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George Of The Jungle 2 Reviews

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Super Reviewer

January 14, 2010
Not even half as good as the first film, with barely any laughs or interesting dialogue, which carried the first movie so well. "George of the Jungle 2" is kind of a slap in the face to the original, but not really? I chuckled a few times at the shlock that they try to make fun out of, because most of the time, it works, even if it comes off as a bit lame. Honestly, if it wasn't for the actors changing, the story being very similar, and the visual effects being absolutely dreadful, I might actually call it a fun movie, but after watching it, that is really all it is. If you turn your brain off it could become fun, but at it's core, it's awful!

Super Reviewer

August 7, 2011
When you think pathetic, you may see this. George of the Jungle 2 is just jokes made by toddlers formed into a pure crap of a film. Nothing in this film is enjoyable, heck it shouldn't even be called a film, more like piece of crap, I can't even call it a time burner. This film is terrible, don't see it and if you have... may God have mercy on you.
Bradley W

Super Reviewer

December 2, 2011
When you think pathetic, you may see this. George of the Jungle 2 is just jokes made by toddlers formed into a pure crap of a film. Nothing in this film is enjoyable, heck it shouldn't even be called a film, more like piece of crap, I can't even call it a time burner. This film is terrible, don't see it and if you have... may God have mercy on you.
Dillon L

Super Reviewer

May 10, 2011
It's even worse than the first one! And it doesn't even have most of the good cast members from the original! God, I hate straight-to-DVD films.
Yinalí R

Super Reviewer

August 6, 2007
Giovanni C

Super Reviewer

July 28, 2012
Oh geez. What the heck is this crap!? And why did they think about making this in the first place!? George Of The Jungle 2 was an unnecessary sequel that made the first film look good. I remember seeing this when I was 12, and I didn't remember loving it, when I saw that they replace all the casts from the first one. Turns out that none of them were good, and that I expected something better. But no, because this is a direct-to-video, that tells you why this was never made in theaters. It was too crappy for it. The story was so messy that I just couldn't handle sitting through the whole movie, waiting for it to be over. If you are looking for a well-made movie, you will not find it here. Avoid this movie at all cost, please!!
July 27, 2011
why as a kid did I decide to ever watch this piece of mondo shit! I mean the 1st movie wasn't great but it was still fun! This was just a fuster cluck of shit! I hate this movie!
August 17, 2007
The kids, aged 7 to 14, got such a huge kick out of this film that I gave a copy to all of the other kids on the birthday list this year. They all loved it! Kids from 2 to 7 watch it repeatedly and frequently, and we get a kick out of watching it with them.

It's rare that a film entertains the kids for so long, and offers laughs for the adults, too. Most enjoy it even more on later viewing than the first time.

Top-quality production and an excellent cast, led by Christopher Showerman as a superior George--athletic, energetic, and wholly credible, with a lovable innocence and a particular knack of taking a tree in the face--well supported by the inimitable Christina Pickles as the evil mother-in-law, Thomas Haden Church as the evil jerk rival, and everybody else. This is fun.
July 20, 2007
please don't waiste your time watching this movies its a movie only a child would love if the child has braindamage lol
July 17, 2007
way, way worse than the first one. it's like the actors turn to the camera and address the audience every five minutes. i wanted to gag.
June 1, 2007
What happened to brendan?
"Studio too cheap for Brendan Frasier."
Haha, at least they laugh at their stupidity.
May 22, 2007
really really dumb I think Disney should stop making sequels unless it's actually labeled a series/trilogy
April 30, 2007
Everything about the first one is back without any charm without any acting ability without well a story...
March 7, 2007
Since Brendan Fraser isn't in this one, and now there's the danger of a kid in the picture, it's funny. I wouldn't recommend it, but I wouldn't say stay away from it.
November 21, 2006
this is not Brendan Fraser---I faught with my husband about this!!! he actually thought he could beat me!! Brendan is much more sexier looking than this unknown dork!
June 25, 2006
I didn't like it as much, didn't get inot it. The little boy is cute? That's mainly how I give a high rating for this. . .
May 24, 2006
it was funny in the beginning but after a while it got long and no story so u were just watching and thinking "wut??"
August 9, 2013
The guy singing at the casino while dealing the cards, was the only joke that did work for me. Other than that, this sequel was just awful and it didn´t even approach the first one as a enjoyable flick.
April 9, 2012
This was pretty bad. Compared to the first movie, it's one of the worst movies of all time. On its own, it's still pretty bad.
Vincent D.
September 29, 2013
t's expected that Disney direct to video sequels are of lower budget than the original theatrical released.This movie actually points it out to us. In the opening joke, George appears on screen and explains the studio was to cheap to get Brendan Fraser back, and explains that he is New George. You may have heard of Elvis impersonators, but this movie calls in a Kenny Rogers impersonator who is singing "The Gambler" during a poker game. This movie is filled with parodies, puns and prevalent product placements (and lots of alliteration). In this movie George is coerced into going to Las Vegas where his nemesis and wife Ursula's former fiance scams to steel the deed to the jungle and win over Ursula once again. When a movie is this silly, it only makes it more entertaining when we have a narrator who actually gets involved in the action, and the characters pause at various times to comment on a pun or a parody occurring at the moment. For example, at one point the Ape finds himself at the top of the Vegas Empire State Building and he pauses to look at the camera and say "You know we couldn't pass up this parody." With parodies of "Charlie's Angels" (2000) "King Kong" (1933) ,and "The Lion King" (1994) this movie is one corny crack after another. With a similar feel to the first "George and the Jungle" (1997) and "The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle" (2000), which were also both narrated by Keith Scott. Stay tuned to the end credits as even the narrator gets a happy ending.
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