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February 3, 2010
Much better than i expected. good action, lots of killing but def think something was left on the editing room floor. Parts of this movie just seemed very disjointed.
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½ May 14, 2013
This is a really bad film. The script was so poorly written, Butler's considerable talents were left to wither on the vine.
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December 1, 2009
When this started I thought it was gonna be crap, the plot sounded naff, it didn't reach the cinema and there have been many films like this before...mainly during the 80's. I was actually surprised, this is not bad to be honest, for an unoriginal plot that harks back to 'The Running Man' its pulled off quite well.

The main thing is the fighting sequences which do look pretty good and 'game' like, you could be watching a frag fest like 'Halo' when watching this and it probably would be like this if it was done for real. The 'interactive computer net world' sections of the film are handled well too showing how the controllers use their real life 'players', it does come across as quite believable which really holds the film together. The other game shown in the film being a 'The Sims' style game which is also well done but maybe a tad too much cliched sex going on...but I guess that's kinda real too.

The plot is a mix of a few films sure but the director does manage to show other angles to the story which do relate well to today's interactive game world. Butler is also a good choice as the main 'slayer' and continues his good run as a hero but that's it for cast really.

Sounds like a real B-movie but its pretty decent and worth checking out, still can't quite beat the classic 'Running man' with Arnie though.
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December 31, 2008
An insanely twisted, deranged, sick, wickedly original and sadisticly entertaining action-thriller. It`s hard-boiled, stylish, and frequently wild with lots of ideas and fun to go around. Directors, Neveldine and Taylor continue to branch out with their outragious style and vison with another over the top and engaging action movie. Gerard Butler has great presence as the hero in the film and gives a great performance. Terry Crews is electric, he gives a dark and freaky performance which is something cool and new to see him in. Michael C. Hall is terrific.
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August 7, 2009
Its an interesting concept which i really did like however it wasnt executed very well for it to be a mind blowingly brilliant movie!
Worth a watch for the action just dont have high expectations when going in to watch this movie.
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October 8, 2011
Despite the bad reviews for this I really enjoyed it. It was a different spin on this type of genre and had good well formed characters. I especially liked Castle and Michael C. Hall's acting. The whole world is interesting and the ending was inspired.
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May 1, 2009
My predicted rating: 3

Death Race meets Call of Duty!

This futuristic prison Sci-fi film gets off to a great start and also ends well, but somehow lacks a little enjoyability in the middle. This really highlights the amount of time and commitment given to computer games and where the future could lead with the addiction of games and the future of our prisons.
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August 28, 2011
What I loved about this movie was just the creativity behind it. The idea that the people in the video games being played were role, was pretty amazing, the movie itself had some of the best action scenes that I've seen in quite awhile.
Action, guns, women, nudity, video games, this movie is a like a guys wet dream! The twist in the movie kept your attention to the end and there wasn't any voids or holes to be filled, despite the complexity of the film and how the video games were ran, it explained it all pretty well.
The only negative of this entire movie was the ending. Since I don't want to spoil it for those who may read reviews before watching the movie, I'll say, the ending is too quick to come, to sudden, and it almost seemed like they had this grand movie put together with an extreme bland and ending that seemed boring to what it should/could have been. I expected a bit more out of the conclusion, but, the movie itself was great.
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½ June 26, 2011
A film that relies on over-the-top violence and flashy editing to cover up the bad script underneath that is full of sci-fi cliches. It seemed like the actors were competing to see who can give the most over-the-top performance. I laughed everytime Terry Crews and Michael C. Hall were on-screen. This film is so rediculous that one can not help but laugh.
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½ March 2, 2011
Disgusting bull crap
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January 23, 2011
Wasn't anything to brag about, but Gamer is a solid action flick. I loved Michael C. Hall's performance, that saved the movie.

