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June 29, 2008
Surprisingly good for a remake of a tv show. Carrel, hathaway and Johnson all put on a good show. Well worth your time.
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April 24, 2011
A funny movie that revolves around Carrell and his antics. The story is not great nor does it make perfect sense, but it keeps the movie moving and Carrell keeps the jokes coming. Main fault is lack of chemistry between Hathaway and Carrell.
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January 7, 2012
It's exactly what you can expect from it. A funny joke here and there. And a medicore plot. I can't mention anything funny. Cause I can't remember it...
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½ June 30, 2008
This movie version of the 60s spy comedy show has all the trademarks of the original: funny gadgets, a gawky leading man with a capable and sexy sidekick. Sure, not all the gags work, but Carell's entirely serious performance makes up for a lot. Anna Hathaway makes a strong point for her Catwoman role next year here. The film is fast enough to never get boring, has another adorable Bill Murray cameo and offers a pretty impressive action showdown. It's no new Naked Gun but a pretty funny way to spend two hours with no regrets.
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½ August 5, 2011
Dragged into seeing this. Did not like it at all. Definitely not a recommendation of mine.
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½ July 21, 2011
Undeniably funny with a likeable cast, Get Smart is a treat if not anything else. The whole Spy-spoof genre is exhausted in other media if not film (hell, this is even a TV remake!) so I'd definitely throw this into the "success" category. Up for a little fun? This is for you :]
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½ February 28, 2011
I really enjoyed this film. Its HILARIOUS, first off. The acting from Carell is so well done. Anne Hathaway is good but its nothing new. The plot was very well made, had some slow moments, but still good. I think its safe to say this is a very good movie.
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½ June 24, 2008
Saw it again on Tv!!! Great Movie and very funny!

Maxwell Smart (Steve Carell), the top analyst of the top secret American intelligence agency CONTROL, hopes to become a field agent like his idol, Agent 23 (Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson), but despite scoring extremely well in the acceptance tests Max is denied the promotion because the Chief of CONTROL (Alan Arkin) thinks Max is too valuable in his present assignment. This changes when CONTROL headquarters is attacked by their arch-enemy, the terrorist organization KAOS, led by a man known only as Siegfried (Terence Stamp). As a result, almost all of CONTROL's agents are exposed and killed. Max becomes Agent 86 and is partnered with Agent 99 (Anne Hathaway), whose recent plastic surgery has protected her identity, while former field operatives like 23 are demoted to desk jobs.

Max and 99 travel to Russia on a mission to determine how KAOS has been getting nuclear weapons. Along the way, Max slowly proves to 99 that despite his inexperience and clumsiness he is actually a good field agent. Max also begins to show, as does 99, that he has slight feelings for her, and she for him. However, 99 does not want to have a relationship with any agent, as she previously blew a mission due to her being in a relationship with a partner (as it turns out, Agent 23). The pair try to infiltrate KAOS's Moscow nuclear weapons factory, which is disguised as a bakery, and even though Siegfried has been expecting them, Max and 99 overpower the guards and plant explosives that will bury the nuclear weapons under rubble. Max even saves both 99's life and his own by helping one of Siegfried's henchmen, a man named Dalip (Dalip Singh), with his marital problems using information gleaned from his analyst work. The Chief sends 23 to oversee clean-up of the bakery, but 23 reports that he has found no evidence of nuclear weapons, causing CONTROL (and an upset 99) to believe that Max is a double agent.

Siegfried reveals that KAOS has distributed nuclear weapons to unstable dictators, and will supply them with the activation codes unless the American Government pays him $200 billion, and decides to establish the credibility of his threat by destroying Los Angeles with a nuclear bomb during the President's visit. The Vice-President doesn't believe CONTROL's claims that KAOS is a serious threat so the Chief, 99 and 23 go there to try and personally convince the President, to no avail. Dalip sends Max (who is in custody in Washington D.C.) a tip-off about the bomb via a radio call-in show, so Max escapes custody, equips himself with vintage items from the CONTROL museum (such as the shoe phone) and travels to Los Angeles himself to meet with the Chief and tell him about the bomb. Agent 23 doesn't believe Max's claims or his innocence because he has a crush on agent 99, even though the Chief and 99 do. This, plus the fact that Max detects trace radiation on 23 (who had walked through the Moscow nuclear facility), causes Max to realize that 23 is the double agent. 23 takes 99 hostage and flees with the bomb's remote detonator, and Max and the Chief give chase. 23 ties 99's hands tightly together and locks her in his car. Max and the Chief save 99, with Smart kissing Agent 23, which was a trick to distract him and kicks him into the now flaming, track-led government GMC Yukon. When Max and 99 are stuck to the car, Max saves 99 by throwing her to the ground while he tries to cut himself free. 99 looks up and sees the car destroyed by the oncoming train, believing Max and 23 to be killed. 99, extremely upset about Max's death, says out loud that she wished they had more time together too, an answer to a question Max asked her earlier. Suddenly, Max appears, shocking her, saying he "missed it by that much." 99 kisses Max. The three realize that the bomb, hidden in Walt Disney Concert Hall where the President is attending a concert, will be triggered when the orchestra plays the final notes of Beethoven's "Ode to Joy". Reaching the Hall just in time, Max tackles the conductor, stopping the orchestra and stopping the bomb. However, the orchestra is doubtful that there was a bomb and the guards ridicule Maxwell. Maxwell guesses correctly that the bomb was under the piano and shocks the guards. During Siegfried's escape, the terror mastermind insults Dalip once too often and Dalip throws him out of their car off a bridge and into a river.

