in battling evil forces. The aliens (who have cute little pixie haircuts, jerky body movements and the ability to spout tentacles), take Earth's old TV shows and movies as historical documents, and the Galaxy Quest actors as authentic astronauts. Tim Allen makes an affable swell-head offered the opportunity to explore his own inner hero potential. According to historical documents, Ms. Weaver has ample experience kicking alien butt. She does so here with a healthy sense of humor, while making Tawny more than the predictable punchline of a blonde joke. Rickman is droll indeed as the consummate actor trapped in a role more Gila than Hamlet. The rest of the cast is right on target too, and the script, while never fall-out-of-your-seat funny, will keep a smile on your face throughout. Galaxy Quest also features creatures courtesy of Oscar-winning Stan Winston and the slickest visual effects conceivable from Industrial Light and Magic.

Super Reviewer

July 26, 2011
Galaxy Quest is a terrific Sci Fi comedy that parodies Sar Trek. What makes Galaxy Quest such a great film is that it's a smart comedy where the comedy actually is witty and brings on good laughs. Not only that, but the acting is wonderful and every actor delivers memorable performances. The film boasts great special effects and the sets are simply wonderful. I was a bit apprensive about watching Galaxy Quest, but I finally saw it, and was pleasantly surprised. This film has something for everyone, and is a lot of fun from start to finish. Whats great about Galaxy Quest is that it parodies Star Trek, but it's not insulting to the fans and pays tribute to fans of Sci Fi. What makes Galaxy Quest so much fun is all the fun, witty popular Star Trek references, and it's done so well, that you can't help but love this film. This film has something for everyone, sharp comedy, terrific acting and wicked special effects. Galaxy Quest is much better than your run of the mill Sci Fi comedy. Where most parody films fail, Galaxy Quest succeeds in delivering something special to the viewer. This is a wonderful comedy that is a lot of fun from start to finish. If you love Sci Fi films or a smartly crafted comedy, then give this film a viewing, it is defintely worth it.

Super Reviewer

February 28, 2007
An alien race recruit the crew of the NSEA Protector to aid them in their fight against a galactic tyrant, unaware that they are just a bunch of washed up actors from a cancelled TV show. I'm not the biggest fan of Tim Allen, but he is spot on as the drunken egotistical has-been bickering with his equally well-played supporting cast in this surprisingly well made sci-fi spoof. The film is stolen out from under him (ironically, considering it's similarity with the target of the parody!) by Alan Rickman's Spock-like Dr. Lazarus, a Shakespearian actor pained by what his career has come to; the look of horror on his face when he has to utter the line "By Grabthar's hammer, what savings!" is priceless! With a knowing and witty script and effects and action sequences that shame most sci-fi that's meant to be taken seriously (including most of the Trek films themselves), this film really is great fun.
Wildaly M

Super Reviewer

May 16, 2007
It's a sci-fi parody... what's not to like? Funny and entertaining. When I first saw it I had no idea it referenced Star Trek.

Super Reviewer

April 29, 2007
I love this movie! Funny, touching, terrific performances from everyone...and just all around a really enjoyable story.

Super Reviewer

February 15, 2010
I succeeds with it's comedy, i'll give it that, but when it comes down to it, it's a bit better than average! The comedy is hilarious for about half of the movie, but then it seems overused. I do find it very entertaining, but very average exspecially for the comedy in it!

Super Reviewer

December 2, 2009
Funny Funny Funny, but there are tiny bits in the Movie tiny bit iggit.
Jens S

Super Reviewer

June 13, 2006
Really funny Sci-Fi-comedy. While the story of actors being mistaken for their characters and stumbling into an unlikely adventure is not entirely new, the gags and stabs at the Star Trek universe, TV show stereotypes and the fans are fresh and simply really funny. The great cast adds to the pleasure, especially Alan Rickman is fantastic and Sigourney Weaver couldn't be further away from her "Ripley"-image. Just an all around enjoyable film that is ridiculing geekiness as much as praising it.
Anthony L

