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June 11, 2012
it was a good movie it was funny and crazy
½ January 28, 2012
Just compelling enough to watch the whole thing, warts and all
December 5, 2011
Wow, the poster makes this film look a lot better than it is. Not that the film is all bad... It's a low key, minisule budget affair, the sort of tv film you watch in the afternoon whilst ill. Strong premise, but lacking in either suspension or plot. - One or the other could have done with being stronger.
½ December 17, 2010
Treed Murray is a film I've wanted to watch ever since I saw it advertised on television about 6 years ago. Although overly exaggerated in parts it has a great plot accompanied with fantastic acting by it's mostly young cast. Treed Murray takes every day interactions and adds an interesting twist resulting in this unique film that strips societies general assumption of individuals to the bare bone. A very impressive indie film.
December 4, 2009
Great acting and a few interesting sub-plots were enough to turn this low budget melodrama into a pretty entertaining film. I expected much much worse and now I own the movie.
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½ March 20, 2008
Christ not another film about a yuppie guy trapped up in a tree by a group of young hoodloms...yawn.

Indeed friends-all of you who have declared to not be interested in this film (95% of my friends list)-I just watched it for the 2nd time. It's a good movie with some great dialogue and pretty good acting by the guy in the tree. Forgive me-David Hewlett is the treed guy's name.

ANYWAY this is an interesting and thought provoking film-that deals with issues of survival/good vs evil/human indifference and cruelty. There are some terrific mindgames/manipulations as Murray tries to get down from the tree without being murdered by the aforementioned young hoodloms.

Give it a chance-it's Canadian eh!!
June 24, 2009
I rented this movie because one of my favorite actors, David Hewlett, played in it. I ended up buying it online that night because it was shockingly good! This movie is simply classic acting. No special effects, nothing blowing up; if that is all you want in a movie then look elsewhere. This movie is about the characters interacting with each other and a truly unique view of society and the general assumptions we all tend to make about each other. You have to give this movie a chance, you will not regret it. :)
January 2, 2009
I watched this movie, because a friend at work told me to, and wow. What a movie with intense dialog and some impressive acting, not to mention a great musical score. The only thing I can say is that this movie is absolutely brilliant. If only more American cinema would strive for these types of movies with incredible social commentary. maybe i would not be so damned bored with Hollywood. This is truly a hidden gem.
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August 24, 2008
As so often happens with Canadian movies it is a metaphor social commentary drama, where a yuppie ad executive is treed by a gang of muggers and a battle of wits ensues.
Interesting but doesn't really go anywhere.
½ March 8, 2008
Méchante leçon de vie pour tout le monde finalement!
December 15, 2007
One of the most amazing and original movies i have seen in a LOOOONG time.

The plot is simple, Murray whacked a gang member and potential mugger in the face, he ran, and climbed a tree.

The entire movie takes place in said tree, which might have you thinking 'next'. But this movie is incredibly clever, and somewhat funny.

Baisicly the gang wait for him to come down, which he wisely doesent, and the games begin.

I recommed this movie to anyone who has the patients for it. You will be rewarded in the end.
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June 24, 2007
Wow. He must be really good with words...
June 20, 2007
Great acting by all. Especially by David Hewlett.
½ April 15, 2007
surprenant pour un film canadien
April 10, 2007
Great Drama would have been better if they changed the scene just a bit instead of filming in the same place the whole time
March 26, 2007
Being a fan of David Hewlett and having read the actual script for the film I can honestly say that I really want to see this film. I'll probably check out my local HMV tomorrow. LOL!!!
March 11, 2007
hmm this looks interesting
November 13, 2006
Fascinating movie, considering it's rather ridiculous premise and location.
December 12, 2006
its has aaron ashmore in it, ill watch it!!
December 4, 2006
FANTASTIC!! David Hewlett is awesome!
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