The heroes celebrate their success in CONTROL headquarters. The President is very impressed with the agency, especially Max's heroics. Max and 99 begin not-so-secretly dating and have bought a puppy, named Fang. Bruce and Lloyd get a little payback on a bullying field agent via the introduction of Hymie the Robot. The film ends with Max and 99 leaving CONTROL through the set of high-tech security doors; of course, Max can't leave the last door (which doesn't close) alone and repairs it with his pocket knife, causing the door to close on him and a mini harpoon to stick him in the cheek.
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January 23, 2011
Hilarious reboot of the old series. Steve Carell is hilarious as the idiotic Maxwell Smart and you'll never guess what happens at the end.

Grade: B+
michael e.
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½ December 28, 2010
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June 27, 2010
I couldn't stop laughing. B+
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½ August 23, 2010
23/08/2010 (TELEVISION)

I saw this when it was first released and I didn't find it that funny, but when they aired it on TV the other night while I was prepping for an assessment, I laughed a lot more than my initial watch and got a kick out of it.

A very appropriate choice when considering the family I believe, it's just the sort of stuff that kids would laugh at and adults would laugh along too. You know? The old "scab a laugh in harmony" trick!

I don't know why I didn't enjoy it the first time but I guess second chances do work. Action, comedy, romance and an idiot, who happens to be the hero? Nice.
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August 12, 2010
About as good as the orinigal series, which just wasn't that good.
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½ January 25, 2010
Steve Carell acted like a robot in this movie. A person who doesn't like to express himself that much. Anne Hathaway looked so gorgeous in here. This movie was funny. The dialogues were hilarious. Their acting was good. I didn't knew Dwayne Johnson was in it too. But I was pleasantly surprised when I saw him. Really recommend it to watch. I enjoyed the whole movie.
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June 28, 2010
Get Smart isn't a flawless comedy, but it does work well enough to provide enough laughs throughout the film. There are a few parts that are bland, and not really that funny. But for the most part, this is a pretty funny film. A thing I admire about Steve Carrell's work is that it's never old, it's always funny and somewhat refreshing; it's never annoying or irritating like Will Farrell's films past and present. Despite not being the best Carrell vehicle, this is still a pretty funny film and is a good time.
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June 28, 2008
An analyst is promoted to secret agent to save the president from assassination. Funny, cringe worthy comedy. Good cast.
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June 11, 2010
Awesome action, along with great laughs, bring this big enjoyable floppy hit to the big screen with style. This film can be cherished among the top action/spy/comedy genres of this day.
Jason Lalljee
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May 3, 2010
Although its action comedy blend is a seemingly recipe for disaster, it is exceptionally tasteful, and has a well built structure.
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½ June 16, 2008
I enjoyed every minute of Get Smart. It's an agreeable and fun mixture of the action, spy, and comedy genres. Imagine a combination of Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Pineapple Express, with some Steve Carell-style comedy mixed in. It's not similar in story to either of those movies, but it does manage to blend action and comedy together in a comparable way.

The casting is perfect, and really what makes Get Smart so likable. There is a pretty amazing group of actors gathered here, especially considering the fact that these kinds of films do not often attract A-list talent. Everyone seemed like they were having fun and enjoying their roles, and it shows in their acting.

Get Smart has a basic spy-type plot that certainly won't be winning any awards for originality. At the same time, I never though the fairly typical story was detracting from the movie. You're probably not watching this for a deep and thought-provoking experience, anyway.

And who would have guessed that Anne Hathaway would be so good in an action role? I'd love to see her do more of this kind of thing in the future, she has a bit of a talent for it.
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