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    Added: May 9, 2008


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Gerry Reviews

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Conner R

Super Reviewer

March 18, 2010
An incredibly unique viewing experience, Gerry really puts you into the mindset of the characters. It feels like you're slowly but surely losing your mind and desperately trying to find your way out of a maze. The shooting style is incredible, simplistic yet beautiful. I love Gus Van Sant's vision mixed with video, it just seems to work perfectly. Matt Damon and Casey Affleck give about as good of performances as you could ask for, which is essential in a film where they are the main focus.

Super Reviewer

November 7, 2008
Add me to the "you don't get it" group because I realy fail to uderstand the brilliance of seeing two people just walking throughout the whole movie, Intellectual? Realistic? Not really, Gus Van Sant has proved that he can make great memorable movies like My Own Private Idaho but it seems that he's chosen not to
Cameron W. Johnson
Cameron W. Johnson

Super Reviewer

May 29, 2014
It's the adventures of Gerry and Gerry, which sounds either like a cop show title or the title to something about gay guys, although I might just be saying that because this film is directed by Gus Van Sant and is about the bond of two decent-looking men, so it just has to turn into "Brokeback Mountain" after a while. Seriously though, this is more like the continuing adventures of Will Hunting, for those interested in seeing more of Morgan O'Mally... you know, the guy in "Good Will Hunting" who was played by Casey Affleck... who was, you know, in "Good Will Hunting". Jokes about who the more notorious brother is, I'd say that Matt Damon must be disappointed about working with Casey after Ben, but while this film was being made during Damon's and Casey's coming down from the high of "Ocean's Thirteen", Ben was on the high from "Pearl Harbor". ...Yeah, okay, fine, I am that jerk who liked "Pearl Harbor", and, well, I'd imagine some people would agree with me there if they were having to compare that film to this one. This thing is so abstract that it's soundtrack only features compositions by Arvo Pärt, and if you don't know who that is, well, you're kind of missing out. Well, maybe his tintinnabuli chants would get a little dull and monotonous after a while, but no more than the aimless ramblings featured in this film, some of whose more exciting moments actually rest within the ramblings. Okay, maybe this film isn't that tedious, let alone as tedious as the Béla Tarr films that reportedly influenced it, partly because it's five hours shorter, and partly because it has its strengths to sort of get it by.

I talk up the usage of minimalist masterpieces by Arvo Pärt, but they're underused in this predominantly startlingly quiet film, some of whose highlights are, in fact, anchored by the tender and fittingly artistically sound pieces by Pärt, which are still not nearly as recurrently effective as cinematography by Harris Savides that, while never too playful with coloration and lighting, portray the film's lavish rocky desert trail environment with near-impeccable scope that is often truly immersive. There's more immersion value to style than substance, as irony would have it, and if substance is immersive, then credit is due to Gus Van Sant, who is generally misguided and, for that matter, under-assured in his experimental storytelling, yet has his share of moments in which thoughtfulness bonds with the style and even some writing highlights to create genuine heights in tension and drama. These highlights are very few and far between, but I suppose they're there, because no matter how sloppy Van Sant is as an artistic director, he has always been a fairly talented dramatic, and make no mistake, there is some dramatic potential to explore here. It's thin to begin with, considering the lack of dynamicity to the narrative, and what meat there is goes challenged by a questionable interpretation, and yet, on paper, this study on a friendship's collapse in the face of danger, inspired by the story of David Coughlin and Raffi Kodikian, has quite a bit of thematic intrigue and dramatic potential, occasionally done justice by storytelling, and frequently done justice by the performers. Minimalism holds back the talented lead duo of Matt Damon and Casey Affleck, and at the same time, it gives the performers an opportunity to showcase naturalist acting that is more immersive than the generally distancing naturalist storytelling, aided by a hint of chemistry, and broken up by some solid dramatic range that carries what highlights there are in this tedious drama. It's mostly blandness' being too great for the final product to descend from mediocrity that keeps contemptibility at bay, make no mistake, but strengths stand, carrying enough aesthetic and dramatic value to help save the final product the final product with glimpses into decency. Of course, while the film is saved from contemptibility, it cannot achieve the decency of the occasional highlights on the whole, ultimately falling flat as an overblown artistic endeavor and thoroughly underwhelming character drama that doesn't even flesh out its characters enough to draw all that much on the human drama.

