An Inspired Get Smart Cameo Revealed!

He's on his final hole. He's about 455 yards away. He's gonna hit about a two iron, I think.

Next year's Get Smart already looks to be one of the more highly anticipated comedies of 2008. With a warmly received trailer and a cast already including Steve Carell, Anne Hathaway, Alan Arkin, Terence Stamp, and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, the buzz couldn't get much better. At least, not without an inspired bit of cameo casting, one which Ain't It Cool News scooped over the weekend.

Most people are probably familiar with Get Smart's television origins -- though the original series aired from 1965-69, stars Don Adams and Barbara Feldon returned to their characters repeatedly for the next several decades, and the show's basic concept has become a pop culture staple. Even if you remember enough about Agents 86 and 99 to know that Carell and Hathaway are perfect for the roles of, respectively, a bumbling-but-eager spy and his much more competent (and attractive) partner, those who weren't around for the show's initial run might not recall its various supporting characters.

One such character, Agent 13, was as unlucky as his number implied; he was frequently ordered to hide in uncomfortable and inconvenient locations, such as appliances and mailboxes, and wasn't shy about voicing his displeasure about his assignments. As it turns out, the bitter bureaucrat is making an appearance in the movie, and if AICN's source knows his stuff, Agent 13 will be played by none other than the king of deadpan grousing himself, Bill Murray.

Get Smart doesn't open until June of next year, so official word on this might take awhile, but at the film's Comic-Con panel, director Peter Segal was quoted as saying Agent 13 "will be a cool cameo," and this would certainly fit the description.

Source: Ain't It Cool News
Source: TheCinemaSource



Murray Lalor


Agent 13, sweet, don't forget about agent 44.. :)

Aug 6 - 03:06 AM


Randal 1013

sweet! i used to watch get smart reruns when i was little. steve carrell is perfect for this.

Aug 6 - 05:50 AM


First Last

As long as they can do justice to the cone of silence.

And wasn't there a robot?

Aug 6 - 07:02 AM


Valerie Koshak

Yes, there was a robot--Heimy!!

Aug 6 - 11:08 AM


Jamie Lynn

This movie keeps getting better every time I hear about it.

Aug 6 - 09:10 AM


Tyler Travis

bill murray can make anything better... he's like bacon.

Aug 6 - 10:21 AM


Arend Anton

Excited to see what kind of chemistry Murray and Carell have.

And while I love Bill Murray, you can't possibly say he made Garfield any better.

Aug 6 - 10:51 AM


Sam Hunt

Bill Murray made Garfield any better. ;-) J/K

Aug 6 - 11:29 AM


Valerie Koshak

Yes, there was a robot--Heimy!!

Aug 6 - 11:08 AM


Jesse Rodgers

I remember watching reruns of this and Inspector Gadget when I was little and thinking that the shows had a lot in common. (Turns out that Don Adams was the main character actor of both shows.) Agent 99 was akin to Penny. And now this article reminds me that Agent 13 is probably akin to Gadget's chief, what with the hiding in unconfortable places and whatnot. Does anyone have any knowledge or information on why Inspector Gadget was essentially a cartoon version of Get Smart?

Aug 6 - 11:24 AM


Sam Hunt

Bill Murray made Garfield any better. ;-) J/K

Aug 6 - 11:29 AM


Kurt Farschman

I pretty sure Garfield was better with Murray than without. Don't know, I avoided it like the plague.

There's one piece of information that isn't good for Get Smart. That is that Mel Brooks has nothing to do with the movie.

Aug 6 - 05:01 PM


Kaneda !

My cousin's husband is in this flick.

Aug 7 - 05:25 AM

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