Super Reviewer

September 29, 2009
As a Trekkie I?m insulted but I appreciate the joke.
Jason O

Super Reviewer

September 10, 2009
"Galaxy Quest" is a hilarious parody that will probably remind most people of Star Trek The Original Series. Tim Allen stars as the commander of a popular television sci-fi series that is a lot like Star Trek, and he has a crew to go along with the show that includes Sigourney Weaver. After seeing the popular show on television, some real aliens who have a real spaceship come to earth and want Tim Allen to be their new commander. But what the aliens don't understand is that the Commander and the rest of the people that star in the sci-fi series aren't real commanders, crew, etc., they're just actors. Now it's up to Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, and the rest of the crew from the sci-fi series to try their hands at being real space crew, managing a real spaceship, and even fighting real enemies.
"Galaxy Quest" is a great movie, it was even better than I was expecting it to be. A lot of parts of it are hilarious, it has great special effects, and believe it or not, parts of it are even a little bit suspenseful. All in all, it's a captivating and hilarious movie that I recommend anybody who likes science fiction or comedy movies to get. NOTE: That was my Amazon review from the year 2000. Tim Allen's always awesome.

Super Reviewer

July 31, 2009
good film if you're up for a bit of fun without much thinking involved.
Drew S

Super Reviewer

September 13, 2008
Good-natured fun. I think it's funny that I'm suddenly noticing Sam Rockwell in everything.
Dean !

Super Reviewer

January 3, 2007
A fun comedy which makes fun of Star Trek as the stars of a former sci-fi show end up on a real space mission.
Aaron N

Super Reviewer

May 30, 2006
Gwen DeMarco: Fred, you had a part people loved. I mean, my TV Guide interview was six paragraphs about my BOOBS and how they fit into my suit. No one bothered to ask me what I do on the show.
Fred Kwan: You were... umm, wait...
Gwen DeMarco: I repeated the computer, Fred.

Fuck Star Trek.

Tim Allen stars as a former actor on a popular sci-fi series back in the day known as Galaxy Quest. He along with the other former actors played by Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, and Tony Shalhoub frequently attend conventions, as they still have a fan base, i.e. nerds.

One day, Allen and eventually the others, are kidnapped by actual aliens, who have come across TV signals and have interpreted them as actual documentaries of reality, so believing Allen and his crew to be actual astronauts/space adventurers, they have come to earth in an attempt to have them pilot a recreation of the Galaxy Quest space ship in order to fight off an evil alien trying to wipe out their race.

This concept works wonderfully to satirize sci-fi (mainly Star Trek) culture, and provide some very good entertainment.

Tim Allen takes a step back from terrible Christmas films to make a very funny new role for himself as an ego obsessed former star now tasked with being a real captain.

The rest of the cast is also very good. I particularly liked Shalhoub as the guy who kind of excepts the situation and embraces everything and Sam the man Rockwell as a former extra on the series who frequently thinks he's gonna die.

Guy Fleegman: I'm not even supposed to be here. I'm just "Crewman Number Six." I'm expendable. I'm the guy in the episode who dies to prove how serious the situation is. I've gotta get outta here.

The movie boasts some good special effects as well and works very well at using some of the sci-fi logic to make some very funny scenes work.

A lot of fun.

Guy Fleegman: I don't like this. I don't like this at all.
Gwen DeMarco: They are *so* cute.
Guy Fleegman: Sure, they're cute now, but in a second they're gonna get mean, and they're gonna get ugly somehow, and there's gonna be a million more of them.
Bobby H

Super Reviewer

April 29, 2008
All the actors are great in this movie.
The plot is one of the most creative plots ive seen in a long time, and it's seriously a great fun movie to watch.

I would like to go on record to say, I dislike Sci-Fi, but I loved this. If that tells you anything, it's you should watch it!
Stephen M

Super Reviewer

September 21, 2007
Aliens monitoring our television broadcasts mistake the cast of a rubbishy Star Trek-ish sci-fi show for a genuine band of intergalactic adventurers, recruiting them for a perilous mission. The central idea, though partially suggested by Joe Dante's "Explorers", is ingenious, as is the crew's reliance on their nerdy band of obsessive fans for technical assistance. The cast is brilliant, especially Alan Rickman and Enrico Colantoni, and some of the gags hilarious, but the storyline of their actual adventure is a dud. Such a shame. I loved the fact that Rickman's alien make-up was starting to look a little ragged by the end of the film, though.
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