I wouldn't so much say that the film is lacking in development as much as I would say that it is without development, going so far as to not even give you the courtesy of defining the title as a coincidental mutual name for Matt Damon's and Casey Affleck's character or a mere slang nickname, let alone putting all that much effort into immediate development or gradual expository depth. As hard as Damon and Affleck work to and are often successful as crafting reasonably interesting characters, it's just so hard to get invested in these leads through all the placements of overblown artistry over genuine substance, even though what characterization there is ought to be familiar enough for you to figure out who these characters are and what the story holds for them. The film tries to be unique, like so very many of its nature, yet, as irony would have it, that struggle to freshen things up gets to be formulaic, leaving you to pick up on tropes in the paper-thin narrative through the tropes in artistic experimentation that is aggravating enough when it's not too recognizable for the film's own good. Indeed, people, as I've lead you to believe, what really does a number on this film is simply questionable stylization that expends substance for style which isn't even as nifty as, say, abstract visuals or overtly high technical artistry, being comprised of challengingly overlong shots, naturalist visuals and long periods, not filler, but of nothing, whose joining an emptiness in expository depth results in an aimlessness that grows more and more biting until it the film can only be seen as plotless, plain and simple. Well, considering that there is something of a conflict, there are plot points, but they're just so sparse, and between them is simply nothing but dragging, and I would find that so much easier to get past if the film wasn't also quiet, featuring only a few overdrawn dialogue pieces amidst cold, silent dry spells that range from simply bland to punishingly tedious sooner than effectively immersive. While Gus Van Sant's talent as a traditional dramatic director does, in fact, lead the film to dramatic highlights, the final product is generally boring something just about awful, and some can take that better than I can, as surely as many can take that worse than I can, unable to be patient enough with the challengingly misguided art opus to find a certain charm to artistic ambition. Well, in all fairness, there are times in which the ambition descends either to pretense or a sense of unassurance, because, as I said, Van Sant is not used to projects of this nature, and when he's not getting carried away with his artistic license, he doesn't seem to know what to do, and while that makes for a film to bland to be bad, the final product falls flat as a borderline disaster, and ultimately as a mediocre misfire.

When the trail ends, the final product is pushed on by a haunting soundtrack and cinematography, some highlights in dramatic directorial storytelling, and an altogether interesting story concept, carried by Matt Damon's and Casey Affleck's effective naturalist performances, but ultimately overpowered by the lack of development and plotting and familiarity to already questionable storytelling stylization which goes backed by punishingly limp pacing and some sense of either pretense or unassurance that make Gus Van Sant's "Gerry", not contemptible, but tedious as a mediocrely misguided experimentation with a generally well-versed dramatic filmmaker's artistic license.

2/5 - Weak
John B

Super Reviewer

January 20, 2010
Uh oh. Up and down the mulberry bush with Gus Van Sant and another one of his personal projects. I don't quite get what he was after but it was fascinating to watch. I couldn't stop watching.
Mike T

Super Reviewer

January 22, 2008
This movie really shook me up. A minimalist, borderline abstract depiction of two young men fading slowly away in a remote, seemingly endless desert. The photography is unbelievably gorgeous, and Gus Van Sant's visual style captures the story's poetic tone perfectly. Casey Affleck and Matt Damon deliver performances as subtle and powerful as the film itself. Amazing stuff.
Christopher B

Super Reviewer

March 1, 2008
Great film about 2 friends who get lost in the desert. I've said a certain thing about many films , but I think it pertains to this one more than any I've seen. If you watch the film as an outsider, that is, if you don't get into the film, a lot of films won't work. That's why most folks like spectacle films, something they can ooh and aah at (don't get me wrong, I can enjoy a good spectacle film as well) while watching as a voyeur from afar. But certain filmmakers try and absorb you with their films, and I found Gerry hypnotic. Going from light hearted frustration to worry to hopelessness, I thought Van Sant pretty much nailed the feeling of being there with the characters. A fantastic work, which wasn't made to be watched again and again, but to work as a piece of provocative art, and though it doesn't beg repeated viewings like more spectacular films, I'll definitely be visiting this one again.