Grade: B+
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September 6, 2009
In a near future society, death row inmates are given a chance of freedom by participating as living characters in an ultra violent videogame. Something akin to a next gen version of The Running Man, Gamer manages to be even more vacuous and daft than its Stephen King penned predecessor. A sterling example of everything that's wrong with contemporary cinema, it was clearly directed by a retard with ADHD and is full of enough irritating and pointless camera trickery to make Tony Scott blush. The empty script is little more than an excuse for gratuitous violence, nudity and bad language with absolutely zero depth, characterisation or any semblance of the kind of social or political commentary that The Running Man at least attempted. Michael C. Hall brought a little flamboyance to his evil techno-megalomaniac but the story is absolute nonsense packed to brimming with sci-fi cliches and the whole thing is little more than a videogame junkie fan-wank that's so immature and tasteless it makes Death Race look like Lawrence Of Arabia.
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June 24, 2010
I liked it. It's not a good movie but I was entertained. This isn't as good as the crank movies though. This movie was also really wired but not really in a good way. I had fun watching it but this definitely isn't for everyone.

Grade: B-
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½ October 28, 2010
Such a goofy action movie. It reminds me of Death Race 2000 and The Running Man, only with a huge video game influence thrown in. The parallels to The Sims and first person shooters are really interesting and I wish that criticism would've set in a bit more. The look of the movie was perfect for what they were going for, it felt like the virtual reality from hell. While some of it is just a little bit too much to swallow at times, this is undoubtedly fun.
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October 10, 2010
I expected more from Butler ... but anyway, I like it
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July 8, 2010
super trippy. bloody. sexy and it has a happy ending. mmmm, gerard!
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January 19, 2010
I really liked both entries in the CRANK series by Neveldine/Taylor, but this film is pretty bad. Great concept wasted. Gerard Butler does what he can with this material, and a few solid action scenes and great cinematography keep the film from being terrible.
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August 13, 2008
Another high octane, bloody, brutal action film from the guys who gave us Crank. A real mix-match of several ideas thrown in the blender together from Running Man, eXistenZ, Death Race and games like The Sims and Gears of War. So very low on originality but still a cool idea taken a step further. Two games dominate the future world where virtual reality enables the Player to control another human being. In the Society (Sims) game things take on a weird and sexual nature. In the other game Slayers, death row prisoners can earn freedom if they manage to survive 30 missions. The battle scenes are amazing and you feel like you are there right in the middle of it, not just viewing from the sidelines. Quite violent and over the top like the Crank films. If you like those types of films, games mention you should like this.
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June 14, 2010
Gamer for me is average action film. Directed by Neveldine/Taylor the guys who brought us Crank, Gamer is almost a similar film, not in story but in cinematography. The concept is terrific, but the overall result is average. The acting is bad, but what do you expect from these two directors, who know how to make a good looking actioner, but know jack shit about casting. Michael C. Hall is the best actor in the film, and he really delivers a terrific performance (the only one in the film) I did enjoy the mindless plot, it was a fun film to watch, but it's a contender for the best action film ever made. But this film does fine for a mindless night of eating popcorn and watching an action packed film. This film has a lot of action, with a terrific concept ruined by almost no storytelling. Good, but Neveldine / Taylor could have added a few things to make the script a bit better. Gamer as a mindless action packed film works very well, but as an action film with story, thats where it lacks the most. Still worth a view.
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½ May 21, 2010
Gamer follows a wrongly convicted inmate named John Tillman (Gerard Butler) who is given an opportunity to gain his freedom by participating in a video game/TV show where he is controlled like a video game by a kid in his bedroom. There's the evil megalomaniac (Michael C. Hall) who is hell bent on destroying Tillman (named Kable in the game) and there's also the underground group that is pissing in the media mogul's punchbowl.

Honesty time: I really liked this movie- twenty plus years ago when it was called The Running Man. This teched up retread of that film is basically CGI fluff surrounded a gooey center that is essential a weak, predictable story. It's good if you want to see stuff blow up, but other than that it's worth a pass. Basic action fluff.
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