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  • Andrew Largeman: There's a handful of normal kid things I kinda missed.
    Samantha: There's a handful of normal kid things I kinda wish I'd missed.
    ‐ Submitted by Justin C (3 years ago)

  • Mark: The only thing worse than a favor is a favor involving money.
    ‐ Submitted by Justin C (3 years ago)

  • Andrew Largeman: Are you doing anything right now?
    Samantha: Can you elaborate on doing anything?
    Andrew Largeman: I just know this guy Jesse who bought this mansion that's right up here and we wants me to come visit him, but I don't want to stay very long. So I was thinking if you came too I could just say I have to take you home when I'm ready to go.
    Samantha: Wow. That's pretty damn random of you, Andrew. Nice to meet you. Can I use you?
    Andrew Largeman: No.
    Samantha: Must be the Hollywood in you, I guess.
    Andrew Largeman: No, come on, it's not like that. It will be fun. I'll tell you what, we could have a signal. Like when you pull on your ear that's the code and then I'll be like, oh I gotta take her home. And then we'll go.
    Samantha: Can we have code names, too?
    Andrew Largeman: If you want.
    Samantha: Okay. But don't try and kidnap me or anything because my step-uncle is a bounty hunter and he could have you tracked and killed.
    Andrew Largeman: You're such a liar!
    ‐ Submitted by MarieBella C (3 years ago)

  • Andrew Largeman: So why were you really there?
    Samantha: Charging, I'm a robot.
    Andrew Largeman: Do you lie a lot?
    Samantha: What do you consider a lot?
    Andrew Largeman: Enough for people to call you a liar.
    Samantha: People call me lots of things.
    Andrew Largeman: Is one of them liar?
    Samantha: I could say no, but how would you know I'm not lying?
    Andrew Largeman: I guess I could choose to trust you.
    Samantha: You can do that?
    Andrew Largeman: I can try.
    Samantha: Whose bike is that?
    Andrew Largeman: It 'was' my grandfather's it was the only thing he left to anybody in the world and he left it to me. And I like it.
    Samantha: So this is the point in the conversation where you'd ask me if I like a ride home.
    Andrew Largeman: It is?
    Samantha: Yep
    Andrew Largeman: Would you like a ride home?
    Samantha: Fine but I'm not getting in that side car.
    Andrew Largeman: Why not?
    Samantha: Side cars are for bitches anyone who rides in that is automatically your bitch! Thus I will ride on the back. Whoa!
    Andrew Largeman: Hold on.
    Samantha: Okay holding my hair's blowing in the wind!
    ‐ Submitted by MarieBella C (3 years ago)

  • Samantha: What are you doing?
    Andrew Largeman: Remember that idea I had, about working stuff out on my own, and then finding you once I worked stuff out?
    Samantha: The ellipsis?
    Andrew Largeman: Yeah, the ellipsis, it's dumb. It's dumb. It's an awful idea. I'm not gonna do it, okay? Cause like you said, this is it. This is life. And I'm in love with you Samantha, I think that's the only thing I've ever really been sure of in my entire life. And I'm really messed up right now, and I got a whole lot of stuff I have to work out, but I don't want to waste any more of my life without you in it. And I think I can do this. I mean, I want to. I have to, right?
    Samantha: Yeah. Yes!
    Andrew Largeman: So what do we do? What do we do?
    ‐ Submitted by MarieBella C (3 years ago)

  • Andrew Largeman: Wow
    Samantha: Yeah
    Andrew Largeman: I mean this is-
    Samantha: I know it's not that we're bad owners or anything it's just you we've had so many of them over the years, Besides a lot of these are fish.
    ‐ Submitted by MarieBella C (3 years ago)

  • Mark: Well this is it.
    Andrew Largeman: So knock, knock and barter for Desert Storm trading cards.
    Mark: Don't tease me about my hobbies I don't tease you about being a asshole!
    ‐ Submitted by MarieBella C (3 years ago)

  • Samantha: I have to say that I continue to be surprised that the places you bring us continue to be weirder and weirder.
    Mark: This place is nice!
    ‐ Submitted by MarieBella C (3 years ago)

  • Mark: You look like a wet beaver.
    ‐ Submitted by Alenor L (3 years ago)

  • Dr. Cohen: Of course you're all right. You're alive.
    ‐ Submitted by Jillian L (4 years ago)

  • Samantha: You laugh. I'm not saying I don't cry but in between I laugh and I realize how silly it is to take anything too seriously. Plus, I look forward to a good cry. It feels pretty good.
    ‐ Submitted by Jillian L (4 years ago)

  • Samantha: That's life. If nothing else, It's life. It's real, and sometimes it fuckin' hurts, but it's sort of all we have.
    ‐ Submitted by Jillian L (4 years ago)

  • Andrew Largeman: Good luck exploring the infinite abyss.
    ‐ Submitted by Ben M (4 years ago)

  • Samantha: Hey, didn't you play that retarded quarterback?
    Andrew Largeman: Yeah, that was me.
    Samantha: Are you really retarded?
    ‐ Submitted by Michael C (4 years ago)

  • Titembay: Someone has been pissing on my Gamecube and I'm about to close the case.
    ‐ Submitted by Chris P (5 years ago)

  • Karl Benson: I thought you killed yourself. That wasn't you?
    Andrew Largeman: No, no, tha-that wasn't me.
    ‐ Submitted by Chris P (5 years ago)

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