Super Reviewer

February 27, 2008
Gus Van Sant has dedicated this decade to a unique style of non-narrative cinema. I was intrigued by his film Elephant, but bored to tears by his follow-up Last Days. Now that I?ve seen the movie that started this style, I?ve come to the conclusion that this style?s power is directly proportional to how interesting the material it looks at is. I?d say the level of interest here is somewhere between Elephant and Last Days. I was very interested in the film?s experimental nature and the non-sensational look at this dire situation. However, I began to lose patience with the film after about an hour. The film devolved into endless shot after endless shot and I quickly found myself bored. Experiments aren?t always going to succeed fully, I?m glad Van Sant is trying something different. Hopefully this style will finally be used with complete success in Paranoid Park.

Super Reviewer

January 18, 2007
Quite simply one of the most beautifully photographed films ever made. It probably has the least dialogue I've ever heard in a feature, and most of what is said is irrelevant anyway, but it is so scarce you cannot help but pay the utmost attention to it. The images and sound weave a hypnotic effect on the viewer (if you let it) and the ending elevates the film to the realm of parable.

Definitely not a film for everyone, as it requires the longest of attention spans.
April 20, 2009
Loved the concept. If you were dying in the desert, it wouldn't be in movie time, but real time. Harder to act in these roles than it looks, so kudos to C. Affleck and Damon. Not for the instant everything impatient audiences. Beautifully shot, music just right. Problem was with so little dialogue, one concentrates on inconsistencies and goofs in the scenes more. But some fine mood shifting action, especially in the mirage scene.
February 25, 2009
There's just not enough going on here to maintain interest. I understand the minimalism, and that is certainly achieved here, but it's just too boring to sit through an hour and 40 minutes of it.
July 8, 2008
A truly unique film. Two friends set out on a hike in the desert but forget to take food or water... and they get lost. The film uses long shots, barren landscape, and little dialouge to capture the realism in the situation. But what really impressed me with this film was the difficult acting job it must have been for Matt Damon and Casey Affleck. To not speak for most of the movie but still convey all of the emotions of the characters is something that both actors pull off incredibly well, mixing humor with incredible depression.
chase _

Super Reviewer

June 29, 2008
every bit as maddeningly slow, strange and wonderful as you could imagine. reminded me of what Leone's take on a story like "Cast Away" might have been.
June 27, 2008
Yes, Gerry is beautifully filmed. Yes, it is a metaphor. Yes, people will either love it or hate it. BUT IS IS ALSO HILARIOUS! I found the dialogue between Affleck and Damon to be really truly funny. The terms they use, their attitudes with each other and with their situation are all handled with humor. You can't watch this movie as a serious movie. I'm telling you if you don't find this movie at once beautiful, intriguing, spell-binding, and HUMOROUS, you are missing the point!
June 11, 2007
If you can sit through this movie, you will appreciate it. Some of the parts leave you in utter space. You feel frozen. You wonder if you should leave the theater or stay and see what happens. If you really like this movie you will see how good it really is. You have to understand it was filmed this way for a reason, they wanted to show you what it is like to really get lost in the desert and how it feels.
April 16, 2008
Two boobs lurching through the desert searching for their misplaced car, daydreaming about water...the amount of dialogue contained in this movie would fit on the back of a cocktail napkin. So if you feel like listening to sand crunch under two pairs of sneakers and very little else for an hour and 45 minutes then go ahead and make "Gerry" your next waste of time.
January 22, 2008
Somehow Casey Affleck always makes me feel uncomfortable, and his role in this movie was no different.

You know what's coming, because this movie has been done, but never as insouciantly, and i think that's the sole attraction. The fate looms so heavy on you that you feel you have to know how they get there.
December 24, 2007
Gus Van Sant, I hate you. Matt Damon, I love you. That's why I'm torn. This movie was as boring as cardboard but the acting was excellent. However, I wouldn't recommend this movie, even to someone I hated. Hrm.
November 12, 2007
I SO wanted to like this movie. I like both Casey Affleck and Matt Damon and thought that a movie they had written would be good. My husband warned me about it. But I didn't listen. This movie was mind-numbingly long and boring and if I had had the energy to get up and walk to the kitchen, I might have slashed a wrist or two.
September 21, 2007
Omg I hated this movie! The movie is suppose to wow you with it's cinematography but I just wanted to shoot myself watching the movie. I mean we get it they are lost! Stop showing them walk so much! Jesus....
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