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I didn't care enough about Hawke's character to ignore a big problem in the story's logic: if this future has such incredible biotechnology, why can't Law just get his damaged body parts fixed?

June 5, 2007 Full Review Source: Chicago Reader | Comments (34)
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Lukasz Swiniarski

I doubt that they will be able to cure paralisis in 50 years, thought it has nothing to do with the quality of the movie!

Aug 11 - 03:43 PM


Amanda Counts

I believe he didn't want to get fixed. He stepped in front of a car on purpose, afterall. I think he had given up hope after getting a silver medal.

Nov 30 - 10:23 PM


Jason Metcalf

I agree....

Jul 26 - 10:17 PM

lucas w.

lucas wagner


Mar 1 - 09:32 PM

Joseph Geraci

Joseph Geraci

hm thats interesting. seems that may very well be the case.

Jun 21 - 09:43 PM


Evan Campbell

Good call, Gentoo. In one of the scenes he says something like:

"I wasn't drunk, you know. When I stepped out in front of that car, I had never been more sober in my life. I couldn't even get that right, could I?"

After the failed suicide, he was working on drinking himself to death, until he started to run out of money. Enter Vincent...

Jun 17 - 11:22 AM



It bothers me when people think of "technology" as this monolithic entity. Just because they have electric cars and genetic engineering does not mean that medical technology can cure paralysis. The above statement is as ignorant as asking why we can make super smart chess-playing computers and yet we still cannot find a cure to the common cold. More to the point, the genetic engineering in the movie is theoretically possible today - have we cured paralysis yet?

I don't mean to offend, but I just didn't like this review enough to ignore its giant flaw in logic.

Jun 26 - 02:24 PM


Jason Metcalf

Do you really expect some of the reviewers on this site to give a rating based on what they actually observed in the movie? I wouldent be suprised if this guy just skimmed through the trailer to give this half baked review.

Jul 26 - 10:23 PM

Tyehimba Jess

Tyehimba Jess

Well said. I stopped to reply because anyone who analyzes at such a superficial level deserves some rebuke. Geesh...

Aug 12 - 04:54 PM


Bapperius Stevens

HA, thats Logic is it ? LOL, thank you GentooMe. tut tut, pay attention dear lisa. Hey with the super bio -tech, why didn't they just breed everybody with spacewings and vacumm proof skin and they could all fly to titan. lol.

Aug 21 - 09:57 AM

qwerty y.

qwerty yuiop

ughh; talk about logic - you seem to have a trouble w/ that.

It doesn't mean that because we have an incredible technology we can accomplish anything -even of it sounds very simple [for you].

Nov 25 - 01:06 AM


Cubit Fox

Clearly, a person who not only knows nothing of medical science or genetic engineering, but moreover really has no logic. She might have well have made the comment about Blade Runner that "since they have flying cars, shouldn't they have found a way for people to grow wings?"Plus, who cares if there's a slight illogicallity? isn't the characters and story that really matter?

Jan 8 - 07:35 PM


Drizzt Reznicek

sometimes you have to get past small details to enjoy a movie.

Jan 8 - 09:06 PM

Avery F.

Avery Fay

Your review made me cringe. You obviously have little to no understanding of medicine, genetics, and current technology.

Jan 19 - 09:44 PM


Nick Langan

This review makes me doubt Ms. Alspector's background in the sciences. Genetic engineering is on the immediate horizon, while curing paralysis remains a distant shadow.

Feb 9 - 10:33 AM

Duncan L.

Duncan Lockhart

Are you dense or something. They had advanced technology with GENETIC engineering. But paralysis has nothing to do with genetics, it is still impossibly hard for even a future of that caliber to regenerate the structure of a dead nervous system.

Jul 28 - 04:04 AM

Faith W.

Faith Workman

Gattaca isn't about "incredible biotechnology." It's about feasible advances in our knowledge of the human genome and the effects it can have on a society obsessed with perfection. Also, in case you hadn't noticed, it was Jerome's paralysis that practically drove the entire plot-line.

Nov 10 - 12:36 PM

Joseph Jr Y.

Joseph Jr Yuskaitis

if thats honestly what you have to knit-pick at, you only drive home the fact that Gattaca is an amazing movie..

and by the way, the fact that he didn't get his legs fixed is part of his character. he looks down on life and has no dream. "you leant me your dream" was a major line of the film.. how does somebody miss that? Eugene's character was based upon somebody who was never meant to be at a disadvantage, but was that way because of HIS OWN ACTION. i mean, the whole point of the film was to show that there is more to people than their genes. if Eugene had gotten his legs "fixed" as you say, the whole film would have no message. im amazed that a critic could bring up such a terribly unimportant [and surprisingly stupid] idea..

also, the "advanced biotechnology" you're talking about, was nothing more than blood samples and DNA adjustments. there was absolutely no hint of any superior medical improvement in the film.. in fact, it was quite the opposite; the perfect DNA/genes eliminated the majority of diseases/defects. so, there was very little medical improvement since the entire basis of the movie was that they were eliminating medical problems..

in short, grow up.

Jan 11 - 02:58 PM

Paul G.

Paul Grant

This feels like some bad math, Lisa.

If we take DNA manipulation, but subtract the ability to re-grow spine tissue, then obviously film X (Gattaca) equals a bad movie.

Just because we can go to space does not mean we can currently get to Mars.

Just because we can swim, jetski and boat, does not also give us the ability to walk on water.

I think you know where this is headed...

To sum things up, your review seeks to hobble this fantastic film simply for an inane conclusion.

Feb 24 - 08:51 AM

Gary C.

Gary Chen

How are you a critic? This is the shallowest review I have ever read. You don't understand the reason for Law's condition. As other lucid individuals pointed out, Law intentionally crippled himself and chose to live like this. Physical quibbles aside, the deeper meaning is that Law represents perfection without drive. He had everything necessary to succeed, but did not. His condition highlights that fact, he is crippled perfection, the wasted genius. He did not fail because he could not win, but because he lacked the passion to succeed that is necessary to fulfill your potential. That is what Hawke represents, the drive to succeed. He driven, not to avoid failure, but for the possibility of greatness.

Jun 6 - 11:16 PM

Andrew W.

Andrew Wynne

It's a movie, lighten up!
Why would these scientists, who only care about perfections, care about a paralyzed man?

Jul 29 - 03:02 PM

Jeffrey M.

Jeffrey Mercado

It's incredible how ppl can be so desperate to look for flaws that they will indulge their own ignorance to find them.

Opinions are like A-holes , Everybodies got one.
Critics are like spoiled children. No matter how good they have it, they will always have something to complain about.

Aug 7 - 02:16 AM

tommy j.

tommy joseph

good point but overall i still loved the movie. it just shows that anything is possible if you really want it bad enough.

Feb 16 - 11:19 PM


samuel p

That's not an actual problem with the story's 'logic,' but your own. You must be assuming that fixing a bodies tissues is as at least as easy as extracting the probabilities from a DNA sample, or customizing parts of a DNA strand, you'd be dead wrong. Biotechnology is a diverse field made of hundreds of sub-specialties, it is not physics, when one part advances or it's knowledge advance (especially on this note) it does not necessarily mean an advance is made equally in another part, or any other parts. Biology is insanely complex and diverse, not monolithic, and the problems that arise deal with systems that can't be cured by anything in the same locus of study or leverage.

Jun 14 - 02:04 PM

Dominique Mono

Dominique Mono

He wanted to get hurt, so why would he want to fix it? even if he could he wouldnt try to.

Jul 21 - 07:54 AM

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